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Kelly Kapowski’s abbreviated Friday News and Views

Ok, let’s make this quick.  Matt’s internet is acting up and I should have gone to bed about 4 hours ago so what you’re about to see is quite possibly the briefest news and views of all-time.  But, we couldn’t let the day slip by without acknowledging the 35th birthday of Tiffani (please don’t call me Amber anymore) Thiessen.  That’s right, Kelly Kapowski is well on her way to 40, which makes me feel a little outdated.  For people my age, Saved by the Bell is the ultimate pop culture reference and I’d bet a good portion of my generation could quote or summarize just about every single episode.  And, let’s be honest, that show gave us all a little Kapowski-fever.  So, I’m not ashamed to say that it’s her birthday and I’m so excited….I’m soo excited…I’m soo…..scared.  Of getting old.

Ok, onto a few quick notes:

 – The message boards were aflutter tonight while I was away over Jeff Goodman’s article stating that the SEC is down this year.  Well, I’d say so.  But, Goodman goes on to add that “Kentucky would be fortunate to finish in the top 8 of the Big East” despite the fact that they lost on a lucky buzzer-beater to the team that, unfortunately, is probably far and away the best team in the conference.  Well, Jeff, I’m not so sure about that.  As we’ve covered a number of times this year, polls in college basketball really don’t mean a whole lot because they’re based on opinions and we all know those are like certain exit points of one’s body.  But, that’s what this blog is based on too, so get your nose plugs ready.  Here is my opinion.

The Big East is incredibly overrated.  And, it’s not even close.  The reason that the Big East gets so much love nationally is because….it got so much love nationally before the season started.  So, much like the Big 12 football used to do in the early 2000s, they beat up on each other and don’t move in the rankings because “they lost to the #15 team in the country”.  But, with college basketball’s parity – especially this year – outside of about 5 teams, you’re going to find a lot of balance the rest of the way.  Here is how I see the Cats stacking up in the Big East:

I guarantee you that UK would blow out these teams:
Seton Hall
St Johns
South Florida

They would win these games:
West Virginia (already did)
Notre Dame

I’d say they’re 50/50 in these:

Probably lose:

So, if you look at this crude estimate (hey, we’re rushing this, remember?), I’d say it would take a disaster for the Cats to finish 8th or worse and being “fortunate” to be in the top 8 is downright absurd.  If they play well (which, outside of the Auburn game they have), they’re in the top 5 of the Big East.  So, Jeff, you’re wrong.  Or, at least that’s what I think.  Feel free to stink up the joint with your opinions below.

 – If you’re jonesing for some high school basketball, make sure to check out Da Toilet on the deuce this evening.  That’s right, everyone’s favorite Facebook updater, Terrence Boyd and his San Diego High team (featuring U of L commit and top 2010 player Jeremy Tyler) will be facing Rivals’ #10 player in the class of 2009, Renardo Sidney.  The game will start at 9:30 on ESPN2.  *UPDATE:  I guess Terrence Boyd was ruled ineligible last week.  I must have missed that while I was trying to avoid getting layed off at the end of the month.

 – Pop on over to for a piece on the stellar duo of Jodie Meeks and Patrick Patterson.  And, no mention of any rules violations by Gillispie.

 – According to the UK blog, Gillispie and his crew went through a light practice today, walking through Alabama’s offensive and defensive sets.  Gillispie said that this also allowed Patrick Patterson to rest that injured middle finger of his.  Also, I’d advise Patterson to avoid both Nicholasville Road and all of Tampa this week before the Super Bowl week.  Those are two places that finger won’t get any rest.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned throughout the day as we get back in the groove and get you prepared for the weekend and those low down, dirty snitches from Tuscaloosa.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner