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Jon Hood’s Father Responds to Internet Speculation


I received this email today from Jon Hood’s father, who was seeking to clear up some reports having to do with his son’s foot injury. Some internet and radio reports contained false information and this is intended as a response for the Kentucky Sports Radio fans:

To end some speculation and rampant misinformation: Jon has a stress fracture of his third metatarsal in his right foot. It happened during the Central game Thursday night and he thought at the time that he “tweaked it”. We didn’t have practice on Friday and he said it was very sore on Saturday after practice. Sunday he was very limited but continued to practice. Monday after practice it was swollen and Tuesday morning he went to the Doctor. At that time it was first diagnosed as a stress reaction and was put into a boot for precaution.

On Wednesday we were able to meet with a Specialist and also consult with other doctors. It was obvious to the specialist and the other 2 doctors that it was a stress fracture and it would require 4 weeks to heal. He was put into a different boot and started bone stimulation treatments immediately. There was no decision to be made. The doctors and the fact that Jon couldn’t put any weight on his foot while attempting to stand on his toes made the decision.

Neither Coach Cline or Coach Gillispie had anything to do with him being told to play or not to play. Reports to the contrary are blind speculation and totally irresponsible by the people purpetuating and spreading such falsehoods. Both Coach Cline and Coach Gillispie and his staff were totally supportive of the doctor’s decision and in no way tried to influence Jon or us one way or the other. Jon wanted to play. He tried to go until he was told that he couldn’t by three doctors. We waited to say anything until we met with the specialist and until I was able to consult with a doctor who is also a family friend yesterday. I hope this clears things up.

I was shoicked to hear some things that were said on the radio last night and figured I would attempt to let everyone know the truth so some people wouldn’t continue to blindly speculate and spread false information as fact. We’ve appreciated your support and look forward to it for the next four years. Thanks,.

Article written by Matt Jones