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Kentucky Sports Radio

University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Introducing: The KSR Mailbag!

What I imagine the typical e-mailer looks like.

It’s not a huge secret around here that the KSR style takes a little after one of our favorite writers, Bill Simmons.  By introducing a common man’s voice, Bill revolutionized the way sports were covered on the internet.  He made the blog a mainstream and viable option for fans who want to talk about their teams.  Most of all, he has done it in a humorous way.  Because of this, it makes him tolerable if not enjoyable even when he is going on and on about how awesome Boston is.  So, a little bit in honor of him, a little bit in jest, and a little bit of a way to get you more involved with KSR, I am pleased to announce the creation of a bimonthly KSR mailbag.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Every other week starting (hopefully,) with next Thursday, we will be posting some of the best questions and answers from our KSR mail bag at 8PM.  These questions will come solely from you, the readers.

-The emails do not have to be Kentucky related, though unless they are really good or provide really funny answers, they probably should be.  Feel free to send us questions asking for our picks in next years Miss Universe competition (never vote against the Ukraine,) or just to ask us to do your homework (yes, for a fee.)

-I (Will Lentz,) will be running the mail bag.  That doesn’t mean that all your questions have to be directed towards me, though hopefully most of them will.  But what if you want to, for instance, ask BTI what kind of vacuum cleaner he uses to fully capitalize on his sucking?  If you have a specific question for another blogger address it to them in the subject. I will then do my best to get them to answer it, or at least pretend like I’m them for the sake of answering your questions.

-Send your emails to [email protected] and look for them starting next Thursday, assuming we have enough to work with.  Hopefully we will get a permanent link to the mailbag on the site soon, but for now, just remember the address.  It is literally as simple as it could be.

I’m hoping this will catch on, as mailbags will give us an opportunity to interact with you all more than just a few inane comments here and there and it should be fun for the whole site.

Just don’t ask us about the political announcement.

Article written by Will Lentz