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Julius Randle Visit to NC State his “best visit yet”

Some early morning bad news on the basketball front. Big-time 2013 recruit Julius Randle told a NC State website that his visit to the Wolfpack was his “best visit yet” after seeing them crush the North Carolina Tar Heels in Raleigh. Of course Randle has already visited Kentucky, so the news can’t be interpreted in a positive way for UK. I would say however that often times after a recruit visits a school, he tells that school’s media very positive things. So while it isn’t a positive, it also may mean very little.

The UK coaches covet Julius Randle and getting him (or Aaron Gordon or Andrew Wiggins) is the key to #9. Let’s hope it gets done…never count out Cal.

Article written by Matt Jones

32 Comments for Julius Randle Visit to NC State his “best visit yet”

  1. Just saying
    8:17 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Randle has visited state 3 times, and every time has had nothing but raves to say about them. They’re a top 20 team with a ton of that team returning next year, a TOP notch arena (way better than Rupp) and facilities that aren’t tat far off from UK. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him go there, and would think they would have to be the favorite. They’re likely losing tire big guy, and prob Leslie, so ranle would start right away. Compared to the possibility of poythress and WCS coming back with the additions of Lee. I would LOVE to have Randle, but our focus on #9 should be getting WCS and poythress to realize they need another year. We can NOT honestly expect to win a championship with a tach of talented freshman and harrow and wither. If this year hasn’t proved that, nothing will

  2. Just saying
    8:19 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    … With a batch of talented freshman, harrow and wiltjer…. Typing on an IPhone is tough esp with autocorrect

  3. lou
    8:19 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    What we need is someone who can Score!!!! Someone who moves like Goodwin and shoots like Wiltzer(sp?) Agree that recruits tell all schools aabout same thing upon departure. My hope is that we get one or two of the three and I believe in Cal. Perhaps Goodwin will wake up and realize that the game is about offense AND defense soon!!!

  4. Wildcat Drummer
    8:20 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    “Never count out Cal”. Yes, except you are referring to Anthony Bennet, Shabazz, or Alex Oriaki. There guys we desperately needed that Cal seemed to not be able top get. Oh and the Iranian guy. With returning players NC State with Transmute has an equal shot tto winning title as us next year.

  5. Wildcat Drummer
    8:22 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    *with Randle sorry

  6. ltylerj
    8:27 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    The crowd was awesome at NC States game….The crowd at Rupp is dead like its a funeral.

  7. WWW
    8:28 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    oh he will be here…every recruit tells the school that…what is he suppose to say,”i had a terrible time”.Remember when pat Patterson did the gator chump and everyone that he was Florida’s

  8. who cares
    8:32 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    AARON GORDON!!!!!!!! Go be a little Wolfeeeee

  9. Just saying
    8:35 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    So when randle go to state, wiggins goes to FSU, and Gordon stays on west coast (likely Arizona). Can we stop with the “don’t count out Cal” crap. The primary reason we suck this year was Cals inability to land a real PF. Oriaki, Bennett, Harrell, and the Iranian guy all shunned Cal. All would have been either one and done, or one year of eligibility, and would easily added the interior strength and depth we need, instead BBN nation convinced themselves the reason no one was recruited was because of “having to come off the bench behind wiltjer”. Don’t believe me. archive it

  10. NotSoFast
    8:39 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    #9 I actually agree with most of what you said. Except, I think some of it was a result of us counting on Poythress to be the beast he isn’t. Hope that makes sense.

  11. Joe
    8:42 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    On Wiggins, Florida State got their butts spanked, again! Will their coach even be there next year?

  12. Chris
    8:43 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    JUST SAYING… I’m just saying you’re a moron.

  13. Just saying
    8:45 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    12. Prove me wrong

  14. Bob Cobb
    8:47 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    At this time last year, Cal needed to get as many as 3 elite level recruits to fill out the class. He only got one. This year he just needs one more. I think he has made an adjustment.

  15. Just saying
    8:49 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    10. I never said players didn’t come here because of wiltjer, I said fans convinced themselves the reason was because of wiltjer. Archive this site and see for yourself. 1000 post about how wiltjer had gotten bigger, worked on his foot speed, etc

  16. your point
    8:54 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    So what are you trying to prove Just Saying? Congrats at looking at archives and proving a small portion of the fan base wrong. If he goes to State then good for him. Cal has recruited good enough in the past couple of years where I am not going to freak out when a player enjoys a visit at another school. I think “Just saying” needs to chill out a little bit……just saying.

  17. Jake
    8:55 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    #9 – Calipari is head man of the Reigning Champs. Don’t believe me, archive it. EAD

  18. Cmon now
    8:58 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Of course he had good time they beat unc doesnt mean hes goin to state jus means he had a great time. Maybe he goes maybe he doesnt know way that u should expect him to go to state tho. I want gordon or wiggins one of those guy with marcus lee will be having scrappy playef who play above the rim, very mental tough, kill instincts

  19. Captain obvious
    9:00 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    The trolls are up early this morning. NC State has better facilities than UK?? Come on man. Our locker room is probably more expensive than their entire arena. Regardless, Randle could care less about facilities and all the intangibles. He won’t be there long enough to really enjoy them anyways. For him, it’s a business decision, hands down. He’ll go wherever he thinks will be best for his future career (the NBA) and that’s all there is to it. What could prepare him better: UK and Cal or NC State Godfried (sp?)? Obviously that’s not concrete (see Bazz, Bennett, etc.) but I do believe it will give a good indication as to where his head is at. UK will be ok without him, but its not like we would turn him away if he wanted to come.

  20. Cmon now
    9:02 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    9 ur jus goin on thr bennet theory joned has talkd about, its true we could usr him hes great but if poythress had been more consistent like we thought he was u wouldnt be talkn bout bennet right

  21. bigbluejon
    9:04 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t forget Cal lost the Amile Jefferson sweepstakes to Duke. That kid is playing great now that Kelly is out. I think he’s had like 14pts and 10rbs in both games he’s started. We could use him, Bazz, Bennet, Oriakhi, Harrell, or the Iranian guy.

  22. bill
    9:05 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    UK fans have been complaining about one and done players now they are complaining about the players this year because they are not as good a ones in the past. They now have 2-3 players that are not true one and done and they complain.
    Seems there is no pleasing some fans unless UK wins the championship every year!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kev
    9:07 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

  24. theSkinny81
    9:09 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    22 – I agree. I LOVE my Cats, but a down year is a down year. Do I get frustrated with this team? Sure. Am I worried about the future of this program or Cal’s methods? Not in the LEAST.

  25. RealJustSayin
    9:14 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Just saying says, you are howling at the moon dude if you think UK fans are annoyed at Cal’s recruiting decisions. Tubby and BillyClyde are still in our recent memory brain tissue. We all realize the ebb and flow of teams, some teams have chemistry issues or lack that something to put them over the top. That may be this team, we don’t know for sure so we’ll just keep rooting for our team. I do know that Cal thought atleast two players from last year’s team would be back that did go pro. With the higher talent we are recruiting we have more volatility, which I’m fine with. So have your fun while you can because those will be rare times. Are you and oldschool roomies in your mom’s basement?

  26. Rockfield, KY
    9:37 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Just saying,

    By saying “Never count out Cal”, we’re implying that he’s always in the recruitment. Not that he is absolutely getting every player he wants. In case you’ve forgotten, Cousins, Terrence Jones, AD, Poythress, Noel, WCS, Lee, Johnson are all big guys that he has landed. He wins on recruitment far more than he loses, and oh yeah, he won #8 last year. It’s impossible to keep stacking up big guys in every class. Sometimes guys don’t want to come compete with other elite recruits for minutes. (Dajuan Coleman) You’re just one of those pathetic people that isn’t happy unless he’s got something to complain about. You sound like a little brother.

  27. Larry linebeard
    10:37 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Lets see had nothing but great things to say after the visit to UK has said the player he wants to play with most is either Aaron or Andrew harrison (forget which it was for sure) and that the most important thing to him is going to be winning it all (see #1 pg #1 sg #2 sg #1 C and whatever Lee is) I’d say we’re still in pretty good shape

  28. NL
    11:05 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    I wouldn’t worry about it. We need 1 out of the 3. That means we are going to lose 2 of the three. If Randle is one of the 2, so be it.

  29. Rixter
    11:10 am January 28, 2013 Permalink

    “Don’t believe me. archive it”

    How about I do neither.

  30. tuxedo park
    12:14 pm January 28, 2013 Permalink

    yeah, Cal sucks at recruiting.

  31. UKBlue
    2:53 pm January 28, 2013 Permalink

    If Randle would rather play at UNC State & Wiggins FSU over UK, then apparently neither one of them is very smart.

  32. captain reality
    5:15 pm January 28, 2013 Permalink

    Captain Obvious…………
    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. N.C. State’s PNC Arena and their Dail Men’s Basketball Center are 2 of the nicest and most luxurious arenas and basketball centers in the nation. World class facilities. Google “Dail Basketball Center” and learn a little something new today. I’ve also seen some of their video tours on YouTube……….impressive. Tobacco Road and NCSU are flush with money.