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You know it is a lazy Monday night when you spend a good part of the evening switching back and forth between Real World/Road Rules Challenge and the Indiana-Charlotte game. First of all a word about the Challenge. I dont know how many of you follow this show, but the people on the challenge every year truly border on the pathetic. There are literally plenty of people in their mid to late 30s who are still playing games for 1000 dollar gift cards to Best Buy and cursing each other up and down the island. I cannot tell you how much this show infuriates me, yet I watch it every week… will be a topic for a full post in the future.

But back to the game. Three points need to be made:

1. For the first time in the Mike Davis era, Indiana could be really good. Leaving aside their dismantling of UK, this team has still been fairly impressive. They know have DJ White back and he looks like a player who can make an impact. But of course the key is Marco Killingsworth who is proving that Jeff Lebo made a huge mistake in not making priority number 1 upon his arrival, the retention of Marco. He may be one of the best 4 big men in the country and I have yet to see a post player who can guard him. This team has the potential to be good all year and to, for all intents and purposes, save Mike Davis’s job.

2. Bobby Lutz is one of the most bizarre looking people in America. At a time when no one insists on keeping the moustache only look (absent people doing it for novelty, a la Adam Morrison), Lutz has never wavered….keeping his pencil-thin moustache and dour look forever on his face. Lutz is also a great coach, but I cant help but feel he is wasting talent to some degree. Curtis Withers and DeAngelo Alexander are great players, but the team seems to need another spark. It could come soon in the form of Junior Michael Beasley who, as anyone who reads this blog knows, is going to be one of the best high school seniors in some time.

3. Jay Bilas is the best announcer in the business….period. No one else is close. If he is doing a game, you know you will be enlightened and not enraged… other announcer (with the possible exception of West Coast-focused Jimmy Dykes) gives you that.

Article written by Matt Jones