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I am sick and tired of all the bandwagon George Mason fans.

Who’s laughing now, America?

All year long I’ve taken ridicule for saying that George Mason University was going to win the NCAA Tournament. I was told I was crazy. I was told I didn’t know anything about basketball. I was asked where George Mason University was. I fielded all these barbs with grit and self-affacing humility, and knew that come March, I would show everyone what the mighty Patriots were capable of achieving.

That day is today.

I can remember when my dad used to take me to games. I was so tiny I couldn’t even dream of reaching the triumphant rims of the Patriot Center backboard. Everything about it was electric. I was swallowed up by my Ricky Wilson jersey and had to stand on the seat to see the court, but I knew then that I was part of something amazing.

I used to sit in high school and daydream about the day I’d play for George Mason. From attending music recitals at Harris Theatre to studying International Affairs at Robinson Hall, I knew all roads led to George Mason, especially Roberts Road, Kelley Drive and Shenandoah River Lane. I couldn’t wait to start my freshman orientation in the Krasnow Building, because I always knew it would lead me one step closer to Senior portraits in the Johnson Center and graduating in a May afternoon ceremony at Cross Cottage to a become a George Mason alum.

I didn’t go to George Mason, because they said my essay wasn’t “well-written,” and that I lacked “important verbal and reasoning skills,” but that didn’t snuff the Patriot flame which lived on inside me. Sure, I wasn’t one of the 29,728 enrolled students between the three campuses in the Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington locations, but I felt the triumph Sunday just the same.

So go ahead, everyone, pretend that you’ve loved George Mason all along. Yes, I didn’t have them winning my bracket — because it’s unlucky to pick your team to win it all. Everyone knows that. But I’ll still sit here in the comfort of my George Mason-themed basketball viewing chamber, feeling the sting that each Patriot basket delivers to its foes, each shot filling me with the Mason Pride I’ve always had. I always knew they had it in them. All along.

Go Patriots.

Article written by C.M. Tomlin