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Kate’s Take: Decisions, Decisions


Somehow I doubt Terrence has considered any of these factors....

Seven years ago I was in Terrence Jones’ shoes.  I was a teenage high school senior trying to make the first really important decision of her life:  where to go to college.  I won’t pretend that anyone outside of my family and close friends gave a crap about what I chose, but I still felt a lot of pressure.  Do I stay in-state?  Go private or public?  Do I try to go to the best school I can or settle for a lesser one with better options for my MRS degree? (look it up)  My parents’ only guidance was that I had to move out.  I think by that point they had given up on me and had realized that my sister, who wanted my room, gave them a better chance at being financially set for their retirement. 

I won’t pretend to know exactly what Jones is going through.  I didn’t have grown men begging me to come to their school.  Occasionally one of those volunteer students would call and cheerfully tell me why their school was the best.   Other than that, my “recruitment”  went something like:  “Hey I want to not spend a boatload of money but still go to a nice school.  I’ve already visited Purdue and I’m too lazy to deal with visiting other schools, so I think I’ll go there.”  That was it.  No press conference, no message board wars.  And thousands of teenagers do it every day.

I tell you all this to tell you this:  Let’s let the guy do his own thing.  It kills me when I hear people say “If he can’t make up his mind, I don’t want such a flaky guy playing for UK.”  Ever think he might not be flaky, but just really doesn’t want to disappoint people?  Calipari was right when he said that no matter what, he’s going to disappoint a large group of people.  Picking a college is hard, but picking one when thousands of 40 year old men are on suicide watch waiting for you to choose is no doubt infinitely harder.   I think we all want Jones in a Kentucky jersey next year, but personally I also want him to fully consider his options and make the best decision he can for himself.  It’s obvious to me that that decision is UK, but I’m also the one who picked my college based on laziness and the large ratio of men to women.  Probably wouldn’t make the best school guidance counselor.

Article written by Katie Martin