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Jerry Tipton Blurs the Line Between Blog and Newspaper Again


I will start with a caveat. I think Jerry Tipton is a very good journalist. While I do think he is overly negative at times and likes to “fish” for a story, he nevertheless is a Hall of Fame member and a guy who has done a great job for a long time. Having said that, it is clear that Tipton has no love for this blog in general or me in particular. That is more than fine. But a large part of his reasoning for his problems with our site has been (both to me and others) that we arent “real journalists” and that we “print rumors and not news.” Fair enough….I am not a real journalist and we do print rumors. But to me, there is a place for both types of “news” agencies in today’s world and when newspapers realize that and embrace it, all will be better.

I say all of this just as a preface for the events that occurred this morning. Early this morning, Jerry Tipton broke the news that DeAndre Liggins was being released from his UK scholarship. Many, including this blog, cited Tipton for the news and the fact that Liggins was now gone. One problem however….that isnt official. While it is likely the case that Liggins’ career at UK could end and many (including this blogger) see him as the potential next exit, at this point Liggins is still a member of the team. Tipton filed his story incorrectly, the Big Blue Nation got into a fever pitch and then later he had to retract it, after it came out that Williams, Stewart and Carter were the three individuals leaving, not Liggins. If one were to have read this blog last night, they would have had the three names correct….if they read Jerry Tipton’s blog this morning, they would have had it wrong. Now which site is it that prints “rumors” and not “news”?

Now none of that is to say that this site, or any other, does not make mistakes. TCP reported that Billy Donovan was a done deal, TBK is now saying Pilgrim may leave after assaulting the character of all who previously disagreed and we still are amazed Jai Lucas didnt end up in Lexington. But all of these sites are looked at negatively to one degree or the other by the mainstream media. Why? Not because of the particularities of the sites, but because they arent “journalistic” enough for those in the industry. What Jerry Tipton showed today is that as the newspapers feel the heat from blogs, they have lowered their standards to fit the new age. Newspaper blogs print more rumors and less facts than ever before. That is fine and I am all for it, if that is what they want to do. But I hope today teaches us that the “journalists” are no longer high upon the hill looking down at us poor, miserable web types. They are part of us and are embracing what makes the web great. However in so doing, they should recognize that their call for special treatment should end.

Anyone can say, and has the right to say, who they think will or will not leave the program. But it doesnt take a journalist to be wrong….we bloggers can handle that ourselves.

Article written by Matt Jones