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HullabaLOU Music Festival Quiz


Do you like music?  Do you like Kentucky Sports?  Boy are you in for a treat!  Kentucky Sports Radio (the site you are on, dummy,) is offering two three day passes to the HullabaLOU music festival.  The festival is like, totally awesome, and three day passes aren’t too cheap.  So even if you weren’t planning on attending, give it a shot, maybe your girlfriend will stop nagging you to go out and do stuff if you surprise her with some tickets to Colbie Caillat.  All you have to do is be the first person to tweet the correct answers to the following ten questions to Matt Jones and the passes are yours.  At least, that’s my understanding.


1.) Known as the ‘Empress of Soul,’ this performer shares a last name with which future Kentucky player (who may have taken a midnight train from Florida to get to campus?)

2.) Kansas plays at HullabaLOU on Sunday.  If I know concerts, they will likely open with or end on “Carry On My Wayward Son.”  Which former Kentucky basketball player was the son of his head coach?

3.) One of Steve Miller Bands greatest hits was likely named after which Kentucky Football coach?

4.) Dwight Yoakam plays on Sunday and will surely be enjoyed by fellow namesake Dwight Perry.  How many NCAA tournament games did Dwight Perry start?

5.) “The Space Between” is a song made famous by Dave Matthews Band.  Which Kentucky Wide Receiver will try and find the space between the zone coverages this year?  And yes, he shares a name with the band.

6.) The song I best know Huey Lewis and the News for is “The Power Of Love,” from the Back to the Future soundtrack.  That movie essentially launched Michael J. Fox’s career and made him famous. Name two famous Kentucky fans (no, Matt Jones doesn’t count.)

7.) The band Train is tearing up the charts right now with their new single “Hey, Soul Sister.”  If one train is carrying Tayshaun Prince from Compton California to Lexington Kentucky, while another train is carrying his Soul Sister from Lexington Kentucky to Detroit Michigan.  What number did Prince wear while at Kentucky?

8.) (Fill in the blank)  Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio is an awesome numerical name for a band.  With a similar number theme, Adolph Rupp’s fourth national championship team was given the nickname of the _______ _______.

9.) Louisville band Rick Bartlett’s Rockin’ Soul Revival will be there!  What other Louisville Rick could use a Rockin’ Soul Revival?  Hint:  He used to coach for the Kentucky Wildcats.

10.) Saturday’s headliner Kenny Chesney attended East Tennessee Statue University.  Kentucky played ETSU in the first round of the NCAA tournament this past season, where a new school record was set for made three pointers in a tournament game.  Who set it, and how many threes did they attempt?

That’s it!  That’s your quiz.  Happy hunting.

Article written by Will Lentz