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Jorts Now Has a Stache

Oh Jorts…


Article written by Matt Jones

42 responses to “Jorts Now Has a Stache”

  1. SagaciousMind

    Good lord Josh, save that white trash lookin thing off!

  2. SagaciousMind


  3. Not Skyler McBee


  4. Rae

    Sorry Jorts, it isn’t working for you. However, if you are waiting to shave until April 3, that’s just fine.

  5. kyblue

    Very Farmeresque 🙂

  6. James K


  7. Willis talkin bout..

    Definition of UNBECOMING
    : not becoming ; especially : not according with the standards appropriate to one’s position or condition of life

    Dude.. Shave

  8. Dirty Sanchez...

    I like!

  9. Nojortsnoproblem

    At least it’s not a line beard! Go Cats

  10. Old Man Sleeping In Lower Arena

    You children like candy…

  11. CatBauce

    Richie Farmer ?

  12. CatBauce

    He definitely looks like Richie Farmer

  13. Bulldawg

    It looks good on him. Makes him look more like an NBA player instead of a college kid trying to make a roster. Of course I will back anything Jorts does. He is my hero!!! GO BIG JORTS!!!

  14. Crump Seed

    Richie had a batter ‘stache than that in the 8th grade!

  15. Crump Seed


  16. GGG

    Mustache March Madness!!! It’s GR8T

  17. Mike Honcho

    I just wanted you to know that I spread my butt-cheeks as Mike Honcho in playgirl magazine.

  18. hole

    Does this mean Jorts is gonna start stealing VCRs?

  19. hole

    17!! LOL!!

  20. Jason

    Jorts must have found out about Mustache March

  21. jwellspike

    We saw and took pic With him after game Sunday he was getting it started then upon revkew ofpix

  22. Matt

    Flavor Savor always helps when living in the NYC

  23. travis

    When that grows out more it will be amazing.

  24. Collie

    Anyone else watching dunks of year and see how little they talked about MKG?

  25. Bic

    Couldn’t grow unibrow so went with next best facial hair

  26. BlueBloggin

    24.) yeah I’m watching. Got me thinking.. I wish Anthony brow down Davis could get a wide open free throw line dunk. Well if I could get one fantasy dunk, that’s be it!

  27. Women Everywhere

    Cousins and Pat Pat were beast-vs-beast tonight. GO CATS

  28. parkways

    There is potential that the moustache might merge with the sideburn and become a Burnside. Find the sideburn, find it!

  29. John Ellis

    He’s just bored til he starts playing again. He and Lin will create Knicksanity.

  30. John Vincent Calipari

    he wears it well


    Anyone have a link to the post game net cutting celebration??? or a video of the airport longer than the 10 second one on


    I can’t believe I can’t find a video of the Cats cutting the nets down after the baylor game. All those cameras there and theres no links??

  33. Stew

    Is that a mullet he’s starting to rock???

  34. Megan

    nooooooooooo. oh that is sad

  35. bung

    keep the stache…

  36. Coop

    Either he is trying to impress a tennessee lady or get little children to come try some of his candy…. “this way children…. Shut the van door behind you.”

  37. CatsFanInKnoxville

    I went to that game and could see it in the stands. Epic!

  38. tyrus


  39. Kyle Almek

    Very Richie-esque

  40. Texas Roadhouse Pre-Game Show

    I guess Richie is gonna play tonight

  41. Stevo

    When did Jorts become a luchador? He should star in Nacho Libre 2.

  42. Spice

    That would look much better…if it were right above his eyes haha