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Jorts Stretched Out’s Tuesday Notes


It has been a long day of life rearranging and there is more to come, so this will be an abbreviated night post. The picture above is from last year and showcases Jorts looking ten feet tall with a pack of cougars, a great addition to any picture library. Jorts and Jon Hood will have a press conference on Wednesday to talk about their trip to China and the royal butt-kicking that the Chinese faced from the two of them. But for now, think about this Shagari/Jorts morph and know that it will be unleashed on unsuspecting teams next year:

— Very little of consequence has happened today as most of the principals around UK are on vacation. We do know that pickup basketball is scheduled to get under way this week, with the new Freshman on campus joining Jorts, Hood, Darius, Liggins and Dodson in pickup games in the afternoon on campus. If you see any and have reports, please send them in. I hope to catch some in the coming weeks and report on the new summer legends that are created….remember that these “Josh Carrier Summer Stars” are a UK internet tradition and a key part of any summer experience.

— I spoke this weekend with an NBA Scout who told me “there is no player in the Draft with more varied opinions than Demarcus Cousins.” According to the scout, there are teams that believe a case can be made to take Demarcus Cousins #1 and some teams would most definitely take him #2. But there is also a strain of thought that some teams wouldnt take him until low lottery because they believe he has the potential to flameout or have athleticism issues. I cant imagine Cousins dropping lower than #5 and I believe he is the no-brainer pick at #4 and a case can be made for #2 or #3….its all about the work ethic for Boogie and my guess is that he ramps it up in the NBA.

— I hope you saw the story earlier today about Jamaal Magloire and his decision to give money to the child afflicted with cerebal palsy of a murdered woman in Canada. We hear all the bad, but stories like that happen all the time and arent reported. Magloire is a great guy and a great former Cat.

— Expansion is still the talk all around college sports and more and more it looks as if Tom Osborne holds the key to the future of college athletics. It is being reported that if Nebraska leaves the Big 12, the Texas schools are gone, regardless of what happens with Missouri. Nebraska makes the decision and then the others move. That is why the President of Kansas begged the President of Nebraska openly not to make the decision. Tom Osborne has long been thought to be a person not enamored with the setup of the Big 12 and how it developed after adding the Texas schools. He now makes the call that could change everything for nearly every college sports fan. We shall see what he does.

— What would be the one place that they could have Big Blue Madness that would drive Louisville fans the craziest? Freedom Hall maybe? Just saying….

— To answer the many emails that I have gotten about Howie Lindsey and his statements on various radio shows, dont listen to him! Lindsey is a good enough guy but the idea that he has all this secret info about UK’s future that other media, those around the program and the people involved at UK themselves dont have is ludicrous. Here is a secret…if he says something you dont like….just dont listen.

— One of the interesting questions about a potential SEC Expansion is how the divisions might be rearranged. There is no easy answer and if you add Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech and Clemson, it could shake out like this:

Presumably the EAST keeps the Florida schools together (UF, FSU, Miami), the Georgia schools together (Tech, UGA), the South Carolina schools together (SC, Clemson) and the only has one more team….could it be Tenn? Then could Kentucky and Vandy join the WEST? Or if not, does Kentucky join a stacked East and the two Tennessee schools join the West? That could make for a very difficult football road indeed for the Big Blue.

IF they decided to go North and South, there is really no way to do it without causing football inbalance. IT would likely have a NORTH with UK, UT, Vandy, South Carolina, Clemson, UGA, Ga Tech and Arkansas and then a SOUTH with Fla, UM, FSU, Alabama, Auburn, Miss, Miss St and LSU. The South would be way too loaded.

Divisions in a new SEC arent easy to create. But if it makes financial sense for the SEC to expand, which it doesnt as of now, but it could if the Big 10, Pac 10 and ACC try to go to 16, then the SEC does it.

We will have more all day. Blogger finalists are not done as the 296 entries have taken me a bit long. I hope to have them by early evening tomorrow. Lots of good entries by the field that includes 10 women, a 13 year old and a 63 year old. That is diversity.

Article written by Matt Jones