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Inside the mind of the enemy

Ok, not really. Because message boards are filled with keyboard warriors who are capable of making really really dumb comments. But it’s always fun to take a look. Here’s a glimpse into the Louisville fan’s reaction to this weekend and the Final Four. Prepare to be blown away with knowledge.

Momentum is a powerful ally and we are on a very good roll while uk just limped down the stretch

He makes a great point. I mean, what’s blowing out all four teams you’ve played thus far, scoring no less than 81 points? Louisville has way more momentum averaging 64 points during the tournament — almost five points less than they averaged on the season. All about that MO!

The IU game was funny. Refs felt bad for calling fouls on Davis so they immediately got Zeller 2 fouls and put UK into the bonus at the 12 min mark. It’s all very funny. Maybe you’ll get a call this weekend.

I love a good conspiracy theory. Someone needs to tell this poster that Kentucky pays all the referees at every game; this isn’t breaking news.**

Now here’s a really good one.

They think we are the same team
We are Big East champs
We beat big 10 champs
We beat the secs 2nd and 3rd bestthis year

I like where you’re going with this, but I see one flaw in your logic. Louisville hasn’t beaten the team most important to this puzzle: Kentucky.

This poster goes on to shed some serious analysis on the game. Take a look.

Siva outplays Teague
Behannan outplays jones
Dieng battles with Davis like last time
Hold lamb and kidd to average days
Our depth is better
Our coach is better
They are screwed if they have foul trouble

I mean it’s just that easy.

See you in ‘Lou Orleans’!

Challenge accepted.

1. UofL pulls off a stunning upset in New Orleans, ending UK’s perfect season.
2. The Cards then go on to win the National Championship.
3. Calipari (who has already had to address coaching rumors) takes the Knicks job, fleeing the nuclear level fallout from UK fans for losing to UofL, and missing another NC with an NBA roster.
4. The NCAA hammer comes down after Calipari leaves, just like with UMass and Memphis. Cal is “cleared” of wrong doing, and UK is left to sink into the ground with vacated seasons, probation and banned from tournament play.
5. Louisville goes back to back next year

What is this? Are we writing fantasy novels now? First of all, no. Stunning upsets happen in the early rounds, not now. Not this far; Louisville can’t hang with the Cats. There’s too many weapons and too many places to score. Unlike Davidson, New Mexico, Michigan State and Florida, Kentucky brings the whole package. Light-you-up offense and lock-you-down defense. Cards haven’t seen a team anywhere near as good as Kentucky since, well, they played Kentucky.

give Pitino a week to prepare…I our chances

I our chances. I our chances, too.

Today marks the beginning of an EPIC week in the Bluegrass. Soak it in, Big Blue Nation. This is an incredible time to be a Kentucky fan.

Before I go, here’s a shout out to my new best friend Ben I met at The Penguin on Saturday night. Go Cats.

**That was a joke.

Article written by Stuart Hammer

B.S. Broadcast Journalism from the University of Kentucky. @StuartHammerKSR

55 responses to “Inside the mind of the enemy”

  1. mm


  2. ChiggityChack

    Typo on the image, btw.

  3. Earl

    Pitino is a washed up adulterer who is not even in the same league as Cal, just like the third best team in the state that he coaches, he is a third rate coach. They got lucky this year they did have to play murray state. Hate loserville ,only one team in this state, the cats.

  4. Rae

    They are still waiting for last year’s Final Four to be vacated. Sad.

  5. Digger

    I our chances too

  6. randomer

    Hayull yeah!!! Go CeightS!!!!!

  7. Can't wait..

    My favorite is their “defense wins championships” line … yeah … and who’s the best in that category again?

  8. Blueballn

    Cuz and Patterson in a battle cuz has 36 post 20

  9. Blueballn

    Ppat just hit jumper at top of key with 8 sec left to tie game go cats

  10. Confucious

    I “Likey”.

  11. Ash Mason

    BBN, I have 2 extra Final 4 books. I have a total of 4 tickets, only 2 of us going. Sect 643, row 18. Therefore, I’m looking to trade down, 4 tickets in Sect 643, for 2 tickets in 300 section or lower. My preference is to meet up at the UK open practice on Friday for the swap. If anyone interested, give me a shout, [email protected]. Thanks!!! GO CATS!!

  12. Reality Is

    A bye to the championshiip game for UK! What are the odds of having no opponent in the Final Four?

  13. Kim

    The UK Fans at the Final Four need to chant: Ka-ren Sy-pher, Ka-ren Sy-pher when Pitino comes out. Get him mad and rattled, and then whip his old wrinkled up butt.

  14. Blueballn

    After seeing how happy pitino was after beating Florida you would had thought he had won the championship!!! First time I’ve seen him act that way since he left UK!!

  15. Ich Heisse Neil

    Louisville STILL doesn’t exist.

    But remember…
    Peyton Siva is better than John Wall. (Wall taken 1st overall in the draft.)
    Peyton Siva is better than Brandon Knight. (Knight taken 7th overall in the draft)
    Peyton Siva is better than Marquis Teague. (Teague Projected to be a lottery pick)
    (Siva might play in europe… if he grows 4 inches)
    Georgi Dieng is playing better than or at least equal to Anthony Davis.
    (Dieng is really wrapping up all kinds of POY awards)
    Chane Behanan will destroy Terrance Jones. (Ha.)
    UK cant hit free throws. (UK just set the all time best free throw percentage in a tourney game)

    Louisville has a HOF coach. (Nope, not yet. And even if he is, it will e because of what he did at UK)

    I hate Louisville

  16. Ich Heisse Neil

    I our chances more.

  17. UKBlue

    You know if UL fans have their mouths open, you know something stupid just came out. I wonder if the Jefferson County jail is going to have the game on considering that 99% of UL fans currently call the Jefferson County jail home. The number of drug deals, robberies, and shootings should be down in Louisville Projects during the game, after the game that’s a different story. Barber’s should be busy Saturday morning & afternoon with UL fans getting their line beards shaped up. If Sunday night on Broadway wasn’t enough evidence on UL fans actions, then I can only imagine how much worse they could act.

  18. UKBlue

    Those linebearded fools of that pathetic ghetto commuter school are gonna get destroyed by the Cats.

  19. nc cat

    Loo-ee-veel is really reachin’!

  20. Jake_GOCATS

    15. Bravo. If only Louisville fans could get those facts through their heads. Oh wait…

  21. jarad

    Maybe Louisville could win and be important again…..on second thought let’s just beet the crap out of them and give the rains to Murray St.

  22. kycatman

    I our chances to!!!! GO CATS!!!!!!!! GO CAL!!!!!!!!

  23. CatBauce

    atleast the kids in Africa will get free UL hats and shirts that say Final 4 winners

  24. In Cal We Trust

    UL beat New Mexico by 3 pts(?), and was outplayed by Florida (RickyP’s words) before beating them by 4pts., yet they are supposed to be on such a roll. I would rather play UL, then Ohio St. or Kansas.

  25. soggyUKgrad

    …does anyone know why the line beard is such a popular choice in that city that is 70-ish miles west of Lexington??

  26. Carl

    Should we be worried? No Greene or Valentine, but Luckie made the grade.
    The list of officials for the 2012 Final Four has been released:
    – Pat Adams – Roger Ayers
    – Joe DeRosa – Tom Eades
    – Verne Harris – Les Jones
    – Jamie Luckie – Doug Shows
    – Mike Stuart – Mark Whitehead

  27. QuickyRicky

    Excuse me, has anyone seen my
    pink wife beater shirt?

    If your going to the game, take baby rattler with you while chanting Karen Sypher.

  28. ukisthebestest

    Hey guys, I found some stupid stuff our fans are saying on the internet, too:

    “If your(spelling) going to the game, take baby rattler with you while chanting Karen Sypher.”
    ” let’s just beet(spelling) the crap out of them and give the rains(spelling) to Murray St.”
    ” 99% of UL fans currently call the Jefferson County jail home.”
    ” The UK Fans at the Final Four need to chant: Ka-ren Sy-pher, Ka-ren Sy-pher”

    Stay classy, guys. Stay classy.

  29. John Ellis

    I said Louisville hangs with Kentucky for the first fifteen seconds of the game, then peters out.

  30. John Ellis

    That should read, I say Lville hangs with Kentucky for the first fifteen seconds of the game, then peters out.

    Drew, take a large timer countdown to the game and tick off the fifteen seconds in front of Pitino. It could be your ass.

  31. John Ellis

    Learning from the winningest coach in men’s BB history (if you vacate K’s Cory Magette wins, as they should be), from this point on we should refer to Kentucky’s opponent Saturday as “that team from the Big East”.

  32. JimR

    Well, here’s my nominee for “name the game.” We had the “Dream Game,” and now, “it’s on.”

    So let’s christen this the “Dream On” game.

  33. 8 is gonna be great

    Good Luck to U of L! Hopefully your flight back on Sunday will be great!The best team in the country 84-the srubs from loserville 59!!!!!!!! Go Cats slaughter the cards the same way Rick slaughtered that poor little child to be from that old slutbag!!!!!!!!!!

  34. 8 is gonna be great

    I our chances are very good to cut down the nets!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I our chances to have a great victory party in Lexington!

    I our chances that we repeat in 2013!

    I our chances that we have the best coach in KY hands down!

  35. 8 is gonna be great

    Any word if that point guard from loserville is going to bring his fat,stinky,Mr. T wannabe dad to the game! Since he already tried to kill himself and failed, it might not be the best idea for him to attend! He really will be upset after the game and it would be sad if Loserville would lose one of their best fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 8 is gonna be great

    Enough with the Loserville talk—————————————–

    What time do the CATS play on Monday for all the marbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. strange brew

    Favorite UofL comments I’ve heard –
    “if we would have scores more point we would have won more games.”

    “I”m a diehard UofL fan.”

    “Sir, where is the Crown Royal.”

  38. Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation

    we are going to absolutely roll the birds

  39. Hashla

    #27 what a hack you are, show some class and go back to your job cleaning toilets at Walmart! Where is the class Cats fans?

  40. SC4

    i wish you guys would quite cruising discussion boards and looking for lame ass posts. Since when did that become “journalism?”

  41. Real Cats Fan

    Dear Mr. Obvious,

    Someone told me “L1C4” actually stands for “Linebeards First, Crackheads Forever”. Is that true?


    Basketball Fan

  42. MississippiCat

    anytime you have write on blog site reasons why your team will win usually means you are scared and making a fleeting atempt to comfort yourself. Truth is this is the biggest game in lvilles history and the will play with that pressure, while the cats well Cal has had them pretty calm and cool in big games this year, our only to loses came on a buzzer beater and late comeback when shots wouldnt fall. Both against teams that could easily beat louisville this year. Roll Blue.

  43. kentuckyrules

    #35: I’m a big ‘Cats fan, but that was uncalled for, really.

  44. yaboy

    Does anybody know why Jamie Kennedy, Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson doing in Louisville gear?

  45. ukgrad1999

    You guys are stalking BIRDTEETH on rivals
    He made some good points
    UK lost in the conference championship and played a few uninspired games
    They lost interest in closing out the Baylor game strong

    If they hold Lamb and MKG to an average day then they may have a shot

    Thats not going to happen but it’s not bad insight

  46. pcefrog5

    @44 cause they be from Mali-Lou???

  47. ukgrad1999

    BIRDTEETH is pretty well known to be one of the best posters over there
    He’s very fair and I don’t think he said anything too far off
    He has a UK undergrad and seems to respect the Cats
    He just chose the wrong team to cheer for this week

  48. mjblue2

    Sounds like y’all are describing how to handle the end of days or something. I fully expect Louisville to look like the aftermath of nuclear disaster listening to you guys.

  49. mjblue2

    wrong thread…meant to post that on the show thread…

  50. Tom Blevins

    I’d like to ask the Louisville poster how much rent he pays to live on Fantasy Island?

  51. mark flum

    i dress like guy on far right for every game!

  52. brad hellman

    i am the guy on the left

  53. lance mcgarvey

    i am the guy 2nd from right

  54. jeff greenwood


  55. uk3k

    great post stuart!