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John Calipari talks with Seth Davis, World Doesn’t Know how to React

Seth Davis sat down with 11 college coaches recently to scout their upcoming seasons.  In actuality, Davis sat down with one coach, John Calipari, because the other 10 coaches don’t really matter so much.  And in reality, Davis didn’t talk to Cal as much as he sent him a note saying “Can we talk, check yes or no”.

We are getting off course, Davis asked Calipari about the possibility of being better this year than last.  Cal’s comments are interesting:

“Everybody is trying to say we’ll be better than a year ago,” he told me. “I’m like, are you out of your mind?”

So its clear that Calipari voted 2009-10 in our poll on the homepage. 

On a side note, Seth Davis is a tool. First of all, he calls both Josh Harrelson and Jon Hood “experienced”, showing he either has not researched the team AT ALL or doesn’t know what the word experienced means.  I think its likely both.  And then he made snotty comments about the eligibility of Enes Kanter, the inexperience of last years team, and whether one and dones are a good thing.

Essentially, Davis gagged up the same topics that every other national writer has been gagging up for the past 4 months.  Bravo to you are your Duke education Seth Davis.

Article written by Bryan the Intern