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Just Back from Media Day

Kentucky Calipari Basketball

It was a great afternoon in Lexington as the UK Basketball team did their thing at Media Day. There are a lot of good lines and stories from the event, but a few initial thoughts:

(1): These guys are happy

It cannot be overstated how different the mood is of the kids on teh team. From Patterson to Liggins to Harrellson to the new guys, everyone has such a positive attitude that it is amazing to see. They are upbeat, relaxed and have a confidence you just didnt see last year.

(2): John Wall is a Pro

This kid is going to be rich and famous one day. He walks like a star, plays like a star and talks like a star. He is cool and confident with the media and he knows how to play the game well. I have some great audio from him which you will get tonight, but Wall is going to be a superstar and he carries himself in just that way.

(3): DeMarcus Cousins is the Team’s Quote

Coach Cal called him a “12 year old kid” (in a good way), and it is clear that the media loves Big Cuz. Whether he is talking about how he and Bledsoe are from “the same dirt”, how he wants to put a beating on Alabama or how his favorite musical group is Boyz II Men, you cant not like the big guy. And his line that on the court he is “mean as sh*t”, shows that he and Eric Bledsoe do indeed have similar frames of reference.

(4) The Players Love Patrick Patterson

I asked every player about Patrick Patterson…and every single one gushed about how much they loved the guy. Cousins said he was better than he had imagined, Wall said he is the “superstar” of the team, Bledsoe said that he looks up to him, Harrellson said he doesnt miss a shot. Patrick is the leader, plain and simple and his teammates like him as much as we do.

(5): Calipari did his thing

Not a ton of news from Cal’s press conference….no gameday practices, only 1 hour of practice a day late in the season, plans on either playing a ten man rotation or an eight man rotation in which the other 5 play 5 minutes a game. But he was classic Cal…and oh yeah, he is a Duke of Hazard.

Beginning at 8 pm, we will have audio and player interviews up going for the rest of the night….check it out…you will like it.

Article written by Matt Jones