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Kentucky Better Take Some Things To Heart


SEC:  Home of defending champs and Utah State beaters Auburn University.

There was a lot to bemoan about Thursday’s performance, much of which doesn’t need rehashing.  But the one concerning thing in my mind was the lack of energy, fire and motivation on Kentucky’s side.  We saw this a number of times last year as well, when Kentucky would start off sluggish and have to fight from a deficit to get back into it.  Last year the team had Randall Cobb, so it was rarely difficult to get back into a game, but this year the team can hardly afford to take the start of a game off.

If the team is looking for ways to get motivated, the internet is certainly offering them a fair share of bulletin board material.  From Clay Travis writing WKU/UK was the worst football game since the invention of the forward pass (I would link it, but it will only make you mad,) to Andrew Jackson’s ‘they s’posed to be SEC’ nearly going viral, to Morgan Newton’s self sack being declared the ‘play of the year,’ on reddit, if they are looking for a reason to be pissed off there is plenty to choose from.

Bottom line is: the Cats either come to play and thump Central Michigan next weekend (or at least look like they want to be there,) or it’s going to be a long wait until basketball season – both for the fans and the team.

Article written by Will Lentz

50 Comments for Kentucky Better Take Some Things To Heart

  1. Ben
    4:40 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Joker will not force the motivation by playing other players when the starter are like this! This teams played like Joker coaches, slow and methodical! If this season is like last season, I have to start questioning if Joker is the right man for the job. Something is just not right!

  2. UK Wildcat
    4:53 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    The team deserves every bit of it. I hope they hear it loud, because thats how we’re viewed around the country. Seriously, after 1 game I don’t think I’ve ever had this little hope for a team as a whole. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in Joker after last season, and I really didn’t see anything (aside from Winston Guy) that made me optimistic at all for this season. I hope we can straighten the ship out as the season goes on, but if not I’ll just start focusing on basketball the very second Madness starts and cast football off to the side.

  3. Mr Schwump
    4:54 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    That type stuff is bullshit. One would think the further embarassement at UT would’ve motivated them for the bowl. One would’ve thought the humiliating loss to Pitt would’ve motivated them to start the season on a positive note. Just not happening with this program as apparently coaches and players could give a flying eff.

  4. Redpup
    4:59 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    I watched the 0-11 team Jerry Clayborne had his first year at UK and they played with more hustle and desire than this team played with on Thursday night. I’m tired of seeing UK play with a lack of effort which is a direct reflection of a lack of respect for the coaching staff and it starts with Joker. He’s the man being paid to see this type of thing doesn’t happen again. If Newton stinks it up again against Central Michigan then we need to look at the back up. One time I’d like to see Joker take off his head phones and get into the face of his offensive line and his quarterback. He needs to have some intensity and maybe his team will. Brooks always had intensity on the sideline and wasn’t afraid to get in the team’s face or in the official’s face. At this point we better be thinking about the next hire because this team is pitifcul!

  5. UL is Miami's little brother.
    5:03 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s give some credit to the defense here guys. They played pretty tough.

  6. Big Blue 66
    5:05 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    I went to the fan day at UK. And while they were practicing punt receiving one of the guys (not sure who) dropped the catch and then just walked over to the ball and flipped it back to one of the assistants……and I thought to myself, shouldnt he had jumped on that ball and been berated for that? And I thought, I wonder if that happened at say Alabama, if it would have been blown off like that……that one moment (however insignificant it seemed) spoke volumes to how this team prepares and how they blow off the little things

  7. SagaciousMind
    5:07 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    This is the same dude that during the 2010 sec tourney argued with Matt sayin Cal was a cheater to only eventually find out his coach is the filthy cheater, right? Travis Clay is a fkkin moron. But I hope the players take this criticism and put it on the field. I would be embarrassed to be a UK player. The seniors need to get in everybodys faces and tell them to man up. But I agree, Joker needs to fire his boys up. He got in LaRod Kings ear real quick so he needs to start doin that more. This team will be better than what they showed us against WKU. And it’s not all bad, Auburn had to come back down 10 to win, ND was gettin beat up on last I saw, TCU went down to Baylor. At least we won.

  8. No Football
    5:10 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    We deserve all of the jokes they say about us. Our head coach is Joker so the jokes are going to come and when the team plays like they did it comes with the territory.

    But cheer up, we could be Notre Dame and playing sorry ball in front of fans who care. We do not care, basketball is only months away

  9. Jimmy Buffett
    5:11 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    more comments

  10. Phil
    5:20 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Midnight Madness is Oct 14th.

    Just weeks away.

  11. Joker Phillips RETIRE
    5:22 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    KENTUCKY FOOTBALL SUCKS!!!!! Always has, always will. But at least Papa Brooks had them going in the right direction, but UK had to do the “politically correct” thing by hiring a black coach. BIG MISTAKE. If you’re going to hire a black coach, at least go to the NFL and find one who can actually coach and offer him a nice, lucrative package…..LOL I said package.

  12. blitzedanddazed
    5:29 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Andrew Jackson is a PUNK. He is a big man on the bench, but cries like a little girl when he gets the shit kicked out of him on the football field. When are the UK Coaches and Players going to start taking things personal?

  13. Mr Schwump
    5:30 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    11, you’re an idiot.

  14. mike
    5:31 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    This team is in trouble…Joker Phillips is in trouble as well. How many games of uninspired play and lack of leadership do we have to endure?? Joker doesn’t seem to have any fire in his belly and the team takes on his personna. How many times did we see this same type of play last year? There is no leadership on the sideline and no leadership on the field. The offense looked as hapless and helpless as a high school playing its first game. Newton may have tons of physical ability but doesn’t seem to possess the mental toughness to go along with that. When after the game he was asked how he played. He said he wasn’t sure…would have to see the film..WHAT!! I would love to have dinner with Joker or have him as a neighbor but as my coach for a team trying to show they really belong in the S.E.C. I don’t remember hearing any postgame comments from Sanders. Are these coaches accepting any liability for the product they have been putting on the field or are they there just to collect a paycheck?

  15. Big Blue 66
    5:39 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Heres a question you everyone, if you have never been with a real winner, how do you know what makes a winner? See Jokers history, UK grad assistant, Cincinnati, a couple of 1 year stints at Notre Dame and South Carolina when they didnt do anything….I just dont see the resume there for trying to build what has been a mediocre program in the SEC into anything of substance, lets face it, UK is cheap when it comes to football, which doesnt make any sense since the the return on investment would be huge if they would build a program.

  16. Mt. Washington Mike
    5:41 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    I am just wondering when the extra practice time because of all the Bowl Games is going to kick in

  17. Steve Jobs
    5:45 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    I hate Andrew Jackson AND his kitchen cabinet! Old Hickory, my arse!

  18. Holden McGroin
    5:47 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Notice how we don’t have any outsiders in here posting this week? Probably because we don’t need any. They come in here, read what our own fans are saying about our own team and think it would be a waste to come in here, dog our team and then have our own fans agree with them. I think it sucks that everyone here is ready to jump ship after the first game, and we won. Just so happens it’s when the team (and coaches) needs our support the most. You can try and justify it any way you want, but you are not true UK fans. Don’t you think the kids that play for us, read here?
    Fair weather fans are insensitive jerks.

    Go Cats.

  19. KD
    5:47 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    I attempt to write a few jokes about BBN and it doesn’t get posted but (#11) post I guess is good enough done with this site!

  20. KSR Spy
    5:50 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    We would have to have a monumentally bad year…like 3 wins to have any changing of the guard at all. They aren’t going to fire Joker because A) He’s been with the school so long B) He’s a nice guy C) It’s only his 2nd year. D) He’s not white.

  21. Holme
    5:55 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    Some of Brooks teams would come out flat at the worst times. A Miss St. Home game comes to mind. Joker is a fruit on the Brooks coaching tree. He doesn’t seem like a head coach. Notice Joker on the sideline. He looks clueless. He hides behind other coaches during timeouts. The players seem to ignore him. I’ve never seen a QB sprint off the field before the half is over and leave his offensive line in position ready to snap the ball.

  22. Big Blue 66
    5:58 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    18. I get so sick of the drink the koolaid and support the team and the coaches BS. Did you see the game? Did you see how pitiful we played? Its the fact that Im not a fair weather fan that has me so incited by our poor showing. If we were fair weather fans, we just wouldnt show up until they did something good, which with this leadership will be never. I support the PROGRAM, and I dont blame the guys on the team, but I damn sure blame the coaching staff…..youre talking about a coaching staff that lost the bowl game to Pitt, that didnt even have a coaching staff…..think about that for a minute. Our coaching staff is worse than having no staff at all apparently.

  23. Holden McGroin
    6:03 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    22. we won.
    but of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion no matter how wrong it is.
    Go cats.

  24. bosshogg24
    6:26 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    This is the same old boring, dull offense we have seen for years, 3 runs into the middle of the line and punt. It usually ends up 3rd and 9 or worse,the coach that calls run on 3rd and 21 should be fired on the spot! This team must open up the offense if it ever expects to win!

  25. niaps
    6:28 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    To all you with the blue glasses on better take em off. This team is in deep , way over it’s head and going with the …we won … bit don’t cut it. Joker has no business as head coach and that is so obvious but we are stuck for 2 or 3 more years with him. Numbers 1,3, 8, 14, and 15 I agree with you guys. The rah rah rah crap will never get this team to play better only better coaching and better players will and we certainly need better coaching than what we will ever get out of the Joke.

  26. bosshogg24
    6:32 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    UK must make a Calipari “type” hire if they are serious about football!
    Quit being cheap and pay to get someone good!

  27. Holden McGroin
    6:41 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    i like green beans.

  28. Redpup
    6:50 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    If Kentucky is ever going to have a football program like we all want they are going to have to make a big time hire for a head coach just like we did in basketball. To win big in the SEC we must have 4 and 5 star recruits. Seriously, does anyone believe Joker Phillips can recruit the kind of players we need to move up in the SEC? Next, why did anyone believe Joker was ready to be a head coach in the SEC? This hire was worse than hiring Hal Mumme. By the way could we hire Hal as our offensive coordinator. At least we’d put a respectable offense on the field. I guarantee Mumme would put a quarterback on the field that could throw the ball. We go to bowls because we schedule enough chump teams outside the SEC to make us bowl eligible. With that being said I don’t see UK in a bowl this year!

  29. matt jones ghost
    7:38 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    hire skip holtz

  30. BYU
    8:13 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    They (ole miss) S’Posed To Be SEC

  31. ebell55
    8:38 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    You fans with that negative talk about Joker make me sick. We lost the 2nd leading passer in the Sec a guy who was tied for the lead in TD rec in the SEC in Mathews one of the SEC best backs in Locke and not to mention Randle Cobb! The coaching staff has proven over the last 5 yrs that they can develope a top notch offense. Joker showed integrity and suspended Hartline in the bowl. Give the offense time to develope. Fan negativity has already cause the team to Ho away from the screen passes that were a staple of the offense. The same screens that teams like Oregon and Auburn are running! If you can’t support your team shut your dap blame mouth!!!!

  32. Patrick
    8:51 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    What makes me mad is the lack of respect that barnhart and uk have for the football fans. They think that they can put a bad product out on the feild year after year and people will keep spending money to see it. The economy is to bad for people to waste money and as much as i love the football team that is what it is now, a waste of money. Maybe when people stop going they will see that the fans have had enough and want a good team to cheer for.

  33. Bored to Tears
    9:22 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    I agree that there seems to be no fire

  34. Holden McGroin
    9:41 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    i like green beans

  35. Holden McGroin
    9:44 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    what the heck do i have to do to read the comments?

  36. Holden McGroin
    9:47 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    i give up

  37. big tim
    10:32 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    28 4 or5 star recruits mean nothing didnt you see how good that 5 star qb louisville got lol and were not a big football school you cant hire a big name coach like in bball
    31 i agree with you 100%

  38. dirtydave
    11:31 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    18 and 31……unless you have a son or nephew playing on this team you are full of something very smelly. we talkin bout practice man!!!we talkin bout practice.we talkin bout WKU…we talkin bout a team dat won what 2 games last year… the sunbelt….man we talkin bout practice!

  39. dirtydave
    11:32 pm September 3, 2011 Permalink

    18 and 31……unless you have a son or nephew playing on this team you are full of something very smelly. we talkin bout practice man!!!we talkin bout practice.we talkin bout WKU…we talkin bout a team dat won what 2 games last year… the sunbelt….man we talkin bout practice!man we stunk it up and you know it!

  40. afraid to sleep
    12:10 am September 4, 2011 Permalink

    Ah, the place for many passive/aggressives to post things they wouldn’t say to someone’s face.

  41. cooler74
    12:15 am September 4, 2011 Permalink

    If you can barely compete against WKU and all you got are 3 star players then this team is toast when it hits the SEC. Game over, uninspired and lazy. Thanks Joker.

  42. jphelps
    12:32 am September 4, 2011 Permalink

    hahaha I told you guys. Realist right here. Im so much smarter than all of you. I love basketball…basketball Basketball BASKETBALL!!!

  43. McNulty's Jameson
    2:12 am September 4, 2011 Permalink

    that pic is AWESOME!!!!!

  44. Holden McGroin
    3:14 am September 4, 2011 Permalink


  45. Holden McGroin
    7:31 am September 4, 2011 Permalink

    go cats.

  46. Ky in Tn sadly
    1:05 pm September 4, 2011 Permalink

    Ok let me think back and I remember a bad hire in basketball and it went into the dumps so we hired a real coach and back on top we went. I say the football is sinking more each year. We getting all the talent but hey a team plays like they are coached. I am tired of seeing Uk treams come to play with no effort. If you want to build a program look south to Starkville were it started with real deal head coach. As long as we have who we have the joke will be on us.

  47. UKGrad83
    1:14 pm September 4, 2011 Permalink

    Doesn’t matter who reads this site, the fact remains that the performance was awful and that’s a direct result of the coaching. If there’s no urgency in practice, there won’t be urgency in the game. Joker is a very nice man but is not what this program needs in order to “Rise”. Gimmick slogans don’t cut it. That team was poorly prepared, physically and mentally. The administration needs to make a serious hire and I don’t know why they won’t. We tolerate mediocrity. Enough said.

  48. Hoss
    3:01 pm September 4, 2011 Permalink

    41- Boise took a whole roster full of 2 and 3 star players and pushed UGA’s shit in in their own backyard last night.

    Try another argument.

  49. Final Four
    3:12 pm September 4, 2011 Permalink

    18 an 31) How many music city bowls/ SEC blow outs/ mediocre performences with no desire will it take for you all to admit if we dont hire a big time coach who can get 4 to 5 star recruits we are S.O.L. If you have family on the team an are just trying to be supportive is one thing but myself and the rest of the fan base wants at least mediocrity or better ( thats right compared to the rest of the SEC we arent even mediocre.)Unless barnhart and the rest of the fanbase like urself gets serious bout competing in the SEC we never will. an if u all dont have fun wasting ur money on a piss poor product.

  50. ebell55
    4:46 pm September 4, 2011 Permalink

    Go Cats!