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Have you no loyalty, WKU students?

picture-025.jpgOne day, this baby will bleed blue.

Let’s take a trip back to yesterday when we discussed whether Western Kentucky could really be considered a rival, given the lack of tradition and, really, the lack of competition. The consensus between us all was that they are hardly a rival and the majority find ourselves rooting for them a little deep down inside. Well, it seems that WKU is having a little trouble drumming up support for their Hilltoppers because they have too many UK fans on campus, which I guess isn’t really all that surprising given the state of each program for the past millenium or so. 

As Eric Mathews (a WKU student, not the brother from Boy Meets World) stated so eloquently in the linked story, UK is the sports Mecca in the state and Western is more like Enyce or G Unit (wrong Mecca?).  Even our own Kige Ramsey is firmly on the UK boat and said “it’s not hard at all” to make that decision in his exclusive interview with KSR.  So, if Western can’t even get the face of their school (non-furry division) to root for them, can we expect Hilltopper fans to be few and far between – or at least lurking under a blue tee?  I think so and I have to say that I’m a little disappointed.

I’m more than happy to have all of my Hilltopper brothers on board the UK train for 364 days a year and some of most hardcore UK fans I know went to Western, but c’mon Western fans, have some pride.  Your boys in red and grey need your support as they continue to make big I-A strides for the program and it’s not too much to ask for you to show them a little support this weekend, is it?  So, just go for it.  This is your free pass to support a team other than Kentucky inside of Commonwealth and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

However, if a miracle happens and WKU wins the game, all bets are off and you should be ready for a brawl you dirty mother [email protected]&%ers.

Article written by Thomas Beisner