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Jordan Crawford’s Wednesday News and Views


Joe Crawford’s brother is about to become an internet legend. Jordan, who now plays at Xavier after transferring from Indiana, apparently threw down a hard two-handed dunk on LeBron James at the Nike Camp today in Akron, Ohio. The dunk was immediately legendary. All of the high school kids were raving about it and everyone who saw it said it was one of the best facials in recent memory. However, we likely will never see it. After the dunk, LeBron called over a Nike rep and whispered something…soon after, the representative went to the two photographers that were filming the action and asked for their tape. Apparently, Lebron wants no visual evidence of the encounter and is doing all that he can to keep it off YouTube. BUT, the story has been picked up by Gary Parrish and Jeff Goodman, and is sure to be the talk of the blogs tomorrow. What does that mean? Well, Lebron is going to end up looking petty and the legend of the “Jordan Crawford dunk” will take off and Jordan will have his profile raised nationally. Quite a step up from a guy that was last seen in Kentucky, riding in the back of Hubby’s truck to a Barnstorming Event in Barbourville.

To the news…

(1): Today UK released its official basketball roster for 2009-2010, and gave the new players their numbers for the upcoming season. While much of the talk was about the new numbers and the fact that DeAndre Liggins was officially on the final roster, I have been surprised at the lack of talk about what the release may say about the qualification situation of the players. While UK will publically refuse to say that all players are qualified, one has to think that it is a good sign that all recruits were listed on the roster. In year’s past, UK has waited until early August to release the roster, and I cant imagine there would be any reason to release it early if the staff were still worried about qualification issues. While nothing official has been released by UK, and likely wont, I saw that release as potentially telling about the status of all the players.

(2): Today was ground zero for recruiting in Cincinnati as virtually all the big college coaches, including Calipari, were making their presence felt. The actual AAU tournament in Cincy was somewhat disappointing, with many of the best players at the Lebron camp in Akron. However, Cal and his assistants were making the rounds as they continued to try and determine who would get the elusive offers for 2010. At this point, Calipari and his staff are providing the most news by simply being everywhere. Folks at the event say that the staff is visible at virtually every major game and that the UK blue is possibly the most visible shade at the entire tournament. One person who is familiar with Cal told me, “he doesnt work for the sake of working on recruiting…but they know what they are doing and they do it well.” We are seeing that now.

(3): Calipari also took a break from his inspirational tweeting to ask the fans what they thought about two scheduling issues, both of which will come to pass eventually. He asked the fans what they thought about UK-IU moving back to Indy and Louisville and the possibility of playing West Virginia in Cincinnati. While asking the opinion of the masses via Twitter is a cool idea, ultimately it is likely that both of these suggestions are to be adopted. The move to home courts for the UK-IU game was an idea that I think eventually cost both schools money and will likely be abandoned very soon. As for the West Virginia game, there has been a lot of talk about creating a “third rivalry game” in which UK plays a group of teams, possibly including West Virginia, Cincinnati, Purdue or Notre Dame, on a rotating basis in a site away from the team’s respective home courts. I think that will begin next season at least (there is still one opening for a game this year) and West Virginia is likely to be the first opponent.

(4): Finally, all the talk among the recruiting folks is that despite public statements to the contrary, Brandon Knight is a heavy lean to UK. One of the national college basketball writers told Dustin today that he would be shocked if Brandon does not make the leap to UK and that it was all but certain where his college game will end up. Knight has the potential to be the 2010 version of the list that includes Rose, Evans, Wall, Knight, Gilchrist, etc, that could end up with a tradition of the best guard in each class playing for Calipari. I dont think UK fans will mind a bit with that reality.

One final word….we are sad to hear the news that John Clay’s father in law passed away today after a battle with pancreatic cancer. We are all John Clay fans here and we wish he and his family nothing but the best and all are in our prayers this day.

Article written by Matt Jones