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Kanter worth all the risk


That’s what Gary Parrish seems to think, as outlined in this brief writeup on the situation. Here’s an excerpt:

…All of which suggests John Calipari must’ve realized there was a real chance he could enroll Kanter but never actually coach him once the NCAA weighed in.

But you know what else Calipari probably realized?

That it was a gamble worth taking.

Remember, any questions about Kanter’s amateur status aren’t questions that have anything to do with Kentucky. It all centers on what happened before Kentucky was involved with Kanter, as everything that affected Renardo Sidney’s status at Mississippi State last year centered on what happened before Mississippi State was involved with Sidney. So this isn’t a case where the Wildcats opened themselves up to various issues. Either they would enroll Kanter and get him cleared or enroll Kanter and not get him cleared. There never was any real downside. And to those claiming it now looks silly given where this seems to be headed, I’d remind you that you still don’t know where this is headed, and that Kanter ultimately could be dealt a punishment that delays his college debut rather than ends his college career, in which case the big picture remains intact.

While I have to think that the downside in not having the most talented big man entering college basketball at all next year is a little greater than the faux-hawked one lets on, the downside of missing him for only a few games, if that’s the final decision, is basically null. As Parrish goes on to point out, winning games in March is what’s important, and what Cal is concerned about. If we have to be a little thin up front to start with in order to be a potential Final Four contender in the end, then this bump in the road, as long as that’s all it turns out to be, is well-worth dealing with.

Besides, following the eligibility of our biggest Undertaker fan and wanting to Tombstone a New York Times reporter in the process is way more fun than anything you had to do this week, anyway.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.