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ICYMI: Weekend’s Best from KSR College



Listen to me. Listen to me. Now. LISTEN TO ME! This is important. We’ve been with you at the KSR main site. This is KSR College’s post. It’s their best posts from the weekend. You are a part of it. You show respect for KSR College. I don’t want any incidents. I don’t want any trolls in the comments section. Don’t ruin this for KSR College.


Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s proceed.


-Our football writers wrapped up another disappointing weekend. Adam Schilt, somewhat morosely, recapped the Florida game in “This Ain’t Football.”


-Do you heckle the football team during home games? Do you voice your displeasure? Are you a booer? Is that even a word? If so, John Burke has a few words for you. Mainly, football players have feelings too. Also, if anyone knows of an official study on the effects of booing on athletes’ performances, tweet it my way. I’d be interested to see it.


-On a more positive note, Andrew McCarthy offer some perspective on Kentucky’s football struggles and argue that “long-term success in football is not a pipe dream.” In UK Football CAN Be Good,” McCarthy addresses every excuse Kentucky fans use to explain our consistent losing and offers a modicum of hope that maybe one day, we won’t reside in the basement of the SEC.


-On to basketball. Lots of recruiting news came out over the weekend, and Jack Heyburn, for one, is not surprised. In “Why Kentucky? How About Why NOT Kentucky?“, Heyburn attempts to find a reason that a player who wants to play basketball professionally would turn down an offer from Kentucky. Is there one? Read to find out.


-And finally, after delivering pizza at Big Blue Madness, Alex Poythress has reportedly decided to pursue a part-time job as a pizza delivery boy. Spoiler- Not Jerry Tipton helped me write this one.




Article written by Kristen Geil

5 Comments for ICYMI: Weekend’s Best from KSR College

  1. J
    6:17 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Why is the right side of KSR all jacked up? Is it just me?

  2. --sam--
    7:43 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    what joker needs to do is put 2 half backs out at once one being newton (he can pass it every now and then) but manly to run and to confuse the (D) that would open up some awesome play action passes to (witch Smith seems to be OK at…’ some one help me get this to joker it could help a lot

  3. Gavin S.
    8:40 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    Andrew McCarthy was great in Less than Zero.

  4. Chris Harrison
    9:30 pm September 24, 2012 Permalink

    To understand how and why football success can and should happen at UK, look no further than Kansas State.

    UK has better resources than K-State. It is in a nicer city than K-State. And the fanbase is/can be more passionate as well. All we need is a little success so the majority of the fan base – not the radical fringe – can have hope and pride in the program.

    Coach Snyder is not a WOW-guy with a whiz bang approach. Not that there is anything wrong with those qualities (Read – Coach Cal), but he maintains discipline on and off the field with a no-nonsense approach (sort of Brooks-like). He gets his players to play together and above their talent level.

    Unfortunately many of the current talented UK players are mostly undisciplined (just watch the defense leave their responsibilities to ball-chase, and the receivers break off their routes)so that the talented players are not effective and the few disciplined players are undone by their conuterparts not maintaining discipline.

    Coach Phillips is a nice guy and good recruiter but seems lacking as a awful motivator, and despite what they say, the players do not have the same level of respect for him as prior players had for Coach Brooks. Too bad we can’t hire Coach Snyder.


  5. rupp's grunt
    2:00 am September 25, 2012 Permalink

    @3 – He was better in Weekend at Bernie’s