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Kentucky 86, Lamar 64


Grab that marker and put another tally mark on the UK blowout board at the office. Kentucky got another easy win tonight over Pat Knight and the Cardinals of Lamar, 86-64. All five starters scored in double figures to lead Kentucky to its 43rd consecutive win in Rupp Arena. That’s the longest streak in the nation for those of you keeping score at home.

There is only one more cupcake home game left on Kentucky’s schedule before the team starts league play on January 7th. But first, let’s talk about tonight’s less-than-exciting game. Spoiler alert: It’s a lot like the last two “holiday” games.

It’s a late one so we’ll go fast. Hang on…

— Michael Kidd-Gilchrist was the leading scorer for Kentucky tonight, with a grand total of 18 points in 26 minutes. Eight of those points came from the foul line where he hit 8-of-10 at the stripe. It was Kidd Gilchrist’s sixth consecutive game in double figures. MKG also added six rebounds, four assists, a steal and a block to his stat line. The numbers are impressive, but only the stat that really jumped out at Coach Cal was MKG’s two fouls early in the first half. After the game, Calipari said he normally sits a guy for the rest of the half if they pick up two fouls. But this team needs Gilchrist’s toughness out there too bad to let him sit on the bench so he ends up shoving him back out there.

—  MKG – MVP is more than a t-shirt, it’s reality.

— Anthony Davis had another Anthony Davis-type performance. He scored 10 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, and swatted a ridiculous six shots in the game. Three of Davis’ five made buckets came from dunks to go along with a layup and a short floater. It’s all fun and games watching Davis score off lobs and put-back dunks, but eventually we’re going to need to see him knock down that long range jumper he keeps firing, plus a couple of post moves. As much as I’d like to think he could just dunk his way to the Final Four, he’s going to start running into some stronger defenders once conference play comes around. I think he’s 0-for-56 on the long ball on the season.

— Tonight’s game marked the return of Terrence Jones to the Kentucky lineup. Jones didn’t start but he did play a significant amount of time off the bench. It was obvious that the injured pinky is still really bothering him and we were told at halftime that he was playing through a lot of pain. He still managed to score nine points and haul in six rebounds in 27 minutes of action, despite only having nine fingers. After the game, Calipari said Terrence needs to do a better job of rebounding and picking up loose balls. “I went at him late because I didn’t want to hear any excuses,” he said. “I don’t care that you’re missing shots, missing free throws, layups. Go get balls. Go be tough. Go defend and we don’t have to do all this.” I hope Jones’ effort isn’t an ongoing problem for the rest of the season. He has so much potential and he’s just out there going through the motions.

— Marquis Teague has had three straight games with four or more turnovers. Calipari said Teague was looking to score on his own when he had guys open and he wasn’t doing what he was told right out of timeouts. Cal reenacted two conversations he had with his point guard in the game:

“Well, just run the team then.”… “I didn’t see them.”… “Well, your head wasn’t up then.”

“Why would you not do what I asked you to do?”… “Because I didn’t want to.”… “Good, now you’re out. Sit down.”

I don’t like the sound of that.

— Darius Miller’s three-point shot is back and he wasn’t shy about letting them rip in this one. Darius scored 15 points while hitting 4-of-6 from behind the arc. Miller is 7-of-15 in the last three games after the brutal shooting slump to start to the season. Welcome back, D.

Eloy made the best move of his career on a drive to the basket. He missed the shot. We were still impressed. WLOY!

— Lamar’s Mike James might be the greatest player in the history of the game of basketball. The six-foot-one guard scored 29 points to lead the Cardinals on 29 shot attempts. Most of those buckets were off-balanced jumpshots and floaters right in the face of Kentucky defenders. If you didn’t see the game, just imagine a poor man’s Monta Ellis. His big night wasn’t a shock to those who know him, James scored 52 in a game last season. You have our respect, young man.

— After the game, Calipari was asked about his team’s upcoming game against Louisville. “I’m not in a great frame of mind to talk about Saturday,” he responded. Cal said the only time he’s seen Louisville play this season is when he was studying film from Lamar’s game in Louisville.

“This team should be better than we’re playing” has been a common theme in press conferences over the past few games and Calipari said it again tonight. I can’t wait for Kentucky to “get better”, not only so we don’t have to hear it anymore, but because they’ll be scary good.

— Kentucky failed to cover the spread for the 8th time this season. Someone in Vegas has caught on to this pattern and they’re getting rich off the WBA’s offensive struggles late in games. Some investigate Jarrod Polson for a point-shaving scandal. (Don’t really do that, Jerry Tipton. It’s just a joke.)


— In other news, Brandon Knight scored 21 points on 9-of-11 shooting in the 4th quarter of the Pistons home opener. The Pistons lost the game but Knight likely earned a spot in the starting rotation after the show he put on for the home crowd. Pistons coach Lawrence Frank said he heard a ball bouncing outside his office late one night and he looked out to see Knight getting up shots at 11:30 p.m. The team’s practice ended that afternoon. That’s how bad Brandon wants it.

— UK Hoops had a heartbreaking loss to Middle Tennessee State on the road Wednesday night. Coach Mitchell’s sixth-ranked team lost by 12 in Murfreesboro. Kentucky only had the lead twice throughout the entire game. It’s only the team’s second loss on the season but it could move them out of the top 10 in the polls.

Louisville lost. That’s all we’ll say for now.

— Here, have a box score from Kentucky’s win over Lamar… lamar-box

Go to bed now.

Good night and Go Cats.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

57 Comments for Kentucky 86, Lamar 64

  1. enoughalready
    12:07 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Louisville lost. Point blank. Period.

  2. BigBlueJim
    12:09 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Glad Jones is back, we will need him to win #8. MKG is a beast!!

  3. Half Indian
    12:09 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Is Polson on scholarship? How bout Hood? I know Hood was on scholarship but is he still on one this year even while redshirting?

  4. john4uk
    12:18 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I can really undestand Cals frustration.Some of the guys just don’t seem to get it,and seem more interested in watching than playing.Sometimes they seem to forget that Davis is either on their team or on the floor.And some just don’t seem to have their head in the game.Too many careless passes and too many forcef shots,plus not going after the ball seems to be common with this team.Play like they did tonight against the Cards and UK will get beat.

  5. whatIheard
    12:24 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I heard T Jones was receiving death threats. A friend of mine knows some of the players, and before the Indiana game something happened and Terrance received threats from someone and he is truly scared I believe. This is horribleand if true it needs to come out so Jones knows the BBN loves him and has his back.

  6. Lee
    12:28 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Ok, so if I were AD23 (aka the “Brow”) I would fire it up from 3 too, why because the offense never runs through him in the post. He did have 5 shots in the first half and then with 2 mins left in the game he has a grand total of 8 shots, he did get 2 more in the final 2 minutes.

    Here we have a projected #1 pick and the only play we run for him is a lob. Let him work on his turn around jump shot or his up and under or his baby hook in these games so he is ready for the big boys. This was the same thing in the LM game last week, 2 or 3 shots in the 2nd half.

    I dont think this bodes well for future big man recruits……..

  7. Nassau65
    12:33 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    we won, point blank, period.

  8. Kaboom
    12:50 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    5. Who better to bring this to light than BBN. It certainly can be assumed something more than a broken pinkie is going on here.

  9. Alex legions mom
    1:11 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Marques should just have his momma call Coach Cal to tell him the right way to play her son like I did. What does he know!?

  10. SagaciousMind
    1:19 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I’m sorry, but Teague was either overrated or there really werent any pgs better than him in his class. He frustrates me to the core when he drives inside, leaves his feet, then looks for somewhere to go with it. I dont care if you are a freshman, that’s something you learn in little league. Dont leave your feet unless you know what you are going to do with it. And if he’s tellin coach he’s not wantin to do what he tells him, that’s a MAJOR problem. He seems like a good kid and I want to see him succeed, but he’s just not getting it. I know it took time with Wall and Knight, but at least they gave us offense. The offense flows better when Teague is not in the game, fact. This isnt high school, you’re not the man anymore. As for Jones, I really hate he got injured because I was hoping to see if he would bounce back from the IU game. I really dont know why they played him so much tonight, they should let the pinky heal more. But, he got punked a couple of times driving to the basket. If he doesnt change, expect to see him back in Lexington next year. And Davis, he’s taken jumpers and I think I’ve seen him hit 1 or 2. We just look disfuctinonal out there on offense at times. Saturdays game will be won on defense. I know we give UL hell, but they are a good team and will roll over us if we dont play some D.

  11. coyotevomit
    1:25 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I can’t stand to watch players who play like they know more than coaches. This isn’t AAU ball, coaches don’t kiss ass on this level. Attitudes need adjusting for a couple players, because right now winning is covering up a lack of hussle for a few players. Point guard play could soon become an Achilles heel for this team.

  12. coyotevomit
    1:28 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    This is the first team that seems to not be playing for the coaches right now. Is Cal putting players in bathroom stalls at halftime of something?

  13. Colin
    1:58 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    on my way home I mentioned to my dad that we failed to cover the spread again and I immediately thought we were point shaving………………I hope I’m wrong

  14. Onions
    2:00 am December 29, 2011 Permalink


  15. babydangy
    2:51 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I kind of think this young teams head has kind of gotten to big for itself. We as the fans could be to blame for that a bit because we worship this guys and they have never been like this before in their life. I think Cal should ban Twitter and Facebook so these guys can’t see what our fans are saying to them, and it will make them focus on basketball more.

  16. lipper
    3:01 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    someone tell me how teague starts while miller sets on the bench? dont tell me wait till march! teague is a streetballer that will always be the weak link on this team. reminds me of liggins his 1st couple yrs.

  17. BPsycho
    3:43 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    #14 I agree 100% if you were refering to #13’s post hehe

  18. kingrex
    4:45 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I love Kentucky Basketball. That being said I think I am over Cal’s recruiting strategy at UK. He has the absolute wrong attitude. UK’s biggest moment in its storied history was not getting 5 players drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft. That was the a ridiculous statement. I do not enjoy knowing these kids for 5 months before they are gone. I do not enjoy watching a team full of freshmen who will be gone in a year, but who have no idea what they are doing and all of their best and most intelligent basketball is a couple of years away. I enjoyed watching the progression of a career i.e. Darius Miller and watch them learn the game, mature into intelligent players whom we have gotten to know over 3 or 4 years. We will not see this again unless Cal changes his strategy. He encourages them to leave because it is part of his recruiting strategy. He wants to get the talent level that would in theory be frustrated by not making millions of dollars shortly after their 19th birthday and so he is practically pushing them out the door! To get an idea of what we are looking at going forward you must imagine we will not have another Jodie Meeks, Patrick Patterson, Darius Miller or even a Joe Crawford where they will be here for their Junior and or Senior years and anchor the lineup. Remember the most important player last year was Josh Harrelson and Cal did not even know he was on the team or any idea of what kind of potential he represented until he was forced into service because of a total lack of a Center. He had no idea whatsoever because the non stars are irrelevant to him and to all but admitted this blind spot on multiple occasions last year. Upper classmen from now on will be Sophmores and next year it is possible the only person coming back would be Kyle because the NBA drafts on potential and upside. This is not what Kentucky basketball should be at all. I do not enjoy being the minor league for the NBA. If you must at least figure out how Williams at UNC gets their recruits to comeback and improve for 2, 3, and 4 years. We have been lucky so far because we had those really good players who had been recruited before Cal took over. Otherwise our teams would have not done much of anything. Well Darius represents the last of that group. It is going to get especially ridiculous from here on until Cal admits this system will not work.

  19. kingrex
    4:56 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Miller should be starting, period. This is Cal being afraid to do the right thing because he might make the next All Star wonder if he might not start his first game if he comes to UK. And it makes me nervous have LeBron, World Wide Wes, Jay-Z hovering around this program. Nothing good can come from these affiliations. Nothing.

  20. buckethead
    6:26 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    im madder than hell at espn’s total lack of respect for uk basketball ! the fast break at the 14.36 mark in the second half was by far the better play of any they selected for their top ten plays !one dribble ,four passes,and a allioop slam by davis wuzzzzzzz awesome!!!! espn suxs 1

  21. SexnNursinHomes
    6:33 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    13- and your dad didn’t smack you?

    son, you’re retarded or a full blown troll.

  22. Eloy
    7:39 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    WLOY CARGAS!!!!!!! I love Wloy, he’s my favorite.

  23. ryan
    7:59 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    6. Podge, is that you??? Davis has to make those shots when he gets them. Teague needs to listen and not fire back at coach.

  24. Stan
    8:04 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think we can cut down the nets with Teague as our point guard. Maybe Cal can get him to change his game soon, but it doesn’t look good.


    8:05 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    well cal, you never will get better until your point guard decides to be a POINT GUARD!

  26. Al's IndiCats
    8:08 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    18,19, Cal recruits to the rules and regulation as the NCAA permits. The NCAA set said rules as for such. Yes I would love to see many of these kids stay for 4 years, but guess what? Their eyes are set for the paycheck of the NBA…..plain and simple. Cal goes by the rules plain and simple. The NBA had it’s chance to change the age limit to 20 or even 21 before the lockout had ended. They did not. So with that said I would rather see all the 5* one and dones come to UK. You talk about Williams at UNC, had Hanson started out better at the begining of last year he wouldn’t have been on the team this year. Until the NBA thinks that at 19 a kid isn’t set up for the riggers of 84 games, and the travel that goes along with it isn’t detrimental we’ll see a change, if not…..stay the course! GO CATS!!!!!!!!

  27. RickyPRetirementTour
    8:08 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    How does Harrow look against Teague in practice, does anyone know? For Teague to think that he does not have to listen to Coach Cal is a problem.

  28. Hard Hittin' CAT
    8:14 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Drew, as Matt Jones would say, “I like you, I really do, but…”

    Terrence Jones had 9 points and 6 rebounds in limited action and you end that paragraph on him with saying he’s out there just going through the motions?? How it being more about the kid getting some credit for toughing it out and contributing.

    After mentioning MKG’s game first you should have put Darius second. He played a good game last night. His 15 points was 2nd on the team for last night but yet you even talked about the Teague stuff before mentioning Darius.

    Come on man!

    GO CATS!!!

  29. Hambone
    8:28 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    18, 19 — Get over yourself. Most UK fans are happy with Cal so just sit in the corner and sulk. You really think the program is here to serve you and what you want? Are you kidding me? You don’t enjoy knowing them for five months? Awwwww, poor baby.

    Cal can and will win a national championship with the way he coaches. It’s a thin line from winning it all and getting beat late in the tourney. Cal has been there late in the tourney and will break through soon. You would be a fool to bet otherwise. That stated, I am perfectly fine with everything that is going on. Some of you guys honestly think that we can’t have flaws and get mad about the ones we do have. So Marquis Teague is acting like a teenager. Hello! He is a teenager. Sit back and let Cal work with him and watch him blossom when we need him to. Guys we have only been playing/practicing together as a team for about 10 or 11 weeks. There are details to be worked out. Just think about last year. We played terrible many times but finally put it together when it counted.

  30. crackerhillbilly
    8:28 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    18 – I agree and can name many a player before those that became UK legends in 3 or 4 seasons. One season a legend does not make – you will not win #8 with 3 or 4 freshman on the floor. Of course, Jones and Teague are playing like they want to return next year.

  31. landon sloan
    8:28 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Did anyone see Pitino push the camera after his loss as he was exiting the floor. It looked like he was bitching at the camera man.

  32. OogieBoogieMan
    8:31 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Sounds like young Marquis is in need of an attitude adjustment.

  33. Hambone
    8:33 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I will say that I agree that Darius Miller should start. He may very well be the best natural scorer we have on the team. You just can’t sit a guy like that. Point blank. Period.

  34. GoCats2
    8:36 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Where is Mr. Schwump to tell us about the importance of Free Throws? 27-33 seems pretty good to me.

  35. proudinky
    8:37 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Coach Cal, Grow a set and tell ANYBODY on your team who argues with you to have a seat. Most uk fans are willing to lose a few before they let a smartass little boy argue with the coach. If that kid were mine and I THOUGHT he talked back to the coach I will ask Cal to sit him. R E S P E C T Give it if you want to get it. Teague shut your mouth and play the game or transfer.

  36. Space between John Hods jersey and chest
    8:42 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    . .

  37. ryan
    8:44 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I love how Cal recruits, he is an amazing coach as well. He will get Teague where he needs to be by march. Who in their right mind would complain about Cal???

  38. stevem
    8:50 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    #24 has it right. Unless Teague can show tremendous improvement, no way this team wins the NCAA. Between him and Jones, we have two gaping holes in the offense. No way is Teague in the same league with previous Cal point guards.

  39. WalkersGoggles
    8:54 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I think Jones just drank to much Stacy Poole kool aid and is still feeling the effects of it.

  40. over the hills and far away
    8:57 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I am starting to think that this team is not going to get much better. They are what they are, extremely talented, but once again, too young to win the title. You simply cannot win the championship with a freshman point guard. As a matter of fact, I dont recall a freshman point guard starting on any of UK’s previous 7 championships, because they didn’t. We can pile up all the regular season wins you want, but come crunch time, you half to have experience. Teague will melt down under the pressure of the NCAA tourney.

  41. JPhelps
    9:01 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I sat right behind the bench last night… People laugh at Cal’s antics, and he is pretty funny, but people laughed at him saying the line, “Why would you not do what I asked you to do?”… “Because I didn’t want to.”… “Good, now you’re out. Sit down.” I heard that one loud and clear and didn’t laugh… Not because I was angry, but because its mid year, and Cal shouldn’t be having to tell him that against teams like Lamar. He is a finisher and a bulldog, but some of his decisions are questionable at best! I don’t like the sound of it either!

  42. Doubting Thomas
    9:02 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Coach knows how to adjust those attitudes, put them on the bench. They’re not going to go very high in the draft if they don’t get any playing time. Personally I believe Miller is the player that should be leading this team. He’s a senior, understands what coach wants and we all know he bleeds blue. I believe there is something nagging at TJ. I don’t know what it is but BBN will take care of any problems he’s having with threats. I know some ol boys up in the hills, well let’s leave it at that. Nothing to fear TJ, nothing at all. Get your head back on straight and let’s go BIG BLUE!!!!!

  43. Mike
    9:04 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Will TJ ever get some consistency with the flashes of brilliance he has shown at times? Believe he got blocked at least twice during the game and for his height and athleticism that probably shouldn’t happen. He needs to drink more of the MKG kool aid.

  44. Doom or Gloom
    9:14 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    40 – wasnt Napier a freshman last year for Uconn?

    Teague had 15 points and 6 turnovers. Wall lead the league in turnovers. Teagues problems can easily solved and they will be. But against Lamar, sometimes its ok for a player to try and get some of his own points. And all this junk about not respecting coach Cousins yelled at Cal all the time, Wall openly admitted to having trouble with Cal and Orton left a game. Come on now, these things happen.

    By the way, the trolls out in ful force tonight.

  45. One Man Wolfpack
    9:17 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    18–I agree about the players and not wanting to be a NBA minor league team. My favorite UK players include Hanson, Monster Mash, Delk, Anderson, Epps, Bogans, Hawkins, Fitch, Hayes, Daniels, Bradley, Meeks, Patterson, and Jorts. I like Cal, but I hope he can get a better mixture of blue chippers and blue collers.

  46. me
    9:21 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I said it last week, and I’ll say it again. If these comments are truly from UK fans I am embarrassed. We won again people, by 22 points. We are one of three consensus final four picks. Of course we have things to work on, but I think Cal can handle that a little better than all the coaches on here. Enjoy the ride BBN!!!

  47. RYNO
    9:37 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Brandon Knight actually scored 23 pts last Knight. barum bum.

  48. RYNO
    9:40 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    BTW- Marquis and Jeff look EXACTLY alike. I’m really enjoying the free NBA Full Court Preview on DirectTV. After the UK game, got to watch a little Hawks vs. Washington Wall’s last night.

  49. guest
    9:42 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I have to believe Teague did not actually say “because I didn’t want to.” While we all love Coach Cal, we know that what he says oftentimes isn’t 100% accurate. We’re winning, and outside of a poor overall performance on the road, we haven’t been beat. Deep breaths people…the SEC schedule is when this team will become what we see in March.

  50. AT WORK
    9:42 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    hey is anyone going to mention wiltjer’s block! i was so proud, i see a glimmer of hope for him on defense. and as a fan i believe it is my responsibility to
    build the team and players up, not down. we have enough haters to do that. I’M HAVING A BLAST!!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!

  51. Freebies
    9:43 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    #44) Got that right. Alot of short term memories on here lately. Wall and Cal had an ugly stretch around Christmas when he was here and Cal and Cousins were constantly jawing at each other. IMO, the offense last night was exactly what Cal wants. Drive, Drive, and Drive some more. Teague didn’t play his best last night, but anyone who can’t admit he is getting better, isn’t being objective. Lamar has played 2 or 3 top 10 teams this year, and we hung more on them than anyone esle has yet. Sometimes the #BBN makes you just scratch your head……

  52. RYNO
    9:47 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    And for those of you who questions Cal’s recruiting, you really don’t like being able to turn to pretty much any NBA game and see a former UK player performing? Last night I was tuning between Jodi vs Suns, Jorts vs Warriors, Wall vs. Hawkes, Knight vs. Cavs (He crushed Kyrie “me a river” Irving), Kanter vs. Denver, Rondo vs. Hornets. Now I know all those were Cal’s guys, but the sudden influx of former UK players really makes me more interested in following them on the next level. I think it’s great.

  53. Doom or Gloom
    9:51 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    51 – and to continue on with that, Teague getting into the lane and turning it over is something he has to learn, why not in the Lamar game. Sometimes a coach pushes players into positions (a clogged down lane) to see how they handle it. What better time than against Lamar? Cal’s complaints with Teague were his getting to the lane and not looking for open players when he had 3 on him. If you ask me, sometimes bad situations for a “penetrating point guard” are not bad. Teague has to learn when to go and when not to. If he didnt make mistakes he would never learn.

    Learn against Lamar, execute against UL!

  54. Winston Churchill
    10:08 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I’ve been a Teague fan so far, and felt like people needed to give him a chance. But if he’s not doing what the coaches tell him to do, he needs to not play. Why did he come here if he wasnt going to do what Cal wants him to do? That goes for any coach, but especially the guy that coached four lottery picks for the last four years in a row. Marquis Teague, obey or leave.

  55. Mark
    10:12 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    I know Im gonna regret this, but what is WBA??

  56. Hi
    10:43 am December 29, 2011 Permalink

    Terrence Jones needs to make MKG his role model.

  57. exedfan
    9:44 pm December 29, 2011 Permalink

    One and dones who are legends? Maybe not in stats, but Wall and Cousins will not soon be forgotten.