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It’s National Ice Cream Day which means we need to talk about Rupp Arena Ice Cream

Happy National Ice Cream day folks! If you’re reading this, I hope you got a scoop and a cone of your favorite ice cream today.

If your favorite type of Ice Cream is Rupp Arena Ice Cream, and you look at it the same way Dan Schulman does in this picture, I just want to go ahead and apologize for the next few paragraphs.

Over the last few years here at KSR and amongst the BBN, there has been an on-going debate about Rupp Arena Ice Cream. I think we all level with the fact that Rupp Arena Ice Cream is objectively good. It’s ice cream for Heaven’s sake. But, to my Kentucky fans who have tried Rupp Arena ice cream and stated that it was the best Ice Cream anywhere, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s just not.

This past season I went to Rupp Arena as a fan for the first time in a few years. Without a doubt, the first time I had been there since the debate began. So of course, I decided to get a cone because just like a hot dog at a baseball game or an ALE-8 and Bourbon at a Kroger Field tailgate, it’s the thing to do.

I have to say I side with Drew’s post from 2016.

Rupp Arena ice cream is overrated. Yeah, I said it.

Again, the Ice Cream is good, but it’s not worth the hassle. Every game there’s a line that you have to wait in at least 10 minutes to get the thing, then once you get to take the first lick of bite depending on how you eat your Ice Cream, you will realize it tastes literally like every other ice cream you can get anywhere.

Whitaker Bank Ballpark ice cream is better.

Dairy Queen ice cream is better.

Sonic ice cream is Better.

Even the Burger Barn in Irvine, Kentucky has better ice cream (who up 606).

Again, it’s fine; it’s Ice Cream. But the fact that we’ve made Rupp Arena Ice Cream the *thing* to do in the home of the most prestigious college basketball program in history is a shame.

If you have never had a taste of Rupp Arena Ice Cream, I won’t begrudge you for waiting in line to try it. You should try it for yourself, but you will be severely disappointed with the taste after the amount of cash you fork over and the 10-minute wait.

Rant over. Enjoy a nice cone from any of the places above on this hot summer day.

If you would like to discuss, feel free to @ me on Twitter: @BrentW_KSR

Article written by Brent Wainscott

Twitter: @BrentWainscott_

13 Comments for It’s National Ice Cream Day which means we need to talk about Rupp Arena Ice Cream

  1. Harlanian
    7:28 pm July 21, 2019 Permalink

    And Burger King has better salt than Dairy Queen. I may be a bit apathetic, but I don’t care.

  2. Mad Max
    7:50 pm July 21, 2019 Permalink

    Must be a slow news day…

    • Ridge Runner
      8:21 pm July 21, 2019 Permalink

      Actually this site has done this periodically for years. Just fun and/or crazy out of the blue stuff is what it’s known for occasionally.

    • Brent Wainscott
      8:21 pm July 21, 2019 Permalink

      …it is

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:48 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

      Start your own blog, Max.

  3. Ridge Runner
    8:19 pm July 21, 2019 Permalink

    Taste tests and statistics aside, it’s friggin Rupp Arena ice cream for crying out loud. It’s the best because of where you get it here at our home arena. Don’t evaluate it – Celebrate it.

  4. scwhite9
    7:02 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

    It is ice cream. It is great. I don’t know if it is worth a 10-minute wait; but, it is still very good.

  5. Wes Mantooth
    7:10 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

    You have no business posting on this site

    • Dairy Queen All American
      7:40 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

      I agree Wes. You don’t endear yourself to the fanbase by going after something that the fans enjoy at Rupp Arena. The grammar was awful in this post. Kid, you don’t start a sentence with but.

  6. ukbradstith
    9:13 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

    Starting a sentence with but is proper grammar if it’s a complete sentence. In this case it is. Google is a wonderful thing if you have more questions.

  7. Fly Cat
    9:16 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

    If the hidden purpose of this article was to make folks crave ice cream. Congratulations.

  8. antiquefurnitureandmidgets
    9:29 am July 22, 2019 Permalink

    Someone had to say it. It’s soft-serve ice cream. All soft-serve ice cream is good. There’s nothing special about it. And there’s no concession item at Rupp that’s worth waiting ten minutes.