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Selby Has His Work Cut Out For Him, Momma Should Relax; Updates and Videos

Like any other summer month, Josh Selby is going to be busting his butt. Except this month, it  won’t be on the basketball court. September is going to bring a ton of high profile visitors into his mother, Maeshon Witherspoon’s, home and her boy, Josh Selby, is who should be taking care of all the preparations.

I’ll tell you why. First, Josh decided to de-commit from Tennessee and who had to make that awkward phone call? Maeshon Witherspoon. Second, Josh is now being tracked down and called up by top level coaches all across the country, but Josh’s phone was turned off after the de-commitment… so who is taking the calls? Maeshon. And when Josh makes it to the NBA and get’s his millions, what does Maeshon, who’s been working her butt off to put Josh in the best position to succeed, want in return? A Mini-Cooper. That’s all, just a Mini-Cooper. So I think Maeshon deserves a little rest and deserves to prop her feet up and let her boy do the work for a change. So pick up that broom, don’t forget to clean under the couch, Maeshon’s got the white gloves Josh and it’s your turn to do a little work, because next month is going to be a very busy time around your house.

I got a text this morning with Josh’s scheduled in-home visits and here’s what they look like right now:

Kansas on September 9th, UConn on September 10th, Baylor on September 11th and Oregon on September 14th.

According to Witherspoon, there are other schools that they are still waiting on and Kentucky is one of the possibilities. We’ll keep you guys posted on the changes and additions to that list. Until then, Josh Selby will be playing pick up games with the vacuum, the only dimes he’ll be droppin’ is when he’s cleaning sheets at the laundry mat, and the only dunking he’ll be doing is when he dunks that brush into the toilet bowl. How’s life as a top 5 prospect now Josh?!?!

Couple of things coming soon:

As you guys know, it was expected that CJ Leslie would be on campus over this past weekend but, as we later told you, he would be unable to make it because of his participation in the Elite 24 in NYC. CJ is now in the process of trying to reschedule that visit, but he doesn’t have a date picked out yet. What he does have coming up is some in-home visits. UConn, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and Maryland are the schools that are sticking out to him the most. Those will also be the schools getting in-home visits. His exact schedule will be sent to me later and I’ll be sure to post that up here once I get it, along with some quotes from CJ on where he is in his recruitment at this point.

Brandon Knight has a lot of his in-home and official visits scheduled but he isn’t completely done yet. He should be able to finish up all of that by tonight or tomorrow morning, at which point I’ll pass the full schedule along to you guys. He’ll have both his in-home and official visit with UK’s coaches in September but I figure I’ll just wait one more day so I can give you the whole thing at once, instead of sporadically.

Talked to a few people about Marquis Teague’s visit and it seemed to go very well. I’m going to do a full write-up on the Teague visit as soon as I talk to Marquis himself (he’s in school right now and will be calling after he gets out).

Other recruiting notes:

Kyrie Irving cut his list down to UK, Seton Hall, Duke, IU, Georgia Tech and UConn early on Friday. I was shocked to see that Texas A&M was cut, since his father played and roomed with A&M assistant Scott Spinelli and also the fact that A&M was the first school to offer him. On Saturday at 9:42pm, Kyrie tweeted “Guys I forgot to include Texas a and m in my top schools.” You can take that however you want to, but I guess they’re still included. Some might suggest that it was a Freudian slip and he isn’t really considering the Aggies. Those are the facts, you be the judge.

– As you’ve probably already heard, Harrison Barnes cut UK. Not a big surprise at all, but I think it was a smart move on Cal’s part to make a concerted effort, even though he probably knew he had zero chance. reported on where Harrison will go from here. He’s down to Oklahoma, Kansas, Duke, Iowa State, North Carolina and UCLA. He has an official visit set up for UNC over Labor Day Weekend and plans to take his official to Duke on either Oct.16th (Midnight Madness) or Oct.23rd. Kansas, and the others on his list, would probably love to get Harrison in before that Duke visit, which I think could be his last.

– Evan Daniels also reported that Justin Martin picked Xavier over the weekend, while on a visit there. Martin used to be committed to the Cards and was somewhat pursued by the Cats, although he didn’t receive an offer.

Elite 24 box score (Tobias Harris and Doron Lamb with MVP’s for the winners/CJ Leslie and Josh Selby with MVP’s for losers)

– If you are wanting to watch Swedish-born Turkish sensation, Enes Kanter, get an almost guaranteed double-double in your area this season, you’re going to have 3 chances, according to the CJ. His Findlay Prep squad (which also includes Nigel Williams-Goss, Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson and Jabari Brown) will play Christ School of North Carolina on Dec. 4th and New America of New York on Dec. 5th. Tony Kimbro plays for Christ School,if I remember correctly. Those games will take place at the Marshall County Hoopfest (which I think might hold a little special meaning for this site anyways…repeat performance Matt?). On January 9th, The Findlay squad will also be suiting up for the Humana Basketball Classic, where they’ll be pitted against Mount State Academy. That game is played in Lexington and tips off at 8.

– We talked a little bit before about the Nike TOC in NYC. It ended up not being such a star-studded event because most of the stars didn’t show. The writer who did this story, wrote something within his article that is one of my BIGGEST pet-peeves. See if you can find it. (Hint: 5th paragraph). Here’s a way better run down of the Nike TOC, from NBE Basketball, complete with nicknames.

– Some Tobias Harris Stuff: First, Tobias cut his list and now he has released his in-home visit schedule. I received more than a few twitter replies from some of you guys and I finally figured out what the problem is. Apparently, KY Ink heard from a source that UK is the team to beat for Tobias and somewhere along the lines it was confused with what I posted earlier. My post was just that UK is going to end up getting an official visit from Tobias, not that UK is the team to beat. I haven’t heard that. I believe that UK is in good shape (being in the top 5 I guess, at least) but I won’t go as far as to say they’re the “team to beat.”

– Now that I’ve totally ruined your Tobias Harris high, let me make up for it. Here’s a couple of videos. During the first one, check out the group of 4 players at the 0:03 mark. Isn’t it pretty amazing to think that UK has a darn good chance at making that their 2010 class.

In this one, check out who is hangin’ out with Doron at the 2:06 mark. Doin’ some recruiting work? (Also, I had this on mute the whole time I watched it and there is a lot of talking and possible complaining about the rained out Elite 24. Might not be safe for work, I’m not sure.)

Article written by Dustin Rumbaugh

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