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Its Time to Dream….


As I watch the Cats impressive victory on Saturday night against the Hogs, a number of thoughts ran through my mind. First, I believe the talent on offense is as good at Kentucky now as in any time in my life and contends with the late 1970s Curci teams for most talent ever at the University. Second, I am REALLY upset I let folks talk me out of going to the game…..being in Fayetteville last night, while likely dangerous for my health, would have been a lot of fun. Finally, it occurred to me……folks its time for the UK fans to start dreaming.

Being a Kentucky football fan isnt easy. Generally you know from the day of the opening kickoff, that there is no chance for an SEC Championship and that being a contender in the conference race is the longest of long shots. But what about now? Why cant we dream a bit? I mean lets not go crazy or anything, but why dont we acknowledge at least the POSSIBILITY of a few things…..

(1) Next week the Cats play Florida Atlantic. While this could be a trap game, chances are the Cats will come through and open up the season 5-0….a record that in and of itself is worthy of praise.

(2) Then comes South Carolina. Now I acknowledge this game, on a Thursday night in Columbia, with the students as drunk as can be imagined and louder than a Rosie-O’Reilly debate, is a longshot. But think about this for a second….we will get the Louisville treatment by ESPN, but with an SEC-caliber game. Thursday night, Cats undefeated….Ol Ball Coach talking trash…..the game will get a lot of hype and be the topic of conversation on Sportcenter and PTI leading up to the contest.

(3) OK, lets say that somehow, someway, we win the game…..maybe a bit of a stretch, but not crazy. Then on October 12-14, the greatest weekend in Lexington history could take place. Midnight Madness with Billy Clyde, Keeneland with all the beauties, Cats-LSU…..and (dare we say it) Gameday possibly on site? If both teams are undefeated, the Cats could be in the Top 12…..why not? Add into it, my man Bomani Jones doing an story on the greatest college sports weekend of the year, the White Castle challenge at the pre-game tailgate and my bar results coming in…..and well, it could be quite the weekend.

(4) Now we cant beat LSU…even I am not that kind of dreamer. But is it impossible to think that the next week we could give Florida a run? Maybe they throw up a lousy performance, Tebow gets distracted by the ladies or his roommate’s kisses…..or Urban Meyer gets pass happy and plays into our hands. Why cant we win this game? And if we do, what a statement that can be nationally….

(5) If Florida is miraculously beaten, then Kentucky could (GASP) control its own destiny in the SEC East. Beat Georgia on the road (not an easy task in the least) and take out Tennessee (this is the year) and all of a sudden…..could it be….the Cats could be in the SEC Championship game…..are you serious?

(6) Based on all the hype and the national media glare, Andre Woodson gets invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony…..Rich Brooks in the crowd…..Ashley Judd doing the introduction…..Kentucky Sports Radio live on the scene…..come on, it doesnt get better….and with the Brohms and McFadden’s losing….could he even have a shot at winning it?

Now this is of course all highly unlikely. But is it impossible? I dont think so….this team CAN do it…..and whether it happens or not, what is exciting is that it is not simply a pipe dream that it COULD happen. Go ahead and play spoil sport and tell me that the Cats have no chance against this team or that, might get upset by Vandy or dont have the national spotlight enough for the dreams to become reality. But I aint listening. This is Kentucky football…..and for the next ten days, I am going to enjoy the richness of possibility. Cat Fans its time to dream big…..if not now, when…..and if not us, who?

Now if Louisville will just quit screwing up our BCS standings…..

Article written by Matt Jones