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Karl Towns wants to be the “greatest Wildcat who ever lived”


Karl Towns is well on his way to becoming a fan favorite and he won’t arrive on campus for more than a year. Towns roomed with the notorious W.I.G. (Andrew Wiggins) at last week’s Hoop Summit, and told reporters that he didn’t talk to “Wiggy” about coming to UK and chose to give him some space instead. As a result, the two became close friends, and Towns proved he has ten times more willpower than the common Kentucky fan.

Towns turned some heads on his own during the all-star festivities, giving fans a small taste of what’s to come in 2014. The 7′ manchild did an interview with KSTV in which he was asked what he wants his legacy at UK to be. His response? “I want to be the greatest Wildcat who ever lived.”

I love that this kid’s dreams are as big as he is.

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22 Comments for Karl Towns wants to be the “greatest Wildcat who ever lived”

  1. Satire
    7:01 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Wait till the 2014 season.

  2. 4 years?
    7:04 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I guess he will stick around for 4 years…..

  3. Anthony Davis
    7:12 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    … begs to differ

  4. Yeah....
    7:16 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    @3 If he ends up being Kevin Durant 2.0 like he’s been compared to by some. By the end of his UK career he could be the one begging to differ. I think this kid has 25/10/5pg averages by the time his season ends.

  5. hendoblue
    7:23 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    While A.D. is arguably the most talented player to ever play at UK, I would think for a player to be considered the greatest Wildcat ever he would have to stay at least two years. The legacy of one championship is great, but how much better would two or three be? If Karl Towns were to stay an extended period and win more than one, he could possibly be the greatest ever. And you have to put up some career numbers, as well. I’m with #2. Stick around four years and build your legacy Karl Towns.

  6. DC4UK
    7:24 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t know if anyone has told him this but if he wants to be consider one of the greatest he’ll have to stay more than one year.

  7. Han
    7:26 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I daresay we’d all love that, but he’s gonna have to stay a bare minimum of 3 years (look it up, some of the UK “greats” only did 2-3 years here), and probably win at least 2 titles. I hope he knows that, because we’d all love him to try.

    5) AD had the greatest single season for a freshman ever, easily, and he’s in the discussion for best single year period. About the only thing he didn’t do at ridiculous levels was score. He won everything he could.

  8. Han
    7:29 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    4) It’ll depend some on who he plays with. Theoretically, we could lose Harrison x2, Randle, Young, Johnson, Lee, and if we get him, Wiggins of course. WCS is very likely gone too. Poythress will depend on his season, and Wiltjer probably returns.

    While I think we could return Young and Lee, maybe even Johnson, depending on their bench production and desire to be one-and-done, if they all go, we’re looking at a probably ’14 roster of Wiltjer, Poythress?, Willis, Hawkins, Towns, and the 4-7 guys Cal recruits to go with them. If Cal doesn’t get some major scorers (he probably will), Towns could be the go-to guy, but we’re not exactly a one-player program anymore.

  9. hendoblue
    7:32 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    7- He was great. In my opinion THE most talented player ever at UK. Wouldn’t it have been great to have him back one more year? NO championship for UL if he comes back. But I understand the world we live in today. If you’re number one you gotta go.

  10. Anthony Davis
    7:39 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    @ #4) I was just going by individual accolades… but I see where you’re coming from too. I hope he averages those numbers… would be amazing

  11. kingcat
    7:50 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    seen wiggins at the airport on monday in lexington

  12. Not Dan Issel
    7:57 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Have none of you ever heard of Dan Issel?

  13. kingcat
    7:57 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    seen some long blades of grass in my front yard. Should I git outta my chair and cut ’em?

  14. E
    8:59 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I think his point was not to have the greatest career at UK but to be the greatest Wildcat. I think he’s looking at his total legacy.

  15. cadukfan
    9:00 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    right on number 52,and remember his jr. and sr. year.he got some bad calls and fouled out against jacksonville with artis gilmore for chance to go to final four.i was pissed and claimed we got cheated at the time on bad charging call.

  16. VillaHillsCat
    9:01 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    He may become a great player, but he will have to give more than a year and win BIG for me to say he’s one of the best ever to put on a KY uniform. I don’t consider somebody who stays for a year, is a decent college player and then a great pro in the discussion for best ever in college. Was/is Rondo one of the best ever to play at UK? He has arguably had one of the best pro careers of anyone at UK, but was definitely not the best college point guard to have played at UK. People need to be careful to not forget all of the greats that have been at UK before we christen these Freshman phenoms the “best ever.”

  17. Katmandu
    9:05 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    12.) I hear ya!

  18. Catlogic15
    9:06 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Before considering “greatest ever”, you can’t. The game has evolved , freshmen couldn’t play at some points, some went right to the pros (Dirk said he’d have been a Wildcat), leaving early rules have changed, rules have changed (three point shot), all kinds of stuff.

    Impossible argument.

  19. Snl1960
    9:27 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Also it is what you do with your life afterwards….( Richie Farmer) is in the rafters, (for now anyways).its how you leave your legacy to the people of Kentucky as to how you are remembered.

  20. Snl1960
    9:30 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    Guess he wasn’t a great player as much as he always was a fan favorite.

  21. jaws2
    11:26 pm April 23, 2013 Permalink

    I shudder to think how many points Issel would have scored if the 3 point rule was in effect during his time, and if he could have played as a Freshman. He made that shot as consistent as some of the best shooting guards today. Those that didn’t see Issel play have NO IDEA how good a collegiate player he was. Damn shame about that call against Fl St. I threw up all night over that game.

  22. tyrus
    11:09 am April 24, 2013 Permalink

    2# Agree, if not, in time he’ll be forgotten like all these other one-and-done players.