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I think you meant “Phat”

Yes, I know the picture of the fat cat is obvious. But it made me laugh.


Yes, I know the picture of the fat cat is obvious.  But it made me laugh.

Yes, I know the picture of the fat cat is obvious. But it made me laugh.

To date, most of the words I’ve heard the media use to describe Demarcus Cousins fall along the lines of “immature”, “undisciplined”, and “bully”.  But today, thanks to LZ Granderson of ESPN, we can add the word “chunky”.  Comparing the big man to Oliver Miller, he of 22 percent body fat and a penchant for highly suggestive nicknames, he questions Cousins’ work ethic and wonders whether he will follow in the footsteps of all the other nameless, faceless “curvy” players who turned out to be busts in the NBA.

Look, we all know that there is a big exception to the rule that high body fat equals failure in the league (Shaq), but Cousins’ weight has been a hot topic this week in the press.  Personally, I think they’re once again just looking for a story that just isn’t there.  Apparently, Cousins’ weight is about twenty pounds heavier than reported at Kentucky (A fact that can be contributed to either a late freshmen 15 or a slight embellishment on the part of the UK media guide.  I find both options plausible.)  Looking at the bright side, I find this to be a good, early PR move for Boogie, leaving his options open should his NBA career fizzle out.  Between “Celebrity Fit Club” and “Dance your Ass off”, there is no shortage of work for those of size in today’s market.

Seriously, I doubt that many GMs who want/need a big man will pass Cousins over because he’s considered in the healthy range of body fat % for men his age.  But if said GM (ahem, Joe Dumars) wants to pick Cole Aldrich over Cousins because, as Granderson says, “It’s doubtful Aldrich will need to be doubled in the post much. But it’s also doubtful he will double in size,” that’s his prerogative.  No one knows how any of this year’s prospects will turn out, but to discount a guy because he has a percentage or two over other players who don’t have anything resembling his physique is highly short-sighted.

 No matter Boogie’s size or shape, this will always put a smile on my face:

Article written by Katie Martin