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Jeremy Jarmon Previews the Quarterbacks

Editors Note From Matt: We continue to be thrilled to have Jeremy Jarmon writing with us throughout this season. He is going to be breaking down each position on the UK team this year with the inside knowledge of a player who knows the guys well. This is his first entry and as you can see, Jeremy hits it out of the park. It was so good that we wanted to make it the night post for tonight:

University of Kentucky 2009 Quarterback Preview


*  Mike Hartline 6’6 214 lbs




Hartline will head into fall camp as our starter. He has had two fairly mediocre seasons, but finally he is ready for a break out season and leave no doubt in the minds of Kentucky fans that he has improved from last season. Mike has done all the right things throughout the offseason and the coaches are confident in his ability. His desire to get better is evident and his first test will be the first 15 days of fall camp. During this time span it will be crucial for Mike to get in sync with the offense and clear his mind of memories from last year. Several great plays during practices and scrimmages will give Mike the confidence that he needs to be effective in the SEC this year.  This is the year that Mike is set free from the criticism of some of the fan base and media.


*Randall Cobb 5’11


Cobb is the UK version of Kordell “Slash” Stewart. This guy can do just about everything asked of him. He was competing with me for my defensive end position going into this fall. I overheard L.V. Miles from Friday Night Lights say, “How ya’ll doin’ up there? Ya’ll doin’ all right? 18, Cobb, that’s my nephew out there. That boy can play some football. He can play left, he can play right, don’t make no difference. He can block, tackle, score the touch down, snap the ball, and kick the extra point. Hell, the boy will fill up the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog, and paint your back porch. I’m telling ya, the boy can plain outplay football. Okay lets get serious. Expect to see this guy come in and mix up the game plan.  He will be a wide receiver over 90% percent of the time and I really do not see that changing unless there is an injury to Hartline and neither freshman has progressed enough to warrant a chance to play. This past spring Coach Brooks and Coach Phillips implemented the “Wildcat Package.”  This will be exciting to see.  This may not be used much in the first game, but expect it to become the main way to keep defenses off balance as the season goes on.  When it is used, I expect around 10 plays per game. 


*  Will Fidler 6’4 216


Fidler has been showing coaches for about a year now that he is capable of leading the Wildcat offense.  The Problem is that Will does not have game experience.  Quarterback is such a crucial position, and it requires more than just skill.  Will let a year  pass before he decided he wanted to be the leader of the offense.  In the meantime, Hartline appeared to do everything that was asked of him.  Fidler has shown a great ability in practices and the spring game to lead the offense with his passing skills and scrambling ability. While Woodson was leading the offense, Hartline was relaying signals to Woodson for the next play along side Randy Sanders.  Fidler was not traveling with the team, learning the audibles, and seeing effective ways to manage a game like Woodson displayed. He was not on the field watching Woodson make great plays or learning from his mistakes.  This was huge. The chances are slim that we see Fidler receive a large amount of playing time because of the promising futures of the two freshman, quarterback standouts.

















*  Ryan Mossokowski


Moss has just been cleared from an off season labrum shoulder surgery.  It appears that he is healthy and ready to compete.  Most people have speculated that he will redshirt but only time will tell. If his arm strength is as advertised, he could be quite special. I am certain he was rated as having the 2nd strongest arm of all the Sr HS quarterbacks. Summer workouts are taking place and I can not wait to see how he is progressing from his injury. I had an opportunity to meet him last fall and he is a very intelligent and humble guy. Ryan needs to wear shades because his future could be very bright.


*  Morgan Newton


Newton is an all-around athlete. I would not be surprised to hear that this guy will be trying out for the UK Hockey Team. Once he finally stops receiving awards for having great character, academics, and athletic ability, he will finally be able to stay in Lexington. To be honest I thought he was already enrolled in the spring semester because he was in Lexington seriously about every weekend.  Great kid. I have really enjoyed talking to him over the past few months and even watching one of his games on ESPN.  It will be interesting to see if he can help us this year. With his athleticism, he will have a few positions that he could pursue if QB does not work out. This guy’s attitude is strikingly similar to that of Randall Cobb’s as a true freshman. He has the desire to play and contribute as a true freshman. That is evident based on the comment by him and his dad that they are coming to Kentucky to win NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. What a statement!!! This guy could find himself helping us by taking snaps in the “Wildcat Package” this fall at the very least or the most pending he does not redshirt.  He could be a X-Factor in deciding if Randall Cobb will be on the other end receiving the ball or throwing it this fall in the Wildcat Package.



NFL 2009 Supplemental Draft News


The trip to visit the Philadelphia Eagles went well.  I had a chance to meet with the owner, as well as Coach Reid.  I also met the position and coach and several players.  The program is very stable and the players appeared to be satisfied with the results of the Offseason Training Activities (OTA’s) I flew down to Birmingham to meet with Dr. Andrews yesterday. He performs physicals on the NFL Combine prospects. I have been receiving great feedback from many teams.  I will be returning to Lexington next month for my Pro Day on July 9th.  Once again the draft will be on July 16th.  I am currently working out in Nashville at D1. Despite having some former Vol players in the gym, it is a great place. The staff is great and they are thoroughly preparing me for my Pro Day.  You can visit the website at and gather information for yourself. There may be a facility coming to Lexington in the near future.  You can keep track of me via twitter (DoubleJJ99). 

Article written by DoubleJJ199

I am 21 Years Old. I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky. I grew in Memphis and I played football for the University of Kentucky. I recently graduated with my Political Science degree.