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Kentucky Boy Headed To Play for Travis Ford


*Not the type uniform Wing will be wearing at Oklahoma St.

In the not-so-distant past, a young man from Rowan County gave a pledge to Marshall University to join the football team.  Some say it was due to his loyalty to Matthew McConaughey films.  Others say it was because of their tradition and fairly close connection to the state of Kentucky.  I say it doesn’t matter, because Adam Wing will now be joining to the Oklahoma State Cowboys basketball team, foregoing playing college football.   He plans on being a ‘beast’, now that Pilgrim is gone. Adam was one of the state’s top 2012 quarterback prospects.

Last night, Matthew Hays brought up a similar topic with his cross-sport post, which brought up the interesting idea of imagining Kentucky basketball players doing work on the football field.  Now, we’ve got a two-sport high school kid choosing one love over the other, having the opportunity to play both an a pretty high level in college.

Evan Daniel’s grabbed a few good quotes from Adam:

“I did a lot of pros and cons,” Wing said. “My first love is basketball. I love basketball and the opportunity to play at a big time level night in and night out. Oklahoma State wants me to come in and take Paige’s spot.”

“Basketball has always been my first love,” Wing said. “My heart says basketball is where it’s at.”

“Coach Ford came down to an open gym last month and watched me play a little bit,” he said. “It means a lot when a head coach comes in and watches me. That sold me right there.”

Evan points out that Adam has yet to even visit OSU’s campus, but will do so soon.  Also, he is Travis Ford’s first 2012 commitment, as he was looking for a ‘shooter’, which is what this 6-4 is labeled as .

With Calipari at the helm, we know a lot of in-state kids won’t get the opportunity to grab a UK basketball scholarship offer.  It is always good to see in-state kids succeeding elsewhere, no matter what spot.  It’s even better to see them succeed under a former Cat.  Good luck, Adam.

Article written by Chris Thomas

12 Comments for Kentucky Boy Headed To Play for Travis Ford

  1. Nice
    4:00 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    the kid killed it on saturday in the state tourny this year, went like 3-3 in the semis and like 5-6 in the, ‘ship, ford made a good pick up


  2. droppin bombs
    4:07 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    I like how Chirs keeps us updated on stories that most sports fans in KY would be very interested in but could easily go under the rader. I like your style, keep it up

  3. DavenderCatTheSequel
    4:09 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    STFU Remy!

  4. no tv
    4:14 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    this guy must have really had a thing for sports teams with tragic plane crashes. marshall football and osu basketball.

  5. Mack
    4:16 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    Why not Morehead and become another loserville killer.

    4:26 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    I know we were all different in high school and had a lot of growing up to do, but this kid was a huge prick during the state championship. In fact karma reared it’s ugly head against him on the last play of the championship game. This kid left his man wide open on the wing…and that’s the guy for Christian County who sank the winning shot. Hope you grow up some, lose the attitude and do well for Travis.

  7. Vike
    5:00 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    WKYDUDE, before you go and accuse Adam of being a “prick” you need to get to know the kid. He is one of the most humble and nicest kids you’ll ever meet. But when he is in a game he plays with energy and emotion, which is exactly how you’re suppose to play. Don’t go around playing the karma card on a high school kid that plays the game how it’s meant to be played.

  8. Paducah Cat Fan
    5:22 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    This kid’s dad is also a music professor at Morehead St. and one of the best trumpet players in the region. I don’t know the kid, but Professor Wing is an awesome person and musician.

  9. Matt Jones' Enes voice
    5:38 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    I agree, this kid was a douche in that championship game. After every shot he hit, he would turn and do something to celebrate. Just to see Anothy Hickey run by him. He may be a nice kid but needs to grow up on the court.

  10. Mudcreekmark
    6:55 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    When I was in high school many moons ago I played with energy and emotion also, however, I never talked trash, I never thumped my chest or any other bullshit that these kids do now to bring attention to themselves. When I played, we acknowledged our teammates when they made a basket,made a good pass or defensive play. We helped the opposing player up when we knocked them down and never stood over top of them glaring like we did something great. I miss the old days when players actually acted like they had been there before. I know a smack on the butt is no longer in, but it sure did make me feel good when a teammate gave me one.

  11. Rowanboy
    10:51 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    Holy crap I know this kid. Props on going d1 man. I’ll definitely keep up with your game at osu. Thanks for choosing a former cat to play for. Congrats man!!!

  12. Morehead boy in Lex
    11:24 pm June 2, 2011 Permalink

    Go Adam Wing. I graduated from Rowan Co. in ’89, and the last athlete from Rowan to do anything is Kelly Wells. Good luck as OSU.