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I Saw Sandler in a UK SHIRT…and Funny People


Not since word of a Cameron Crowe movie being shot close to where Kige grew up has the state of Kentucky more looked forward to its depiction on the big screen more than recently with “Funny People.” Simply by wearing a plain white t-shirt with faded “Kentucky” letters, Adam Sandler set the Bluegrass on fire with anticipation for his new movie. Being the proprietor of a UK blog, I felt it was my duty to see “Funny People” today and report back. I can say that “Funny People” is both a great and an ok movie. The great part occurs during the first half of the film, in which Adam Sandler’s movie star/comedian character is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. He becomes an employer/friend of Seth Rogan’s character and the first half of the movie deals with the dynamics of their friendship and Sandler’s reflections on his life. The movie in the first half is funny, interesting and exactly what you would hope for in a well-written “comedian tries to be serious” film. The second half is only so-so. Sandler goes after a girl he used to love, the movie veers off course of some of its earlier themes and it runs a bit too long (2 1/2 hours to be exact). Still it is definitely worth a viewing and probably the best movie Sandler has been in, if you dont count Billy Madison.

As for the key moment…I can report that yes, Adam Sandler wore that Kentucky shirt. In my theater, there was a small cheer when the shirt came on the screen and an older lady sitting next to me said, “oh thats Kentucky!” The shirt seemed to be in fine form and I suspect that Sandler’s lines about how Wall and Cousins were going to help lead the Big Blue Nation to another Final Four this year were left on the cutting room floor….probably by a Duke director. While UK wasnt the only shirt on screen (I also saw an “Upright Citizens Brigade” and a “Wilco” shirt), it definitely had the most star power. A Golden Globe is not out of the question.

Article written by Matt Jones