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James Gammons’ Tuesday Notes


Getting a late start on this so we have to make it rather quick. But we cannot forget the news of the passing of James Gammon, the great manager from “Major League.” For anyone of my generation, “Major League” is a classic and one from which we can all quote lines by heart. While the show is stolen by Bob Uecker, who became a legend simply by making jokes from the Broadcast booth (if you havent said, “JUST A BIT OUTSIDE” at some point in your life, then I dont know you), Gammon also was very funny in the movie as well. His bushy moustache was a show stopper and he was given a couple of very good lines, especially early in the movie during their “terrible” phase. While Uecker, Wesley Snipes, Charlie Sheen and Corbin Bernsen were better known (yes kids, there used to be a star named Corbin Bernsen), Gammon was a solid role player, worthy of a tip of the cap. He was 70 years old.

Some notes:

— The Hall of Fame class for Kentucky Athletics was announced today and was headlined by the addition of Tayshaun Prince. I have long made the case that behind Mike Pratt and Tony Delk, Prince is the next Cat who should have his jersey retired and with the new system in place, that will be available in 5 years. Prince was joined in the class by Mike Casey, an honor that was also very well deserved and Billy Ray Lickert, an often forgotten player from UK’s great history. Also joining the list are golfer Steve Flesch (who once taught a young Matt Jones how to swing at a golf camp), Nancy Napolski Johnson from the rifle team and Valerie McGovern Young from the track and field squad. It is a great group and they will be honored at the Western Kentucky game.

— Calipari announced today that each of the first year NBA Draft picks will have their own day at his Pro Camp, with Demarcus Cousins coming on July 29, John Wall on July 30 and Eric Bledsoe on July 31. I spoke with Cousins and Wall in Vegas about returning and both said they were looking forward to getting back to the Bluegrass. If you have the opportunity to go to the camp, it should be a star-studded affair. Boogie even said he wanted to do a KSR podcast on the trip, but that would be good to be true, so I will assume it wont happen until it does. I cant risk getting my hopes up.

— Lots of feedback today on the story of Darius Miller and the tweeting of language. Most agree that the overreactors did in fact overreact and Miller tweeted late in the day that he was fine and people didnt need to worry about him. Perry Stevenson also got in on the fun by tweeting that Darius would “never change” and then saying he was speaking in a “Billy G voice.” The Prairie Dog doing a Billy Clyde impersonation makes me laugh.

— If you havent seen it yet, check out this piece in the NY Times about David Lee, the former Florida Gator star who was part of Billy Donovan’s early good teams. Lee is universally considered to be a good guy and the story recounts his decision to go back to New York even after being traded, in order to represent the team after the death of a security guard who worked in Madison Square Garden. Lee seems like a class act and the article is a great read.

— I keep getting asked about the broadcasts of the Summer games in Windsor for the Cats. We wrote earlier that as of now, the plan is still for the radio broadcasts to go off on the Big Blue Network and there is hope for television as well, although that still has not been finalized. So unless the NCAA steps in and puts the clamp down on it, there should be coverage….at least as of last week.

— Expect to see a new #1 in the 2011 basketball recruiting rankings from at least some of the services. Many think Anthony Davis Jr could end up there very soon….that would drop Mike Gilchrist, a UK commit for another person who is a likely UK commit. Nothing wrong with that.

Enes Kanter is good….if it seems like I write that every day, it is because someone who has seen him play tells me every day. Got a long text message from an individual who saw him last week and raved the entire time about his performance. Just wait….

— Beginning next week, KSR will be ramping up its football coverage as we get ready for the opening of fall camp. Duncan Cavanah is contributing bi-weekly articles and we will have more features coming as well. Everyone knows we do a lot of basketball here, but the football needs will still be met when there is more to cover. Below is a Youtube FOOTBALL STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING VIDEO which showcases a bit of what the football team has been doing:

Finally, a certain big time KSR writer (known far and wide as the Beez) is in the marketing/business development field and we need to get him back to Kentucky so that he can contribute more on KSR podcasts, the new tv show and other soon-to-be announced endeavors. He is actually bizarrely good at what he does, so he wants to keep doing it, but we need him in Kentucky as well. To make that happen, he needs a career move here….if anyone knows of openings out there at their company where they can use a Beez, email me. Its worth a shot and will make KSR much better having Beez actually in this state.

More all day…..

Article written by Matt Jones