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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Just a couple of bros dressing alike and talking sports…


What’s so strange about that?

As Matt pointed out last week, the Courier-Journal has started publicizing their online live chats with these awkward, candid photos of the participants.  Last week, it was Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich.  This week, the unfortunate participants are Crawford and Jody Demling, who can be seen above enjoying each other’s company just like we all would if we had a free day with our BFF.  Matching outfits, smiles and a photographer.

While I have never met Demling or Crawford personally (I’ve exchanged emails with one who was very polite) and I can’t really vouch for how awkward they may or may not be in person, spending my teenage-to-adult life trying to get footing in their profession has taught me one thing:  There might be no profession more prone to awkward people than sportswriting (myself included, though I’m nowhere near professional). And, thanks to the Courier-Journal, the awkward is not hidden behind closed doors anymore.  Eric Crawford and Jody Demling could be as cool as John Wayne and The Fonz and you’d never know thanks to this marketing campaign.

I can only hope that somewhere in Lexington, the Herald-Leader is shooting a 30 second sequence with Jerry Tipton where he welcomes you to “Mr. Tipton’s Neighborhood” and sings you a song while taking off his shoes and hanging up his cardigan.  It will get me super-hyped for the next time he live blogs the Memphis NCAA hearings.

Until then, keep ’em coming, C-J.

Article written by Thomas Beisner