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He Said, She Said With Matt And Gary


In case you didn’t have your twitter updates on, and weren’t baraged with millions of KSR Tweets during lunch, you missed Internet Nerd Rage at it’s finest this afternoon.  You see, our trusty leader Matt Jones and his good friend Gary Parrish had a lover’s quarrel earlier today over none other than the Stan Lee impersonator himself, Jerry Tipton.  For those of you who haven’t backlogged the Tweets yet, here they are in all their public outragey glory (with commentary provided in italics.)

GaryParrishCBS: Kentucky should’ve known better, investigator tells Jerry Tipton.

–Seriously, the private investigator angle is one of the dumbest I have heard… ever.  Next story from Tipton?  “Private eye tells Jerry Tipton: Pitino really enjoys eating out.”

KySportsRadio: Jerry Tipton calls a random investigator who HASNT seen Bledsoe transcripts and then opines UK “should have known better”…Journalism!!!

–Journalism… it’s science!

GaryParrishCBS: Note to UK fans: That you all hate Jerry Tipton means one thing — that he’s damn good at his job.

GaryParrishCBS: The ultimate compliment to any beat writer is when fans think he’s “out to get the program” or that he’s “not a friend of the program.”

–I understand this point of view.  But…

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS make your customers mad enough and soon u will have no customers. Tipton and the HL are headed in this direction

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS it’s only in journalism where reporters are so arrogant as to believe pissing off their consumers is good business practice

–this one makes just as much, if not more sense.  It’s one thing to report on the good and the bad.  It’s another to write exclusively negative columns.  At some point you lose your credibility, and your audience stops listening.

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio The goal is not to piss off customers. The goal is to do a good job. Problem is, doing a good a job on a college beat usually pisses off college fans, i.e., the customers. Fans only want to know the good and refuse to see anything else. You included. As I’ve said many times, if the story was about Louisville you’d link it and make jokes. But it’s about UK. So you don’t.

–Oh SNAP!  You did NOT just call Matt Jones a fan.

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS doing a good job is telling the truth, not creating a story. Tipton’s piece today is a creation and fans know that

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio I would argue that it’s adding context, voices and different points of view. What does an uninvolved expert think?

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS there was only one person reporting negative stories about Billy Clyde and that was me. I like u but u don’t know me

–Matt fires back with a left jab “you don’t know me!”

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS what u should argue is all journalists take up for each other. Which is understandable bc there are fewer of u every day

–And a right hook “Real” journalism is dying!  (It’s funny because it’s true.)

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio You play to your crowd. I don’t blame u. But u can’t scream about “honesty” when you’re not willing to be honest about that. I mean, there are “leaks” all the time in all aspects of sports. Why are you not outraged by those leaks? Did the g jury testimony from Barry Bonds that was leaked outrage you? What about when details of Pitino’s case were leaked?

–If I can interject my opinion, it’s because Eric Bledsoe was the victim of grown men bickering with each other.  As far as I can tell, he did nothing wrong, and is being dragged through the mud because an older man is jealous of another older man.  It’s idiotic.  But back to twitter, lightening round.

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS point out what I’ve written that is incorrect. You’re better than 2 simply say I’m not honest. That isn’t fair and u know it

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio I’m asking a question: Why r u outraged when bad stories about UK are leaked but not outraged when other things are leaked? Seems to me that if you’re outraged by leaks, you’d be outraged by all leaks.

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS yes Pitino leaks are also bad and person should be found. I don’t run a Bonds or UL blog or I would write on that

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio So you never write about Pitino or Louisville? Is that what you’re saying? Seriously?

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS I said Pitino info shouldn’t be leaked but moat of mainstream media waited weeks to report on Rick. They pounced on Eric

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS if u think that it isn’t outrageous for a College coach to leak a kid’s grades to the media then u and I just disagree

–And with that tweet, Matt defines the argument.

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio My career is based off people leaking. So I’m selfishly for leaks, forever and always. (Though I’d be pissed if I was Eric)

KySportsRadio: @GaryParrishCBS Reality is journos don’t like having spotlight they shine on others put back on them. I do it and they get pissed. Hypocrisy

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio Here’s my bottom line on Bledsoe: It’s not THAT crazy to jump from a 1.9 to a 2.5. Happens often. Is it always legitimate? No. But it does happen. In fact, my guess is most schools have a kid with a similar transcript. By the way, I’m fine with any spotlight on me. I’m clearly not hiding. I’m arguing on Twitter in the middle of the day (b/c I’m insane)

–Now that we’ve nailed down the arguments, cooler heads are emerging…

KySportsRadio: @garyparrishcbs Thats why I like u. Last word from me. Yes I would make fun of UL, and their fans should back. Journos should be different

–And yes, cooler heads have prevailed.  Now let’s through a Maggard joke in, just for good measure.

GaryParrishCBS: @KySportsRadio I try to b different and joke about everybody — KU, UK, UConn, Memphis, etc. I do my best to shoot straight as much as I can. By the way, it’s a helluva lot easier to just double-team Maggard. Let’s go that route next time. LIke the good old days.

–And who else but Bomani with the last word…

bomani_jones: @GaryParrishCBS @KySportsRadio glad that worked out. i thought doyel was gonna be the last friend matt had at cbs.

Well, I’m glad that’s over.  It looked rocky there for a minute, but as of now Jerry Tipton is confirming that – after speaking with a Private Investigator – the two appear to still be friends.

We love you Gary, please don’t Katz us for podcasts.  Round two at the Doyel vs Franklin MMA fight?  It can be a KSR vs CBS decathlon.  Have your people call my people.

Article written by Will Lentz