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Joker Phillips is getting paid

He’s been at Florida since early December but the details of Joker Phillips’ contract weren’t released until today.  According to’s Gator Nation, Phillips will make $265,000 per year over the next two seasons in Gainesville coaching the receivers and coordinating the recruiting efforts.  It’s a rather low number for his position on the staff, but keep in mind he is cashing checks from UK for the next two years on top of that.

Phillips will receive $1.7 million from UK while coaching at Florida next season, plus another $850,000 in 2014.  Add that all up and it’s somewhere around, let’s see, we’ll call it a lot of money.  Like, over $3 million.

And how weird is that picture?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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38 Comments for Joker Phillips is getting paid

  1. It's worth it
    8:47 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    I’d pay twice that to not have him here.

  2. Hey
    8:54 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    We’ll call it “theft by deception”?

  3. Mr. Obvious
    8:54 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Nice guy, tried hard, well worth the cost of getting a new coach @ UK!!!

  4. Eric K
    8:54 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Thanks Joker the Choker for running our football program into the ground! That photo SUCKS!! Now we have a REAL COACH! Can’t wait for football! GO CATS!!

  5. Dale Dix
    9:00 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    He’s not a good coach, UK football will be a force to be reckoned with, glad we have moved on.

  6. TCBMan
    9:03 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Is it any coicidence that Florida hires Joker and then gets their butts handed to them by Louisville. I think not.

  7. Cats in the NBA
    9:11 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Words cannot express how much I LOVE that picture.

  8. Wildcatsteeler
    9:12 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Barnhart has been great and throwing away UK money on terrible coaching decisions.

  9. Bunghole
    9:28 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    8) please feel free to elaborate? I’m pretty sure he’s done more positive than negative for UK

  10. Joker
    9:29 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    I didn’t win but I love kentucky, you will never love ky as much as me period

  11. Booger
    9:30 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Congrats joker. Take it easy and love being at a winner. Enjoy your 2nd ranked recruiting class!!!!

  12. UKBlue
    9:30 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    There was no dollar figure amount that wasn’t worth paying to get rid of Joker. Whatever the amount, is a small price to pay & the price we pay for getting rid of a problem, and as in coaching, business or life; taking care of & fixing problems can be expensive. If anything, we got off cheap, especially if it led us to landing Stoops. The present coaching staff at Florida won’t be round 2 years from now, so Joker is irrelevant.

  13. Dwoos
    9:31 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    #8 lives in a trailer

  14. Joker
    9:34 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    I got 3 mil over the next to years, ukblue if your so smart and know everything please tell me what you will be making in the next 2 years

  15. Joker
    9:35 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    I got 3 mil over the next 2 years, ukblue if your so smart and know everything please tell me what you will be making in the next 2 years

  16. Bubba Earl
    9:42 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    He essentially stole from the UK athletic department during his so called coaching career!

  17. Eric K
    9:47 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    #15 that’s pretty good but you better hold onto it because once the gaytors find out you don’t know anything about coaching they will Fire your ass! Than what you got? IN STOOPS WE TRUST!! GO CATS!!

  18. DoubleZeroMostel
    9:54 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    I’ll admit, I know NOTHING ABOUT FOOTBALL!!! I Still don’t understand the finer points of pass interference. Can I get this kind of money for failing miserably? I have no problem with running bubble screens for 3+ years and acting like I care. I like money…

  19. Joker
    9:55 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Eric the idiot, Lets say I get fired and used my degree to get a regular job. They pay me 50,000 a year for 8 years. So in 10 years I have made? 3.4 mil. So that’s more than your lifetime.

  20. TJ
    10:08 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    MF’er getting paid…damn

  21. BBB
    10:13 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    8) Everyone has bad coaching hires that don’t work out for whatever reason. The Filthy Cards have had their Ron Coopers and were Kragthorped a few years back. Joker has a good rep. They all did. Mitch gave us Joker and Billy…but he also gave us Cal and Stoops. Lets hope Stoops doesn’t turn into an OOPS and I’ll be right back here telling you all…..once again….that we should have hired Petrino when we had the chance….Charlie Strong won’t be at UL for long and Jurich knows it. Its a good bet Petrino winds up back with the filthy Cards. Hes a great coach that could have been had for a very right price. But I hope for the best with OOPS…Pardon me, Stoops. At least its interesting again.

  22. Eric K
    10:17 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    #19 yea keep telling yourself that, see what it get you! Not to many jobs out there for an out of work football coach! GO CATS!!

  23. squirrel
    10:25 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    why do universities allow themselves to be locked in to a good financial screwing whenever they decide to get rid of one of these coaches? stupid

  24. BC
    10:25 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Drew, he won’t make his Florida salary on top of the UK payoff. He will make the salary from Florida and the 1.445 mil from UK next year (the 1.7 mil less the 265k paid by Florida). That is the way the contract is written for the payoff.

  25. He deserves it
    11:09 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Joker deserves every last penny he gets. I hope he’s laughing all the way to the bank. The “joker took down the program” mentality just cracks me the hell up. About 65 years of bad football since bear Bryant left, 5 good years since Bryant left, and a football program with a below .500 record for its history and its ALL joker’s fault? I’ve heard it all…Claiborne, curry, mumme, Morris, brooks, and Phillips. And joker was the only one to leave with a losing record? Oh yeah, he wasn’t. Good luck stoops, hope you make it and do what no other UK coach has done since 1953. And if u don’t, you’ll have a bunch of a$$holes that never even played football tearing u a new one on a message board.

  26. CatGrad7072
    2:02 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    He looks just as lost wearing Gator garb on the sideline as he did as UK. Now, that’s consistency for you.

  27. UKkid
    2:31 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Just be happy with the excitement. There’s going to be A LOT to speculate over the next few months, and for sure over Stoops first season. I will be shocked if we win more than 4, and hope we win more than 2 next season. Stoops has never been D1 head coach, but does have a great pedigree, resume, and personal drive which makes me optimistic that he can succeed here. He’s got Ohio connections and shocking the hell out of me that recruits are even saying “neck and neck” or “slightly more appealing than” Alabama, Ohio State, and all the other programs that would never dream of having to compete with us in the past. We just have to stay positive through the transition because I think it’s gonna be tough, and at least three seasons before we start seeing real results. But as fans I think BBN has started in the right direction and that’s reserving almost 30,000 tickets to the spring game. We gotta show up, and support even though we won’t go immediately to the top like with Cal. Good recruits won’t invest in this dream if we don’t. I just like that Stoops honestly believes we can be a great program, I hope the fan base and university allows him PLENTY of time to grow into his position as head coach. And to help him, the BBN must be in full support.

  28. Kevin C.
    3:21 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    UK did what they had to do…just like with BCG. The real joke(r) is on Florida. I can’t wait to see our secondary victimize their receivers.

  29. kingrex
    4:09 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    He is at best a security guard at a strip club. I cannot believe he still gets to collect money from us. Ridiculous.

  30. Joker
    4:19 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Eric I’m making 275,000 at Florida, I’m not unemployed, dear Kevin c. You must be the dumbest person on earth, Florida 49 ky 10. It’s to easy

  31. ribin
    7:35 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Congrats to Joker – wish him well — some people aren’t ‘head coach’ material but worth a great deal in a supporting role (asst. coach, recruiting) — he’s in a position that he’s made for.

  32. Roland
    9:20 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Joker and His Golden “Big Blue” Parachute?

  33. Aja
    10:05 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Hopefully he will not be able to do for them what he was not able to do for us.

  34. Bill
    10:15 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    1.7 million plus 850 thousand………over 3 million……………………….not

  35. Mike and Ike
    10:19 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Keep trying Big Blew…maybe one of these years, you’ll be able to beat the Gators – haha!

    And don’t you know Choker will be more than happy to coach those Florida speedsters to run roughshod over your pathetic D…how ironic is that gonna be??!!

    10:59 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Living large!!!

  37. KyTom
    11:39 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    I LOOOOOVE that picture. Glad he isn’t wearing UK stuff.

  38. Help me
    12:16 pm March 2, 2013 Permalink

    His salary was available months ago. Old news!