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Jamie Dixon Hates Me and Other Trip Notes


I just got done watching Tiger’s press conference and found it bizarre. He looked like a robot up there and seemed to have no human emotions. But now maybe we can all move on and worry about other things, like winning #8. A few notes for the day:

— Yesterday after the game, we attempted to do the reporting thing, with mixed success. As you can see on our Blog, Drew did a good job making fun of Buzz Williams’s press conference, but I had less success with my one-on-one interview with Jamie Dixon. After the game, the Pittsburgh SID arranged for me to talk with Dixon about his team, while Drew filmed it. As we walked to our secret location to tape it, I introduced myself and Dixon shook my hand and said, “oh dont worry, I know exactly who you are”, with some hint of disgust in his voice. It really threw me off and led me to have almost nothing to say except cliche questions about his team’s “toughness.” When it was over, he walked off and I was rattled.

How in the world would Jamie Dixon know anything about us or this site? I dont think Drew has ever photoshopped him in anything. I didnt blast him when UK considered him as a coach a couple of years back. I dont think BTI has done a dumb rant about him. The Jamie Dixon anti-Matt Jones feeling has left me baffled. That might be reason for another roadtrip.

— The folks at Vandy continue to tell me that the place is rocking, getting ready for Saturday’s big game. It has been called the biggest Vandy game in decades and will be Dick Vitale’s first visit to the school in ten years. I am told that it is the “toughest ticket ever” and that fans are frenzied getting ready. That will make it only even sweeter when they go down and go down hard.

Drew Franklin almost didnt get into the game last night. Well sort of…he got in at first, but then left his camera in the car. So when he walked back out and tried to return, the security people thought he had forged his press pass and would not let him in until there were 8 minutes left in the game. I dont think that has ever happened to Dick “Hoops” Weiss.

We will have more going all day. The CBS Blog has more stories from the trip, the hottest Marquette fan we encountered and our journey to Northern Iowa. Look for UK press conference notes coming in a bit. Iowa here we come!

Article written by Matt Jones