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Indiana AD Apologizes For Fan Behavior Last Week


After a number of stories, both on this blog and nationally, concerning fan behavior at the IU-UK game last week, there has now been a response from someone at Indiana. According to Larry Vaught, Indiana Athletic Director Fred Glass sent this email to a fan who had written the Indiana President regarding fan treatment:

“I am writing to apologize for the unacceptable behavior by IU ‘fans’ that you describe. Thank you for bringing these troubling events to our attention. I want to assure you that we take this matter very seriously. I have directed our staff to issue additional security alerts and to promptly deal with fans that harass or intimidate fans of the visiting school. We have also directed our staff to be on active look out for fans acting in a belligerent or intimidating manner toward people wearing our opponents’ school colors.

“Again, thank you for bringing these serious issues to our attention. Hoosiers pride themselves on their hospitality, and I often receive letters from opposing fans commending our fans and staff for their sportsmanship and friendliness. That is why the behavior you describe is all the more unacceptable. Please know that as result of your note, very strong steps are being taken to try to prevent it happening again.”

Article written by Matt Jones

47 Comments for Indiana AD Apologizes For Fan Behavior Last Week

  1. Ajbuk
    2:12 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Was wondering when this was coming…

  2. thisnamestinks!
    2:15 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    It is a long time until UK visits again…they’ll forget this before then.

  3. WalterDecker
    2:21 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    It probably wont happen at any other game besides UK since its a huge rivalry and they had so much pent up anger. But i was in the building and i was abused worse than any game i have ever attended in my entire life. My wife has said she will not ever attend another road game with me due to the harassment and language thrown our way. It was sad to see people act that way.

  4. Doug
    2:23 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    What do you expect from a “Hoosier” anyway. Their football team sucks worse than ours; their home to the winless colts and the whole state is flat. No charm in Hoosierland. Best payback is to kick their corn fed ass all the way back to Bloomington next time we meet.

  5. Bluemist
    2:28 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Closure at last? No, not really, this is a response to one person via email. If he addressed it publicly, it would be better. And he thanks the writer for bringing it to his attention. 17,000 people screaming eff Kentucky over and over would have brought it to my attention…or maybe he was watching Spongebob instead of the game.

  6. Cats
    2:33 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    UK SUCKS !

  7. Wildcat Kyle
    2:40 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Sounded like a back hand apology to me. “Thank you for bringing this to our attention” “We get letters from opponents telling us how nice our fans are towards them” Did he not hear the vulgar chants. They made a** out of themselves on a national level. BBN just needs to ignore them’ that will hurt them more than anything. They r getting publicity my association, granted its not the kind they wanted. They just want attention and to be relevant. Tom Crean deserves a small portion of the blame for the behavior. Act like you have been there before.

  8. L4B
    2:40 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink


  9. Me
    2:41 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Please let notre damn beat iu’s sorry azz today. That will show the entire country exactly how much of a fluke their win was last weekend.

    Would love to hear dicky v’s thoughts on an iu “L.”

  10. Wildcat Kyle
    2:46 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #6 If they suck so bad why r u on a UK site. Why waste your time. Ignorant. I dont drink alchol so why would i go to a bar and tell everyone that beer sucks and I hate alcohol. Ignorance.

  11. he says she
    2:47 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    What he really meant to say was:

    “I knew this type of behavior was going to occur, but IU REALLY needed this win… so we didn’t plan any preemptive measures to deal with our obnoxious fans. We had to use any means necessary to achieve victory over mighty Kentucky and then we planned to deal with the consequences of our fans actions afterwards. Thanks… and GO HOOSIERS.”

  12. CalifCatFan
    2:49 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    His apology does not change my view: drop IU from the schedule. They don’t deserve to play Kentucky.

  13. Wildcat Kyle
    2:50 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    At least IU players can tell they’re kids someday about playing the Kings of College Basketball. They had a brush with greatness. I bet Pritchard got MKG and Anthony Davis autograph.

  14. Floyd
    2:58 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Too Little, Too Late. Drop’em like the excrement filled diaper they are.

  15. RickyPVoodooDoll
    3:26 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Tom Crean, Coach Cal’s (buddy?) has still not said anything publicly about it from what I have heard. Crean is the one that told IU fans to not let UK fans in the building. Maybe Coach Cal should not run polls about what rival UK is going to stop playing until we have played all of them for the season.

  16. RickyPVoodooDoll
    3:36 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    I am surprised that the guys hat does not have the IU on the middle finger, it would seem more fitting for their fans.

  17. KyFan 2000
    3:36 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah right!!! Were they blind?

  18. bpd
    3:48 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    I would love to play IU again in the NCAA tourney! What sweet revenge that would be…

  19. CatSinceBirth
    4:03 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like Tom Spiece (Spiece Gym Rats) is really enjoying himself. He lives in my area. Never been married and has more money than he will ever be able to get rid of. He’s the same guy that has a Bob Knight Manacon that’s the spitting image of old Bob. Better yet, he buys him floor level seats. ESPN did an article on him one time.

  20. Lance McAlister
    4:04 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    how ’bout my Hoosiers? “Boys, gonna run the picket fence…don’t get caught watching the paint dry”

    4:06 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Forced apologies suck don’t they Fred Glass?? No word from IU pres? Tom Crean??

    IU is a joke and should be dropped as such!

  22. Blueburg
    4:39 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    The more UK fans drag this thing out with Indiana, the more infantile it makes us look. Get over it!

  23. gosmoke
    4:52 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    No, not all is flat in Hoosierland. Tony Stewart won the NASCAR Championship!
    Still… no excusing that IU behavior.

  24. The Comments
    5:14 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Someone please send this to dicky v

  25. kyrgaines
    5:27 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    What kind of moron would write a letter to a school that only offered 100 tickets to the visiting school seeking sympathy over the way they were treated? That is rediculous. C’mon folks…get real!

  26. Dane Brammage
    5:38 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    I’m calling horse hockey on this.

    IF the IU AD had no idea of the Hoosier fan idiocy displayed in his own House, front, back, and side lawn, then he is indeed also a complete idiot.

    As I’ve said before, this is more lip service: and, one can not spell LabIUm without IU.

  27. Dane Brammage
    5:41 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Dicky V. is an idiot too.

  28. Hell yes
    6:13 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Fuc* him and the whore he rode in on!

  29. 7 Days and Counting...
    6:13 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Come on KY…put on your big boy pants and move on.

  30. Dave
    6:28 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Waah…waah…waah. Those IU fans hurt our KY (jell) feelings, clapping when IU scored and scored. And they were soooo loud. I don’t want to go there anymore. I hope we drop them from our schedule and replace it with a home game against Jan Brady. Waah…waah…waah.

  31. playersfan
    6:37 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    This all lays at the feet of Crean. When you get fans riled up saying things like “Don’t let them in the building. Etc. What do you think will happen? I think he is pure bush.

  32. jackblue
    6:54 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    I worked in Indiana 40 years ago, they looked down their noses at us then and it seems their children have the same attitude. I can see the smirk on the guy’s face that apologized. I didn’t like them then and I dont like the pompous pricks now, and it sure isnt about basketball.
    I was in Indiana the last time we played them , many f yous then!

  33. BigBlueSkyDog
    6:55 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    “Hoosier” and “hospitality” only belong in the same sentence with “don’t make me laugh.” We should beg the tournament committee to seed IU in the same sub-region with us in the Chicken Coop in March. These same Hoosiers will be wearing their @sses for hats when we get through with them.

  34. Briar Gates
    6:55 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Damn, Let it go.

  35. Rick
    7:04 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #2 You just hit the nail on the head.
    #34 After the horrible accident at the IN State Fair, I just thank God that no one was hurt, or worse.
    Please see #2. Then say “Let It Go”. It’s already been let go for way too long, from this UK fan’s several Football experiences. Peace. And, congratulations.

  36. Rick
    7:11 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    #15 Crean also didn’t say one word about UK, during the interview on TV . What a prick.

  37. Score The Ball
    7:35 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s officially accept their apology while the 8th national championship banner is rising to the top of the Rupp Arena rafters.

  38. he says she
    7:59 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    25. Your comment is ridiculous without the “e”.

  39. iu fan
    7:59 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    just stopped by to see if bbn was still crying over the loss. no surprise. will u all get over it already. ul is gonna beat you too. and the sec sucks this year so don’t plan on a 1 seed. uk will lose to izzo again 2nd round.

  40. scott
    8:13 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    LOL!! You don’t really think GLASS gives a got damn, do you? 100 tickets!! LOL Up yours!!

  41. scott
    8:15 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink


    You realize that UK gave IU 100 LAST year right? It’s called drawing first blood…idiot!

  42. ScoggDog
    8:46 pm December 17, 2011 Permalink

    BBN …

    … it was as close to a good loss as we could ever ask for – and it’s extremely cool that the IU AD sent that message. Come on folks. IU is a worthy opponent and a worthy rival.

  43. ul
    12:20 am December 18, 2011 Permalink

    Whatever…you are uk fans… you have no souls

  44. Ncaa
    12:23 am December 18, 2011 Permalink

    New rule 13.43-5c3n: uk is no longer allowed to have fans

  45. UK1
    12:31 am December 18, 2011 Permalink

    Huge UK fan but man up whoever wrote that email. A loss is a loss, get over it. Not even sure why ksr posted this. lets move on to the next one

  46. iu f'n
    7:36 am December 18, 2011 Permalink

    irrelevancy united

  47. statician
    9:35 am December 18, 2011 Permalink

    grow up uk fans. good lord. look in the mirror. i mean we are talking about a fan base that wants an apology because they lost and iu fans cheered. but it is ok to send death threats to the ncaa prez over the ineligibility of a pro player uk recruited. alrighty then. stay classy kentucky