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Hazel and Nellie Mae’s Wednesday News and Views


Good morning, my dear KSR friends, and welcome to your Wednesday News and Views.  Today, as I return from four days of having absolutely no idea as to what was going on in the world of UK sports, let’s first stop and pay tribute to a pair of mature beauties from the Derby City, who captured our hearts early on Tuesday morning.  Thanks to a report from WHAS on the circus surrounding the circus in Louisville, the world was introduced to Hazel and Nellie Mae (assumed name), who are apparently following the Karen Sypher extortion trial as closely as Matt Jones and, not surprisingly, doing it in a more fashionable manner than our leader and his Billy Gillispie happy hour tie.  But, it’s not just about how they’re doing it.  It’s that they’re actually doing it, proving that it’s not just the blog and message board demographic that’s interested in the happenings in Lousville.  It turns out the Herald-Leader’s target audience is curious too.  Nonetheless, Hazel and her friend stole the show on Tuesday and, though Nellie Mae can’t make it to court Wednesday, she’s promised that Hazel will be there in the front row, Blue Blockers and crossword puzzle in hand, keeping us all up to speed on every sordid detail of the trial.  Way to be a team player Hazel.  Tweet me, girl.

Now onto some UK notes….

– The big (and surprising) news on Tuesday was the announcement that potential #1 player Anthony Davis has decided on a college destination.  Since the news comes on the heels of Davis’ unofficial visit to UK, optimism is obviously high among UK fans that Davis will spurn Oliver Purnell’s Blue Demon Country Sausage and Kentucky will land what will likely be their third commitment among 2011’s top five players.  The announcement won’t come for a few weeks and, hopefully, will involve Lowell Galindo in some way. 

– On the other side of the spectrum, DeWayne Peevy acknowledged that Enes Kanter’s eligibility is still not resolved for the upcoming season and the Turkish wonder might not be available for the team’s Canadian vacation.  The big man is good to go in terms of academics, but the NCAA Clearinghouse still has not confirmed his amateur status to UK.  The questions regarding Kanter’s status involve some games played for a Turkish pro team.  If Kanter sidelined along with Eloy Vargas, Canada will likely join China as the second site of an international jorts incident.

 – In other recruiting news, word broke on Tuesday that 2012 point guard L.J. Rose has received an offer from the Cats.  Rose, ranked as Rivals’ #4 point guard and 23rd overall player in the class, has a list of suitors longer than Karen Sypher.  He sat out the AAU Nationals this weekend with an ankle injury, but that is expected to be healed by the time he arrives for college in the fall of 2012.  The offer also means that Pete Thamel is in his turd lair somewhere trying to find a connection with Leon Rose, who would connect with Worldwide Wes, who would connect with Calipari, which would give him a reason to resurface again with a story of questionable relevance.

– As I reconnected myself with the UK world late Tuesday, I saw a little blurb on regarding a Lexy message (technology I still don’t embrace) from Coach Cal.  The topic?  A little Gregg Doyel-esque hate mail for Kentucky’s head man.  Here is what the message said, according to “Conflict” Diamond Leung: 

“There’s a letter — it’s typewritten, so I’m not sure — from Arizona. ‘Coach you should resign. You’re the worst coach we’ve ever had here…You care more about the NBA than you do college basketball or Kentucky. I think you should step down. You can’t coach. You’re not what you’re supposed to be doing. Resign your position.'”

“Hey, there you go. Keep things in perceptive. It’s never quite as good as it seems, it’s never quite as bad as it seems. You cannot please everybody. You keep marching forward.” 

Man, when will fans from other fan bases stop pretending to be UK fans?

 – As we continue to hold on to the magical feeling that was the 2009-10 season, Kentucky fans might have noticed that the NBA released their schedule on Tuesday.  Besides the ridiculous television special NBATV aired for the announcement, there were some actual interesting notes.  Patrick Patterson will make his pro debut on national television against the defending NBA Champions on opening night (Oct. 26).  John Wall will make his debut October 28th on the road against Daniel Orton and the Magic (see you there, John), Eric Bledsoe will open at home on the 27th against the Blazers and Boogie Cousins will open in Oklahoma City on the 28th.  Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo will open his season on national television against a certain team that added a guy named “LeBron”.

– In football news, the Cats got some good news in the form of Mychal Bailey’s eligibility.  Bailey, like Donte Rumph, had some issues in getting to UK and his addition is not only good for the team, but also a tribute to his hard work.  He has to be very happy to finally join his fellow class of 2007 members on campus.

– In some AP wire news, former Cat Micah Johnson and his biceps signed with the Miami Dolphins.  Johnson went undrafted and was subsequently signed and dropped by the Giants.  He has a very good chance of sticking with the Dolphins and playing in a system that could be very beneficial to him.

 – On a personal note, it was another banner day for Kentucky Sports Radio as we got some love on Drew Curtis’ Tuesday.  Curtis highlighted Turkey Hunter’s epic post from last week and asked the question everyone has asked a million times: “Why hasn’t the media really covered this?”

 – Also, let’s make sure we wish a happy birthday to Mike Pratt.  As a gift, we won’t make him sit alone in a room with Matt Jones anymore.

 – Finally, best of luck to the South Lexington Babe Ruth All-Stars, who have advanced to the World Series after knocking out N. Indiana in Wisconsin over the weekend.  And, sorry that Mike Davis ran out into the batter’s box and started screaming in the 7th inning.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned all day as we get you all hyped up for Coach Cal and his troops’ trip to the Great Outdoors and make sure we get you properly prepped for September 4th’s showdown with the Big East’s projected last place team.  Plus, you know, Sypher might take the stand.  Should be an interesting day and, at the very least, give us something to talk about while we’re all trying to figure out how Drew Franklin got his teeth so white in his picture at the top of the page.  Make sure you stick around.  See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner