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Jay Bilas on why Kansas, not Kentucky, was featured on ’94 Feet’

With College GameDay in town, ESPN turned to their number one broadcast team to call last night’s game. Dan Shulman and Jay Bilas are arguably one of the best duos in the business. Their chemistry and knowledge of the game makes for an entertaining broadcast.

One of the major controversies of last night’s broadcast, was that ESPN and Bilas chose a Kansas player, not a Kentucky player, for his popular segment “94 Feet.”

This decision exploded social media. Why would they choose a Jayhawk to walk the storied floor of Rupp Arena for one of college basketball’s more popular segments?

Late last night, Bilas answered that question on Twitter:

While this answer did not seem to please fans, it does make sense. The entire point of the segment is to walk the floor that the game is being played on. Even if ESPN would have made the trip south to campus, walking the floor of Memorial or the Joe Craft Center would have not had the same impact.

Bilas also struck back at some saying that it should always be a home player saying:

The GameDay crew dropped multiple hints throughout the day that they will be returning to Lexington in three weeks for the monster matchup against Tennessee. If both teams win out until that point, we could be looking at a top 5 matchup in Rupp.

I guess all that we would ask is if someone from UK can get a player to Rupp to film the segment the day before.

Article written by Sam Gormley

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55 Comments for Jay Bilas on why Kansas, not Kentucky, was featured on ’94 Feet’

  1. shepdog3720
    5:07 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    A Top 25 matchup? How about a Top 10 or Top 5 matchup?

    • Skooms
      5:11 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly what I was thinking Shep! Miss State was a Top 25 matchup, KS a Top 10….win out and the TN game will be a Top 5 matchup. Thank you for losing today MSU, lol!

    • jsuge20
      6:17 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      they corrected it

    • shepdog3720
      8:25 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Good correction, because if both teams come into this without any additional losses, you may be looking at a potential Final 4 matchup.

  2. Le Docteur
    5:09 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Really? Then how come Bilas was going on and on about walking the Michigan State football field with Tom Izzo when GameDay is in East Lansing? Logistics. Riiiight.

    • 4everUKblue
      7:36 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Don’t think I’ve ever seen a comment by you where you weren’t criticizing Cal or the team, now you come on here and jump on the bandwagon. Sounds about right for some “practicing medicine”, let me know when you’re good enough to actually to be part of the starting line up.

  3. Rick_S
    5:10 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    “If both teams win out until that point, we could be looking at a top 25 matchup in Rupp.”
    The hell you say…hahaha

    • BlueDew
      6:58 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      So UK didn’t practice there Friday, you mean to tell me that ESPN wouldn’t contact the UK athletic office and request a named player be brought to Rupp to film that segment. That is bull $hit. He can give all the reason he wants, I won’t drink Bilas Kool-aide.

    • shepdog3720
      8:25 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink


  4. nbarks88
    5:11 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    If neither lose then it might be a top 5 matchup

  5. wkueku
    5:12 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Once again, bias toward UK. I bet the situation would have been different for other schools that the media adore….

  6. Luether
    5:16 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    My sources say this is much to do about nothing…

    • jahanc2uky
      5:33 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Jay Bias should not be allowed to do UK games. The bias he carriers towards another elite program is too much to ignore. I also blame him for destroying Gameday. Gameday sucks, from the puff pieces to the lame segments or overwhelming ACC attention, I would rather watch Stadium’s college basketball preview. ESPN needs to be reminded what markets watch the most college basketball and cater to the midwest more. Go get a younger, enthusiastic commentator and not a wanna be lawyer, who explains calls and gameplay, like the audience was full of a bunch of people beneath his intelligence level. Bias do us all a favor and quit ruining college basketball!

    • CatfaninCinci
      6:21 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      You must not remember Billy Packer or Hubert Davis…

      Bilas is a Godsend by comparison.

    • Tom Bombadil
      7:17 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Jahankadoodle shut the hell up dillweed! What a sucky comment, you know what? You suck jahank a doodle doo. Bilas comes and does the radio show every year.. and it is awesome radio.

    • satcheluk
      8:26 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Agreed. The whining is pathetic.

    • jimmer
      8:42 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Agreed Luether! “One of the major controversies of the broadcast…”. What kind of sensationalism is going on here? Move on.

    • jahanc2uky
      12:41 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

      Name calling… thats great.. way to take an opinion that is different from yours. Also, did not see where you were able to argue my points. Billy Packer and Huber are not on ESPN….

  7. Sam Gormley
    5:16 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Thank you all. I definitely did mean top 5 matchup. Finger must have slipped.

    • jahanc2uky
      5:39 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Arguably one of the best duos in the business?! What a suck up comment. Perception becomes reality and the perception UK fans have about this duo, is half the duo is very very bias. Ask the fans who they would rather have call a game and this duo is near the bottom. Bias sounds like a businessman trying to get across an agenda.

    • bigbluebanana
      6:11 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Settle down jahan, watch Shulman and Bilas call other games before you say stuff. I watched them call a dook game not long ago and Jay spent a solid 2.5 minutes of air time glorifying UK and Cal. They’re national media, not UK media, they’re not going to spend an entire game breaking down why UK is the greatest program if all time. Bilas played at dook, obviously he’s going to be slightly biased, but I watch him a lot, and I’m a fan of his, and he is nowhere near as bad as some UK fans make him out to be. Same goes for Dick Vitale and Dan Dakich. All 3 give UK tons of love, even in other games they call that we aren’t even playing in.

    • jahanc2uky
      12:50 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

      Now I do not watch other basketball games? If you disagree with my criticism that he praises Duke, WAY more than any other program, how about the other criticisms I have against his awful commentary? He is agenda driven, gives info not necessary, not very enthusiastic, his segments are lame/uninspired/uncreative, and he sounds pompous… I guess I am WAY off with my assestments, but give me Kennedy, Dakich, Vitale, Lawson all day compared to that puke.

    • mikeg84
      6:33 am January 30, 2019 Permalink

      @jahanc2uky —- absolutely you couldn’t be more wrong about Bilas. He gives UK major love and he certainly does not go out of his way to hype up Duke. He’s a funny dry humor kinda guy and has outstanding material and facts that you say he lacks. It’s funny when UK fans get butthurt the crap they spew about a specific broadcaster. Sometimes we have the biggest babies as a fan base that just can’t understsnd how UK got slighted “on 94 feet”

  8. Wade
    5:19 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    You mean a top 5 matchup in Rupp! Bilas go to the joe craft center, reach out to cal or Barnhart and take your ass down for 94 feet. We don’t give a crap about what you’ve done other places it’s disrespectful and you know it! Don’t matter if it’s a practice facility or not! Logistics my ass! I don’t even like him and jwill in our building doing game day and they do this. Ride a horse in and pick Kansas, talk about duke, and have a Kansas player do 94 feet on our court walking across our UK. Garbage!

  9. Kychopsticks
    5:31 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Just do two separate segements. One player from each team. Easy fix.

  10. joecatsfan
    5:48 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Jay’s justification is flawed – at the Maui Classic he did 94’ multiple times on the beach. I would think it’d be a lot harder to get equipment there than it would to the Joe Craft Center. Also, I think P.J. or Reid could have gotten a ride to Rupp to do the segment. Silly.

  11. michaelb
    5:58 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    That’s a silly reason , that’s exactly why the gameday show just sucks . It sucked in 2006, it has sucked historically. It’s just lame and puts uness pressure on things . I think them tools at espn should re-tool the whole thing (as far as the basketball side anyway ). The football version isn’t as stupid or silly as the hoops production . It may just need a new cast. They pick some doosh nozzles to do it since it started .

    • mrpokerchips
      6:16 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Vulgar, slang, pejorative) a rude, obnoxious, or contemptible 1) the underappreciated apparatus of douche that actually does stinky work.

  12. bigbluebanana
    6:11 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Are we really that upset about this? Really guys??

    • bluecrowe
      6:30 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      EXACTLY! It is a puff piece and it is utterly meaningless. For those of you who think Bilas is biased I think you are wrong. He has always said wonderful things about UK and Cal even while doing other games. Besides, I like having someone who can actually string thoughts together in a coherent structure.

    • dismore
      8:12 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Exactly bluecrowe. Three things: 1. People saying he’s biased are obviously wrong. He gives credit to UK a lot. 2. I enjoy a person that has the intelligence to string thoughts together as well. 3. The folks that are not intelligent thinks there’s pure bias and can’t understand an intelligent announcer. Lol

    • jahanc2uky
      1:00 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

      So because he gives credit to UK he is OBVIOUSLY not bias towards the ACC/Duke? He strimgs thoughts together, please give an example? lol, is your #3..

    • BigolBlue
      8:15 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Big Banana is the ksr sherrif. If you dont share his opinion you will know

    • bigbluebanana
      8:59 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      I mean, it’s not really being sheriff when you state facts man. Opinions are not the same as facts, I know a large group of this country has twisted that up lately. Bilas May be slightly biased towards dook, but he gives UK more than enough love. If you’ve watched any game he’s done this year, he’s done this same thing with other opposing teams, including at dook. Only reason you even chimed in here is because you want anything g out there that can fire up our fans and somehow make us complain about something and start fighting. Bigolblue, you have drawn the ire of most of us, 99% of people around here consider you an idiot at best, and 99% of those people take their time to actually call you on it. Everyone here makes fun of you and you’ve become such a pariah on this site that even other detractors and folks who don’t support Cal won’t even chime in to back you up. Do you get that? The target core that you’re trying to appeal to doesn’t even like you, nor are they willing to even speak up in your behalf when half the site makes fun of you. Even mashburnfan and combat medic are like “oh, not this moron again”.

    • Look Out Fireworks
      8:45 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Hey thanks for the input, BigolBlueBalls, maybe you should become a GM!!

    • 4everUKblue
      10:32 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Bigoldumbass/slater/combatmedic is a Gunnar Hoak trouser pilot with chapped lips!

  13. sincitycat
    6:16 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    I just glad I did not have to listen to Duke Vitale again!

    • Edgar
      7:24 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      The bigger question is, Why os the team not practicing and shoot-arounds at Rupp before games?
      Maybe this tram would shoot better if they weere more familiar with the arena?

    • bigbluebanana
      9:01 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      Edgar, they do have shootaround there on game days, they just don’t practice there in game days. ESPN couldn’t do a segment like this right before a game, or even a couple hours before the game, and still roll the segment.

  14. chardun20
    7:59 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    I like Jay a little less every year, in a few he will be unwatchable to me.

    • njCat
      9:11 pm January 28, 2019 Permalink

      Totally agree. With his forced superlatives and condescending style. I have to mute him during games.

  15. Parker_UKFanNC
    8:28 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    I could care less who he talks to. He may be a dookie but he’s a decent person and one of the better sports media members out there. Always enjoy when he calls games.

    • jahanc2uky
      12:53 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

      One of the better sports media members out there? Please elaborate. You enjoy when he calls games, because he gets the best games. Although he did nothing to earn them. I do not ever recall watching a game and saying, Im going to keep tuning in for Bias commentary.

    • Parker_UKFanNC
      9:23 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

      How on earth is he biased? Please elaborate. He’s one of the least biased commentators out there which is why I enjoy him. You seem to be the only asinine fool who thinks otherwise.

  16. ebow1
    8:33 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Bills was on the beach with Hashimura from Gonzaga! Logistics???? Couldn’t care less personally, but… cmon man!!!!!

  17. TheBIGGeez
    8:33 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    Sounds like some people just want something to complain about? KU got to walk the 94 feet, so what?!? UK won the game. Hagans was the better guard. Travis Reid would have been a nice pick for the 94 feet, but he didn’t. Bilas has in more recent time been more vocal in positive reviews for UK. The complaining is pointless and makes us look no better than my 2 year old toddler when she doesn’t get her way. If Bilas comes back to UK anytime soon, I would not fault him if he chose not to walk anyone from UK after all of the yammering on that we do as fans about such silliness. Again, did we win??

    • TheBIGGeez
      8:39 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

      To above, *Reid Travis, b/c undoubtedly someone who doesn’t agree with statement, will point out this for me.

  18. BluemanGreen
    8:43 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    ESPN tries to bait UK fans with things like this…I mean they road Jay Williams in on a friggin horse wearing a Kansas jersey for Pistol Pete’s sake!

  19. antiquefurnitureandmidgets
    9:11 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    We may be the whiniest fan base in America. It’s constant. I’d say it’s on the verge of being more annoying than ESPN discussing Duke. Seriously, stop being offended by every damn thing in the world. Gameday was here for pity’s sake. How much more love do we need?

  20. Matt10
    9:57 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    I don’t really care that they used a Kansas player but I was a little surprised and I quickly changed the chanel to not support it.

  21. steve simpson
    10:33 pm January 27, 2019 Permalink

    They brought a horse. I’m sure a player wouldn’t have been much trouble.

  22. jrdh13
    12:42 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

    Bilas and jay will also stated they thought UK was the best program of all time. I didnt like how KU was featured on 94 ft nor the JA segment with seth but who cares, still a hell of a day for recruiting basketball and football.

  23. kykid16
    8:12 am January 28, 2019 Permalink

    The horse segment was stupid! At least get someone not scared of riding a horse

  24. njCat
    9:21 pm January 28, 2019 Permalink

    Bilas was commenting on Dukes game tonight and said Tre Jones was the best defensive freshman in the country. Really Jay? Didn’t you just watch KY’s guards shut down Kansas’ backcourt while Ashton Hagans got his usual 3 steals? He’s definitely biased toward Duke, and his grand pronouncements are getting very hard to take. I watch every college football game day show but never watch these guys and their ridiculous shtick. That stupid shirt ripping by Williams? Seriously?