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International Talk Like a Pirate Day’s News & Views

This kid’s ready

Arrr. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Seventeen years ago, two friends were playing racquetball and instead of their usual trash talk, decided to start talking in pirate slang. They found they had more fun doing that than playing racquetball, so they started a holiday on which they only spoke like pirates. Seven years later, with the help of Pulitzer Prize winning columnist Dave Barry, that spiraled into an actual International Holiday. It’s even on my desk calendar at work, along with National Grandparents Day and Administrative Assistants Day. (The printer clearly has priorities.)

So, to get you ready, here is some basic pirate lingo, courtesy of

Ahoy! – “Hello!”

Avast! – Stop and give attention. It can be used in a sense of surprise, “Whoa! Get a load of that!” which today makes it more of a “Check it out” or “No way!” or “Get off!”

Aye! – “Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did.”

Aye aye! – “I’ll get right on that sir, as soon as my break is over.”

Arrr! – This one is often confused with arrrgh, which is of course the sound you make when you sit on a belaying pin. “Arrr!” can mean, variously, “yes,” “I agree,” “I’m happy,” “I’m enjoying this beer,” “My team is going to win it all,” “I saw that television show, it sucked!” and “That was a clever remark you or I just made.” And those are just a few of the myriad possibilities of Arrr!

List your favorite pirate in the comments section. I’m going with Johnny Depp. I bet a lot of you are going to say Mike Leach.

Avast, ye news and views!

— ANDREW WIGGINS NEWS! According to Wiggins’ high school coach, Rob Fulford, Wiggins’ parents are coming to Huntington Prep in “a few weeks” to make a decision about Wiggins’ future. AKA reclassify. AKA commit to the Cats. AKA help us bring home #9. Or #10…with Cal, we have to learn to dream bigger.

— Rick Minter and Randy Sanders faced the media on Tuesday, with not a lot to report other than the fact that Florida’s really, really good. Also good? Demarcus Sweat, who moved up the depth chart after a stellar outing against Western. Sanders said Sweat’s only problem is “being where he’s supposed to be” on the field, a symptom of being a rookie. Sweat had a good game on Saturday, but I’m starting to wonder if the Cats have a consistent playmaker at wide receiver aside from La’Rod King (and maybe Aaron Boyd). After each game, we’ve heard the coaches rave about a different young wide receiver. First, it was Darryl Collins, then DeMarco Robinson, and now Demarcus Sweat. Having multiple threats on offense is great, but some consistency would be great too. They need to earn those Randall Cobb comparisons.

Boone’s Butcher Shop Injury Report:

Co’shik Williams participated in practice on Tuesday, but was limited. He’s listed as day-to-day, but Running Backs Coach Steve Pardue said he is doubtful for Saturday’s game in the swamp.

Day-to-day: Cartier Rice, Darrian Miller
Doubtful: Josh Forrest
Out: Gabe Correll

— Mitch Barnhart attended the Joe B. Hall statue unveiling Tuesday morning, but left town afterwards. When contacted by reporters for a statement on Joker Phillips’ job status, UK spokesman Tony Neely echoed what Mitch said prior to the season: “We’ll go through the season and evaluate at the end of the season.” Arrrr.

— Traveling when you’re the #2 pick in the NBA Draft is just better. Check out MKG and his fam on “travel day”:

Where are the screaming kids, cramped seats, chatty neighbors and bad food? The only thing MKG’s “travel day” and mine have in common is sweatpants.

— Technically, fans aren’t allowed to start camping out for Big Blue Madness until Wednesday morning, but that didn’t stop a few diehards from setting up shop across the street from Memorial Coliseum on Tuesday. Starting at 7 a.m. Wednesday, they’ll be able to cross the street to claim their spots. If you’re still packing up your tent, pajamas and Lunchables, you better hurry. Even though they don’t distribute tickets until Saturday morning, those in line can get a control card starting at 2 p.m. on Friday. In any place other than Lexington, that would mean you have plenty of time, but this is the Big Blue Nation. We don’t mess around.

— The Lance Thomas jewelry scandal came to a disappointing close on Tuesday when Thomas and the jeweler who sued him for defaulting on a $67,800 payment reached a settlement. Are there still questions about how a college kid came up with $30,000 in cash for a down payment? Yes. Do they matter? No. The only chance the NCAA had at making a legitimate case against Duke relied on getting the jeweler to talk, which won’t happen now that the jeweler’s been paid. Let’s move on.

— According to New Jersey Hoops Haven’s Jerry Carino, 2015 manchild Karl Towns will visit Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, Kentucky & Duke this fall. Towns also told Carino that LeBron James advised him to “treat everyone in high school like they’re me.” Those poor, poor high schoolers.

— We posted a ton of pictures of the new Joe B. Hall statue outside of the Wildcat Coal Lodge on Tuesday, but this one is priceless. According to Ky Forward’s Jon Hale, Joe B. glanced at his statue while posing for pictures and said: “You poor soul. Talk about stress. Gillispie doesn’t know anything about stress.” Cal’s reaction?

— Kudos to A’dia Mathies, who has been named to the preseason “Wade Watch” list for The State Farm Wade Trophy, which is awarded to the nation’s top women’s basketball player each year. Mathies, a senior, was an absolute super star last season, led UK Hoops in scoring, assists, steals and 3-point field goal percentage last season. You go, girl.

See you in the morning, me mateys.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

26 Comments for International Talk Like a Pirate Day’s News & Views

  1. fat bearded intensity
    11:24 pm September 18, 2012 Permalink

    It should still read Joe B. Hall Wilcat Lodge, no Coal in there. But real nice statue though. Joe B. looks young and hongry there. But, after all is said and done, no one should like having the coal industry knock Coach Hall’s name off the front of the lodge – unless you’re a coal baron looking to take advantage of the UK Basketball brand.

  2. Matt Jones
    11:34 pm September 18, 2012 Permalink

    It says “Coal” because they were the folks that paid for the building…otherwise it does not get built

  3. B
    11:42 pm September 18, 2012 Permalink

    Great tribute to Joe B…he deserves it!

    “Mitch Barnhart attended the Joe B. Hall statue unveiling Tuesday morning, but left town afterwards.” Hopefully, Barnfart will not return…ever!

  4. SoCal Will
    12:00 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Roberto Clemente!

  5. fat bearded intensity
    12:01 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    2. Coal companies operate to make a profit, and look to maximize their profit … So what are their plans to create profit from this particular investment? What other changes may occur within UK Basketball if all it takes is vast wealth to call the shots?

  6. Bart Edwards
    12:01 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    From Ocracoke Island, NC, I offer Edward Teach as my favorite pirate. Better known as “Blackbeard the Pirate,” Teach made his home here until the British Navy came looking for him and he sank the Queen Anne’s Revenge in the Diamond Shoals.
    BTW, if you go to any Krispy Kreme doughnut shop tomorrow and speak as a pirate speaks, you will get a free doughnut. True story.

  7. Justice
    12:39 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    How about we NOT move on from Lance Thomas and Duke? I don’t know about you, but I will NEVER forget this. I will NEVER forget about the Corey Maggette scandal they got away with either.

  8. Lipped
    2:30 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    5) care to name us a company that doesn’t operate for profit? Such a dirty crime….

  9. BPsycho
    4:41 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    #8 I **** ******* pro bono on the reg.

  10. Joking Phillips
    5:13 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Cap’n Crunch!

  11. JPS
    6:38 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    I don’t understand the idea that the NCAA should move on if the player doesn’t cooperate. I know this is the company line the NCAA and their apologists like John Infante have been trying to peddle to the naive media of late, but a lack of cooperation has NEVER stopped the NCAA before in other cases. If anything, a lack of cooperation has generally led to more severe sanctions.

    The facts of the case still point to the potential for a large benefit given to an athlete. The burden of proof that it was not illegal still falls on the player. If he can’t explain or justify that it was legal (or refuses to do so), then Duke is still on the hook and by the NCAA’s own precedent should have their games vacated (not that I necessarily agree but that’s the standard the NCAA set with their Memphis ‘strict-liability’ ruling).

  12. yep
    7:18 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Agree with #11.

    So, by ksr’s view on the subject – I could provide a UK player a leased (borrowed) Bentley for the season – and just as long as the player and I do not tell the ncaa or media the “deal” then its all good.

    Now, I gotta go break it to the wife that we wont be paying our house payment for the next 6 months…

  13. Pacco
    7:30 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Typical ksr – you guys get us all fired up about a subject then lock us down. Duke / thomas deal are huge – and ksr has blogged about it probably 50 since this broke, and talked on the radio, and talked on tv. NOW, you tell us its over and to move on. Ridiculous.

    And why exactly can’t the ncaa go to k / duke / thomas and say – ok, we know what happened here (and the whole world does too), you guys need to explain to us (ncaa) that our findings are incorrect.

  14. UKBlue1!
    7:43 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Barnhart needs to be fired before he fires or hires any coach for the football program. He was hired from a football school back when our football program had hit rock bottom? He let Guy Morris leave for Baylor. Hired PaPa Brooks, which was his 5th choice. It turned out ok. He made a huge mistake putting Joker in charge with no head coaching experience. Joker was in charge of recruiting and the head coach in waiting for several years. This is his mess and it shouldn’t be allowed to go on any longer. Oh and he hired Billy Clyde to ruin the basketball program. Who ever is hired, it will take them at least 3 years to get the program back to .500 level football. If the wrong coach is hired, will be repeating this all over in four years.

  15. barn
    7:54 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    mitch let guy morris leave? so what? what has morris done since mitch “let him go”? he’s at some community college down in texas the last i heard. i don’t understand why his name keeps popping up.

  16. Yabba
    8:06 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Since no one else is going to ask, why are they wearing their hoods up on an airplane?

    Hire Bobby Petrino.

  17. Obama
    8:07 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    So, as you know, I am a big fan of ‘redistribution of wealth’ – so I am in talks with the SEC commissioner to see what we can do to help the UK football team. My plan is for all the star players to redistributed throughout the SEC. This will help UK immediately.

    Don’t get too happy Cat fans, because I am also planning on redistributing basketball players. UK will now only get 1 5* player a year or maybe every other year.

    Have I told yall how brilliant I am, lately?

  18. smoke and mirrors
    8:10 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like Joe B. Farted and it hit Cal in the face.

  19. Rixter
    8:38 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why they commissioned a statue of Joe B taking a crap.

  20. Bluebeard
    8:55 am September 19, 2012 Permalink


  21. RealCatsFan
    9:06 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Patchy the Pirate from “SpongeBob”…

  22. BlueTexan
    9:18 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    #14- AMEN!!!!!!!!!!

  23. UKNKY
    9:59 am September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t agree on the Duke case. The jeweler has no role in NCAA investigation. They likely have no clue where the money came from. But Duke, as a member institution of the NCAA, has a responsibility to be diligent in investigating, as does the NCAA obviously. It’s simple, Duke and Thomas need to cooperate fully or the NCAA can and should levy charges. That’s what has happened in the past when players don’t cooperate.

  24. Pirate
    1:27 pm September 19, 2012 Permalink

    Walk the plank Tyler….seriously….quit.

  25. sit like a pirate day
    1:54 pm September 19, 2012 Permalink

    …According to Ky Forward’s Jon Hale…..who?

  26. bgblue
    8:49 pm September 19, 2012 Permalink

    #14 Who let go BCG and hired Cal? Who hired Mitchell? Who hired Girl’s and Boy’s soccer coaches? Barnhart has been doing good job. Are you forgetting? He hired Cal!!!!!!