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It’s Finally Gameday Links

It seems like this week has taken far longer than the entire season up to this point had. In a few short hours these guys will be playing in the biggest basketball game in the history of the state. Expectations are high, but for all outward appearances they seem cool, calm and collected. Let’s hope six o’clock gets here as soon as possible.

– For some reason, there are a lot of national journalists in New Orleans writing roughly the same five stories. Here’s one on why Kentucky will win that I particularly like because not only will it tell you why Kentucky will win, it seems like it was written for a person who woke up this morning and said, “Today I will watch basketball. Better get caught up on all the basic information without any real depth.” Anyone like that reading now? This is for you.

– Here’s that story about Anthony Davis’ high school growth spurt. This story is great because it gives some background on Davis’ high school that I wasn’t aware of, like the fact that his school didn’t even have a gym. Davis went there for its 95 percent college placement rate. How many other player of the year candidates can say that about their high school?

– Another popular profile subject is Darius Miller. It’s interesting to get perspective from outside Kentucky on his situation because something like losing his starting job didn’t even register with me as a big deal. He’s our sixth starter and he has been all season. However, national media types don’t think like we do. This is a good look into what Darius is going to bring from the bench tonight.

– It’s easy to get lost in the hoopla of desperate scribes trying to get page hits with a little Calipari bashing. However, in this interview with Steve Kerr, the former Bull ain’t gonna playa hate. While Kerr insists that it would benefit ever player to stay in school, he asserts that Calipari is playing within the rules of the system and doing it better than anyone else.

– Speaking of the draft, Fox Sports has a very high opinion on the eventual landing spots for the top six in our rotation. It includes a nice little breakdown of everyone’s game and what they’d provide on an NBA roster.

– I’ve saved the worst for last. Normally I wouldn’t link something like this, but I want you to read it. I want you to read it and get angry. Bill Plaschke, who you may know from Around the Horn, grew up in Louisville and provides the perfect example for why Kentucky fans dislike U of L fans. The article starts with this line: I am from Louisville. I am not from Kentucky. It’s a disgusting piece, but I want you to read it and I want you to think about tonight.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready. Is it gametime yet?

Article written by Matthew Hays

55 Comments for It’s Finally Gameday Links

  1. Surgeon Michael
    10:02 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    It is gameday! I believe I am the primero to comment.

  2. Ridge Runner
    10:03 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Well…1 KSR writer woke up…lol

  3. Ridge Runner
    10:08 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Hey, who’s that 5th grader wearing number 5?

    Oh….never mind.

    Today we spank the Cards (again).

  4. Ridge Runner
    10:16 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Can ya imagine waking up…messing around after a grueling basketball schedule, make a few texts, decide on who ya might want to take out on a date Friday night, check in with a couple of team mates…..and then say…..ah hell, I think I’ll go steal a taco.


  5. LA Times
    10:18 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I sound whiny and jealous just like a typical UL fan. Little Brother is out in force! I think UL is on an even playing field with UK, despite the modern dominance of UK under Pitino in the 90’s and Calipari today, because I refuse to accept reality.

  6. thegoosewasgolden
    10:19 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    80 minutes to glory…

  7. PhilCC
    10:19 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    More media drivel from Bill P. taking a cheap shot at UK, it is not 1955 or 1966. History is what it was not what it is now!

  8. BlueMist
    10:20 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    ridge runner, i know. isn’t that most out of nowhere act the Florida player could have done. we all make mistakes but that is strange.

  9. A UK fan
    10:21 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Plashke is a douche and I hope he cries in his mint julep after we kick their tail today

  10. Cardsux
    10:21 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Good morning people of Kentucky. Welcome to Thunderdome. Two teams enter, one team leaves.

  11. wow
    10:24 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Adam Lefko was just on local espn radio. He said he and matt jones were our last niht. Jones was stunned that there were way more uofl fans than uk fans. I am surprised as well.

  12. T Foul
    10:29 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Guys – any way you guys could post some links to some UK mix videos? Used it last year to get pumped up for the games. GO CATS!
    We Love and miss you Mr. Bill.

  13. Ridge Runner
    10:30 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    11…I just have to wonder that due to our fans traveling to Atlanta and now to New Orleans, that the majority arrived yesterday and got some rest. After all, we will plan to be in that town all weekend. Loserville fans got a Christmas present just to be there and made the one trip down there, early. I hear ya…but it’s not as surprising if ya think about it.

  14. catincarolinahell
    10:31 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Bill Plaschke is an elitist, bigoted troll.

  15. Ridge Runner
    10:32 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    9 & 14…plus, he sux…….too.

  16. bluefan
    10:33 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    That’s okay, Mr. Plaschke, I’m a Kentucky Wildcat Fan living in a city that doesn’t exist.
    Go CATS!!!
    Two more.

  17. Stephen
    10:33 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Did I read that right? Did Plaschke write that whole article gushing about the team that shall not be named, only to say that he put money on UK in all of his racket pools? Man, that Cardinal blood runs deep…

  18. Ozzy
    10:35 am March 31, 2012 Permalink


    What a tool!

  19. Kim
    10:37 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    RIP Mr. Wildcat, Bill Keightley. I know you will be watching from heaven tonight. Let’s do this CATS!

  20. Apeate
    10:37 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I hate it when foreigners try to write about Kentucky basketball.

  21. Bob Knight
    10:37 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Who does Bill Plaschke think he is?! I’m the most ignorant sports analyst when it comes to the University of ____________ Basketball, everyone knows that. Now I have to one-up his stupidicy. That team from the SEC isn’t good, has no good history and has a cheating coach, terrible freshman, and taco-stealing seniors, the NCAA should ban them for life for not being more like the glorious Indiana University.

  22. Bender
    10:40 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    In hindsight I wish I hadn’t read the Plashke article. One quote from him “Experts say Kentucky fans are the best in the country, I say they are among the most insufferable”. I had the privilege to work in an environment that was majority Cardinal fan’s several years ago. If he wants to talk about insufferable, how about the arrogance of Louisville fans. On casual Friday when they would wear their game jerseys, with The Ville across the front, they made sure you understood in their minds they were the superior program. As the old saying goes; never debate the ignorant because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience everytime.

  23. Ridge Runner
    10:43 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    22…nicely stated.

  24. Ridge Runner
    10:48 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    My fellow Blue Bloods… Some may like this to give you an idea of the plans for fans spread across the blue nation & outside of the commonwealth -where many of us have had to leave due to work.

    In Georgia, we have a wildcat club that has rented a rec center between Atlanta & Augusta. Large Screen TV, small bar, catered food, decorated in Blue/White of course…and we have now 192 confirmations of UK fans to attend this evening. I am sooo excited. No, its not like being in New Orleans or even inside the state of Ky with many of you….but rest assured, we will be screaming and hollering our heads off from this part of the world tonight. Just thought ya might want a glimpse of this. Go Cats!

  25. bluebayou
    10:49 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I hate when people cry about prejudice and bias while being that way themselves Call us Hillbillies and rednecks what a slap in the face to those who worked hard to put their kids through UofK One question are we rich elite or poor hillbillies they can’t seem to make up their minds

  26. Mater
    10:52 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    When I was at UK there was one particular ahole who said stuff that still gets to me 20 years later. He was from Louisville.

    At the job I had during the summers and on the weekends that paid for my tuition, there was one particular person who was really intolerable to be around. He was from Louisville.

    Not saying that all people from Louisville are bad people but I have had some memorable experiences.

  27. Plaschke
    11:03 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Perhaps he is also upset because we beat Baylor, where he reportedly (according to Wikipedia) spent his freshman year. Then he went to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. (Ugh, I hate citing wikipedia, so I hope it’s correct.)

  28. gottodoit
    11:03 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Plashke: His article starts with this line: I am from Louisville. I am not from Kentucky.

    I am from Kentucky, not Louisville. By the way, who is Plashke anyway?

  29. crazycatfan
    11:05 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    The story from Bill P. is just ridiculous!!! I am a DIE HARD KENTCUKY FAN, but have very best friends that are die hard UL fans. We all cheer for our respective teams, but also for the other … unless we are playing each other. I’m sure my friends will be cheering for the Cats on Monday!!! GO CATS!!!!

    Bill’s parents obviously didn’t teach him to “Love Thy Neighbor”. What an idiot!!!

  30. Polygamist Weezer
    11:07 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t be fooled, this isn’t Bill Brasky. This guy is a blasphemer.

  31. Plaschke Article
    11:08 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Please, don’t read that article. It made me so angry that I wanted to cry. Seriously. I just spent 20 minutes typing out an email to him (which I sent) about how I hoped that didn’t represent how the majority of Louisville people feel about “country” folk because for all his talk about Louisville being “tolerant” that might have been the most hateful, judgmental thing I have ever read. This is coming from someone who actually LIKES the city of Louisville, by the way…

  32. Bender
    11:08 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Thanks for the compliment Ridge Runner. My wife worked to put herself through UK as well as my son. And yet Plashke didn’t attend either UK or UL. I find it amusing how so many fans of other programs want to compare themselves to UK by using segments of time, in Plashke’s case the last 32 years. They default to this tactic every time because their argument loses all merit when comparing the overall history and accomplishments of each program.

  33. QuickyRicky
    11:09 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Just shot an email to Mr. Bill, I think every blue blood should do the same. Let him know how you are going to pass the time before the game, I’m reading the Karen Sypher story. Just overflow his inbox.
    Also point out his math skills, UK and ULol do have the same # of titles over the last 32 years, but UK has twice as many titles as ULol in the past 16 years. Just sayin.

  34. UKCourt44
    11:09 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I really hate this article and for two reasons. One, he doesn’t know Kentucky fans/students at all. Most of the students at UK are not spoiled little rich kids, they work their butts off and our fans are hard workers as well. And two… Uof L fans are all ridiculous. You all talk about how you’re these huge fans and you have all this confidence in your team. But at the end of the day, you’re hitting the back space on your computer. You’re calling your team “little brother” and saying being realistic means you’ll lose. Heck, even pitino said “if we don’t bring it back, I hope they do”. Meaning, your coach doesn’t even have faith in the team to win. Yet, you walk drive around with your ugly cardinal deck out cars, throwing up your louisville hand sign and carrying your thuggish, non classy, “we’re so sure we’re going to win” attitudes.

  35. macon_volfan
    11:09 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I think many non-UK fans think UK fans are insufferable. Yes, UK is historically great. Yes, UK is great this year. But it doesn’t mean that UK is ‘better’ in any general sense or the word, or that non-UK fans aren’t allowed to cheer for their team, or be against UK, or anything like that. I believe that is why many consider UK fans to be insufferable. I was almost run over crossing Broadway going to class at Transy in 1999 after UT swept UK in basketball and I was wearing an orange shirt. The driver made no attempt to slow down. After I jumped onto the class side sidewalk, he slammed on his breaks, rolled down his window and yelled “CAAYTS!”

    So I, too, think some UK fans are quite insufferable. I also married a into a UK fan family. They’re great. Generalizations are dangerous, and people tend to be jerks on the internet. It’s the society we live in. I love this site, and have been here since day one, but sites like this add to the demagoguery of fandom and lower the general discourse that we should have in this society.

    Plaschke is entitled to his opinion. He’s not a bad person, shouldn’t be punched, shouldn’t be threatened. He wrote an article explaining HIS perspective on the UL/UK rivalry. I’m sure many of you disagree, but it doesn’t make his opinion any less valid to him or others with similar experiences.

  36. People, don’t give that guy a hit on his page! It isn’t worth wasting your energy on a liberal elitist clown like that. Enjoy this day!!! Sports are supposed to be fun! (when we win, of course:-) )

    24, I wish I was at a BBN gathering! I’m in Bama and watching from home but my heart will be in Lexington and New Orleans simultaneously!

    GO CATS!!!

  37. Jimmy Dykes
    11:15 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Ooh I see why Billy P. wrote that article. My friend.. CARDS are RED, CATS are BLUE. CATS have 7 and the CARDS have 2… Maybe Plaschke needs a tissue ?

  38. 35, point well taken, and what happened to you is WAY beyond the pale of decency, but it still sounds to me like Plaschke is just as prejudiced toward what he perceives to be hillbillies as some whites are toward black people, yet for many on the left, that’s somehow no big deal.

  39. BTW, not trying to start a nerd fight…I’m gona enjoy the day and I’m not reading any negative stories…point blank period!!!


  40. Calcat
    11:18 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I thought his comment that UK fans would have a “knife in the other hand” was completely off-base, and borderline libelous. That is the first time I’ve heard of a UK fan described within the context of a street gang. Ridiculous. If anyone could be described in that context, it would be UL, and not UK.

  41. bluefan
    11:22 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    KSR, PLEASE wake up and post. I need new stuff to read!!!!
    Go CATS!!!
    Two more.

  42. macon_volfan
    11:24 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    #41-he didn’t say UK fans had a knife, he said that the ‘county man’ on the KY flag had a knife in his left had. To deny there’s a difference between the city of Louisville (and to some extent, Lexington) and the rest of the state is folly. Many states (like my current state of Georgia) have similar ‘rifts’ between the city and the country. When I lived in Illinois, I hated the ‘Chicago’ mentality of dealing with the state. It really was like Chicago and the rest of the state were two different states.

  43. macon_volfan
    11:26 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    here’s an interesting article that has to with an actual important issue, the economy. (from the liberal NYTimes, so beware)

  44. UKCourt44
    11:31 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    this is a sports site… not about economics. GO CATS!

  45. Calcat
    11:32 am March 31, 2012 Permalink


    While what you say may be true, I’ve never spent a lot of time dwelling on differences between country and city, so it’s really a level of hate that I haven’t ever considered, even though I grew up in a rural area of Kentucky. And it seemed to me to be a strong suggestion from him that UK fans (maybe representing “country”?) would carry a knife? Do you agree that he is suggesting that?

    If so, I think it’s a crappy comment to put in a nationally recognized paper. I actually live in Los Angeles, and I hope none of my coworkers read this and think I’m a bad person based on the vitriol of a stupid man given license to write this filth.

  46. Big Blue 66
    11:33 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I dont care about jealousy, I dont care about individual cat fans showing aggression towards other fans……..and neither does this game tonight. None of that has anything to do with our talent against UL, our excution and our adjustments. Cats by 12….ooooohhhhhh C A T S Cats Cats Cats

  47. Cardsux
    11:33 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Good morning people of Kentucky. Welcome to Thunderdome. Two teams enter, one team leaves.

  48. jhn
    11:39 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    That Plashke pieces doesn’t bother me, with the possible exception of the characterization of UK students spending their “Daddy’s money.” That certainly wasn’t my experience at UK or that of the vast majority of UK students I knew- in fact it was more the opposite. But, as a UK grad and fan who lives in Louisville, I always get upset at Kentucky fans from elsewhere who deride not only the University of Louisville, but the city itself. Plashke is just doing the same in reverse.

    The truth of the matter is, generally speaking, the majority of UL fans live in an urban area, and the majority of UK fans don’t. I don’t know why that causes so many problems for a portion of each fan base, but for some reason, it does.

  49. Beavis
    11:43 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Unfortunately,,,,I read the article. Sad to see the Times print such dribble. So,,,I guess he thinks by moving from Louisville ,Kentucky to L A he has somehow enriched his mind. After reading his article,,,,I will just stay put here in Kentucky because it looks like every mile you venture outside the state,,,,you get dumber by the mile. Wow,,,,from Louisville to L A,,,,how many miles is that ???

  50. rae
    11:48 am March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I got trampled by a lot of red here in the student line. Since the buckeyes gave us water, I’m going to assume the obvious.

  51. catfan
    12:31 pm March 31, 2012 Permalink

    macon_volfan: The action you had to avoid coming from a UK fan is beyond stupid. Unfortunately, that stupid stuff is in all fan bases IMO. BP certainly has a right to his opinion even if that opinion is wrong in the eyes of wildcat fans (mine included) and has the right to express without fear of retailiation.

  52. Keri
    1:26 pm March 31, 2012 Permalink

    Had to comment. I’ve put up with Plaschke’s drivel for almost 20 years in LA. (Moved there from Ashland in 1995. Guess you need to live in Kentucky longer than 18 years as he did to keep from becoming an a-hole.) I met his brother Bradley (who he mentioned) watching a UK game in the Bay Area. Nice, rational, fun. I posted a comment that “mean, stupid and small” summed up the article perfectly. And, it was obvious – he is from Louisville – NOT Kentucky.

  53. merebh2
    3:36 pm March 31, 2012 Permalink

    An email I sent to the esteemed Mr. Plashke:

    Dear Mr. Plaschke,

    I have attended the University of Kentucky for four years now and have worked 15-20 hours a week every semester to help pay for my tuition. My brother attendes the University of Louisville and hasn’t payed a cent for tuition because of scholarships. “Daddy” does not pay my tuition, I work my ass off and have accrued almost $20,000 in student loans to pay my tuition. There are kids at every university in the US who’s parents pay their tuition, including Louisville, perhaps if you went to one of these two universities you’d be a credible source to talk smack. My brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law are Louisville fans and we can, believe it or not, stand to be around each other, I am not disgusted by them. Thanks for making our state look like a bunch of redneck hicks who are still carrying on the tradition of the Hatfield and McCoys you LA Elitest piece of garbage. Congratulations, you have just disowned everyone in your home state. Look out for our “left hands” when you come back to the country, because country folk are always looking to stab all ya’ll city slickers.

    Go Cats!

  54. Mean Daddy
    9:02 pm March 31, 2012 Permalink

    I caught more grief for growing up in the mountains from kids from L’ville than from kids from outside Ky. Then I went to Princeton and learned that lots of folks outside Ky. think everyone from Ky. is a hillbilly. By the way, I worked all 4 years during college. People like Mr. P have problems that go a lot deeper than most of us can deal with. He should be pitied for proving that ignorance doesn’t have a zip code.