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Justin Day to JUCO



With football players reporting to Day 1 of summer camp this afternoon, a buzz is begininning to fill the air. Unfortunately with that buzz comes with a little stank. The stank reported by Aaron Cordero is that incoming Freshman Offensive Lineman Justin Day is transferring to a Georgia Military Junior College. However this stank can be seen as a glass half-full: Day plans on returning to UK after two years, during that time I assume he will be working on his grades as well as beefing up for the SEC.

Day was a Rivals 3-star prospect from South Carolina, clocking in at 6’8 290 pounds. Day is one of the few Joker Phillips commitments that made it through the coaching transition. The #BBN wishes him luck, and will be ready to welcome him back with open arms in two years.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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    What is the opposite of Yahtzee?

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    Lol thanks for deleting all the trolls but why delete my posts that said nothing bad??

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    Please don’t delete comments that speak the truth (like mine), thanks in advance.

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    Why did my post get deleted, isn’t this a uk site. I was defending uk. If I get deleted guess I gotta unfollow ksr, forum deletions will be the downfall of ksr.

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    Some of you guys need to calm down. When we delete the trollers, we also delete those that respond because their comments make no sense after deleting the trolling. And the best defense to trolling is what…to ignore them. They are just trying to make you folks mad and you let them do it.

    In a few weeks when we start registration, it will be easier.

    As for it being the “downfall of KSR”, I love having comments…but literally about .001% of the people who read the site participate in the comment section…in part because it turns into the name calling that you are upset we are deleting

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    Hate to lose this kid.

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    #1. Sorry! Is the opposite if Yahtzee!

  15. Andy
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    He would have red shirted if he was eligible too. At 6″8 he needs to be least 320 for the meat grinder the SEC is. We have enough OLinemen that have been redshirted from jokers regime so this is not a big loss.

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    I understand Matt, it just infuriates us fans to no end that these low life’s are allowed to post derogatory comments toward anything UK related. I respect that you try to keep this site classy & delete comments that would otherwise make KSR appear non classy but you all really should delete anything that UofL or any opposing fans post. 9 times out of 10 they have nothing intelligent to say anyways & like you said, are just here to troll & annoy us.

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    Well replied sir, you survived another day for me to follow you, anymore mishaps like this and you will down 1 follower, lol. Keep up the great work

  18. UK fan in SC
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    i play high school football in the same conference that this kid played in last year, the kid had no technique what so ever, just out muscled people. this will be good for him.

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    #4 Byebye

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    I say those that comment make up more than one-thousandth of one percent.