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Joel McHale’s Monday News and Views

jeol mchare

It never gets dull around these parts does it? What we thought would be a simple decision by a kid to play either at Washington or Kentucky became a weekend long drama that has seen more absurdity, “sources”, random insults thrown at each other from strangers and mentions of the name “Jones and Kentucky” that dont involve me than we could have imagined. At the front line of this storm is the University of Washington, which counts as one of its famous athletic alumni, the great Joel McHale. I have a very high standard for people that I think are genuinely funny. There are many who can tell funny jokes, read funny lines or simply write a funny post. But to be able to consistently make me laugh on a regular basis, well that is rare. Most of the people like that I either (a) ask to write for the site or (b) follow all of their work from afar. An example of the latter is McHale, whose work on “The Soup” is some of the best comedy on television. His gig, basically looking at what others are doing and mocking it, is the formula that we attempt to do here, but with less “For the Love of Ray J” and more “For the Love of John Clay.” McHale is great at the role and few know he actually played football for Washington for two years, where I am sure his skinny ties made him a hit in the lockerroom. My guess is that McHale spent the weekend eagerly refreshing “Washington Sports Radio” and hoping to get Terrence Jones to become the next Jon Brockman. But even if we differ on Terrence, I am still a fan and hope “Community” finds more consistency next year and hits the KSR DVR rotation.

To some notes:

— I have written that we dont know anything on Terrence Jones in more ways than should be legal. I am quickly despising this story as “what is Terrence Jones going to do” has become the standard Twitter/Facebook/Email/Text/Voice Mail that I have received this entire weekend. While my dream of seeing a basketball jersey with “Jones” on the back still lives on, the reality is that we know as little about the situation now as we did on Friday night. Here is all I can tell you. The folks at UK are still confident that in the end, Terrence Jones will find his way to Lexington. Beyond that, everything is a guess.

— The debate has raged as to the ethical questions about Calipari talking to Jones after the announcement. Washington fans are outraged and the hairs are being finely split, with most arguing over who called who to initate the conversation. Here is a hint…I DONT CARE who called who. Once again fans forget about who is the most important person in this whole scenario and that is the player himself. SHOULDNT HE GET TO GO TO SCHOOL WHERE HE WANTS TO GO TO SCHOOL? We always argue about who did what to who and illegal recruiting tactics and LOIs, etc and we forget the big picture. This is a 18 year old kid’s life and he is torn on whether to go far from home to school or stay close to his parents. What is wrong with him taking the time he needs and getting all the information? And yes, I think the same for Marquis Teague if Pitino wants to call him next week. This isnt about Washington, Kentucky, Calipari or Romar. These players arent pieces of property who schools get locked in and then “own” for their own uses. The should be about Jones and in the end, if he wants to have second thoughts, so be it.

— The other big story today was the extremely low UK team GPA, which started as a story in Lexington and then went national. I wrote my feelings about it earlier and as I stated then, I think this was a valid story. In general it seems that most UK fans agree and I am glad to see that. I have spoken with someone today who told me that they expect to see a marked improvement on team GPA in the second semester and they hope that when that occurs, it is reported with the same vigor and gets the same headlines. While I support Tipton and the LHL’s decision to publicize it today, I think that request is a fair one. We shall see what they do.

— My favorite part of Derby weekend next to the guy with the great toupee? The entertaining tweets from the UK players making the Derby rounds. Patrick Patterson and John Wall, who put on a great front of being calm and collected in the spotlight, turned into putty at the hands of famous beauties like Marissa Miller this weekend. After seeing fans nearly pass out at the sight of UK players at the Barnstorming event in Newport on Thursday, it is funny to see a similar reaction from the players about other famous people. We all have someone who can make us turn into a teenage girl around the Justin Beiber…for me it would of course be PM Dawn.

— Speaking of Barnstorming, the boys will be playing in Tell City, Indiana on Thursday as the second stop on the tour. It is 20 minutes outside of Louisville and the Seniors and Patrick Patterson will be there. Make your plans accordingly.

— Great news today about the futures of Micah and Dicky Lyons. Both will get their chance to make the league after having good mini camp runs in New York and Denver respectively. Dicky gets to go see Tim Tebow and Micah has a chance to try and make Tom Coughlin happy. Both guys have huge uphill battles to climb to make the league, but also have the work ethics to make it happen.

— Big ups to Gary Bitter and Griffin Hughes from Conner High School. Ladies, they are single and read KSR…what more do you want?

Some housekeeping things…first, we will have the uncensored podcast in the next two days. Our tech guy Hubby had a basement flooding issue this weekend and that has taken his focus. It should be ready (under a new iTunes subscription) by Tuesday. Second, this will be the “Summer of Change” at KSR with some big news coming in the next few weeks that will be exciting for us. We are moving towards the 5th anniversary of this site and what is to come is going to be great. May and June could be a bit bumpy as details get worked out for the new enterprises, so bear with us. But in the end, all will be good and we will announce the news as soon as we can. Finally, we are going to require registration for the comments section beginning at some point this week. We will likely clear all accounts and start over so we will have a couple of day where the comments sections will be slow. But in the end, this will make it better as it is clear that some simply cant help themselves but make the section unreadable at times.

More all day…if you are in Whitley County, wave at me as that is where I will be spending my Monday….

Article written by Matt Jones