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Kentucky Elite Camp Rosters

This info comes from Marc Maggard’s site on Kentucky Ink. As I have said on here before, it terms of material on this site, we make a distinction between “news” posts and “opinion/interview” posts. The news posts, even if premium, are generally fair game and we often post with credit as to their source. The interview and opinion posts are a different breed and are what we leave for the premium sites. I have talked with Marc about this today and he understands and agrees with that distinction. Thus, here are the Elite Camp Rosters as produced by Maggard:

UPDATE: Apparently Daniel Orton has just showed up at Elite Camp

Team 1
Gj Vilarino 09 McKinney Tx
Jon Hood 09 Hopkins
Robbie Stenzel 11 Clark Co.
Dominique Ferguson 10 Lawrence North
John Crowder 2012 Maryland (state)
Javan Felix 2012 St. Augistine LA.
Justin Martin 2010 Lawrence North
Jeremiah Johnson 2010 Covington Holmes
George Fant 2011 Warren Central Ky
Josh Sewell 2010 Trinity (ky)

Team 2
Ryan Harrow 2010 Cannon, NC
CJ Penny 09 Anderson Co. (ky)
Jacob Jenkins 09 Louisville Manual
Elijah Pittman 2010 Covington Holmes
Clarence Trent 09 Findlay Prep (LV)
Jamel Riley 09 Covington Holmes (ky)
Aaron Watts 2010 Mccreary Central (ky)
Isiah Ivey 2012 Scott Co.
Timoty Knipp 2011 Elliott Co.
Holden Mobley 2010 Montgomery Bell Academy (Tn)

Team 3
AJ Walton 2009 Hall Ark
Aaron Ross 2011 Pulaski Academy, Ark
Kye Madden 2011 E.P.C Ark
Carlos Corbin 2009 Arkansas
Hunter Mickelson 2011? 7 footer Westside Jonesboro Ark
Elisha Justice 2010 Shelby Valley, Ky
David Rivers Arkansas
Darion Griswald 2011 Dumas Ark
Marcellus Barkesdale 2011 Tates Creek, Ky
Greg Kelley 2010, Newton North, Mass.

Team 4
Chad Jackson 2010 Scott Co.
Michael Avery, 2012 Crespi High, Ca.
Shaquille Wilson, 2010 Christian Co.
Dakotah Euton 2010 Scott Co.
Donnie Hale 2010 New Albany , Ind
Jordan Shanklin, 2011 Warren Central
Aaron Cosby 2010 Jeffersontown, Ky
Tamaron Manning 2012 Scott Co.
Chuck Jones 2009 Hopkins Co. Central, Ky
Perry Henry 2011 Charleston So, WV
Donovan Gibbs 2010 Louisville Iroquois, Ky

Team 5
Vee Samford 2009 Lexington Catholic
Derrel Edwards 2010 Dunbar Md.
Ronnie Thomas 2012 undecided, Md.
Russell Byrd 2010 Blackhawk Christian, Ind.
Farrakohn Hall, 2009 Memphis Whitestation, TN
Josh Whittaker 2010 Hazard, Ky
Ricardo Johnson, 2010 Covington Holmes, Ky
Reginald Buckner, 2009 Manassas High, Tn. 6/5
Andrew Adams, 2010 Bryan Station, ky
Malik Thomas, 2009, Largo Maryland
Jeremy Adams, 2009

Team 6
Ge-lawn Guyn 2010 Scott Co.
Jonathan Ferguson 2009 Elliiot Co.
Christian Watford 2009 Shades Valley, Alabama
Richie Phares, 2009 Scott Co.
Terrence Boyd, 2009 Norman, Ok
Hunter McClintock, 2008 Northern, NC
Desmond Dorsey, 2012 Louisville Jeffersontown, ky
Donovan Kates, 2011 Christian Co, Ky
Jaylen Beckham, 2012 Lexington Catholic
Donte Foster, 2009 Guthrie, Ok

Team 7
Taylor Maze, 2010 Bath Co, Ky
Leonard Macon, 2009 Campbellsville, ky (football)
Joey Miller, 2011 Charleston High, Ill
Jacob McClanahan, 2011 East Ridge Ky
Ethan Faulkner 2009, Elliot Co. Ky
Joshua Stroud 2001, Louisville Fairdale
Trey Williams, 2011 Greenup Co. Ky
Keisten Jones, 2010, Louisville Ballard, Ky

Team 8
Darnell Davis 2010 Hopkinsville, Ky
Clint Stepp 2010 June Buchanon, Ky
Will Evans, 2010 Lexington Christian, Ky
Melvyn Little, 2009 Louisville Trinity, Ky
Ian Chiles, 2010 Louisville Ballard, Ky
Isiaah Jones, 2011 Louisville Central, Ky
Matthew Rum 2009 Loyola Blakefield, Md

Team 9
Grant Sparks 2009 Lexington Christian
Eric Dunlap 2009 Oldham Co, Ky
Matt Harrellson, St Charles Mo.
Thomas Jackson, 2010, Louisville Jeffersontown
Griffin Schamp 2010 Wesleyn Ga.
Thomas Feeney, 2010 West Anchorage Alaska
Austin Flannery, 2010 Scott Co. Ky
Storm Stanley, 2010 St Francis Desalles, Ohio
Jake Belinski
Phil Barber

Team 10
Joseph Northington 2011, unknown
Derrek Tartt, 2008 Fenwick Hs, Oak Park Il
Antonio Tribble
Delquan Thomas, 2010 Louisville Eastern
Sydie London, 2012 St Augistine, La.
Ryan Fucci 2011, Tates Creek, Ky
Evan Faulkner, 2009 Elliott Co.
Mat St.John, 2010 South Laurel, Ky
Spence Sheldon, 2011 Warren Central

Vinny Zollo (injured)
Larry Bradley, 2011 Milwaukee Vincent (did not make it)
Daniel Corbett (did not make it)

Article written by Matt Jones