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Harry Potter’s Friday News and Views

As I write this, approximately 700 billion people wearing capes and funny glasses are wrist-deep in a bucket of popcorn while watching Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows Part 2. The eighth and final installment of the Harry Potter series was released at midnight in what will easily be a record-breaking debut at the box offices. As someone over the age of 12, I won’t pretend to know what’s going on, nor will I make fun of those who waited in line for the premiere and were old enough to drive themselves there. With those two rules in place, I have nothing else to say about Harry Potter. Looking back, I should’ve made this the U.S. Women’s National Team’s Friday News and Views. I guess we’ll save that one for Monday after they beat Japan. #leggoo

When I say news, you say views! News! ______ News! ______

— Thursday’s news highlight came in the form of fashion as we found out UK will wear two special edition basketball jerseys this upcoming season. The first of the new jerseys is a “throwback” (as the kids say) and it will come with special edition warmups as well. The jersey will be gray with metallic lettering and the warmups will feature the years of Kentucky’s national championships. The throwback look is expected to be a one time occurrence. The other new unis will be Nike special edition threads similar to what Nike did with Boise State and Virginia Tech in football. These jerseys will be worn a couple of times throughout the season and they’ll probably look ridiculously awesome. Nike will make a ridiculous profit from these new looks, too.

— With the uniforms in place, it’s time to move on to the important part of the game: the schedule. UK released the complete 15 game non-conference schedule Thursday afternoon and it looks about like what we expected. We’ll delve into each game another time but note the gruesome back-to-back games at Rupp Arena against St. John’s and then North Carolina in a three-day span. Also, the annual Freedom Hall game will be played against Arkansas-Little Rock and Louisville comes to town on New Year’s Eve.

vs. Marist – Nov. 11
vs. Kansas- Nov. 15 – Madison Square Garden
vs. Penn State – Nov. 19 – Uncasville, Connecticut
vs. Old Dominion/South Florida – Nov. 20 – Uncasville, Connecticut
vs. Radford – Nov. 23
vs. Portland – Nov. 26
vs. St. John’s – Dec. 1
vs. North Carolina – Dec. 3
@ Indiana – Dec. 10
vs. Chattanooga – Dec.
vs. Samford – Dec. 20
vs. Loyola (Md.) – Dec. 22
vs. Lamar – Dec. 28
vs. Louisville – Dec. 31
vs. Arkansas-Little Rock – Jan. 3rd – Freedom Hall

UK will release the complete basketball schedule as soon as the school receives its conference schedule from the SEC. Until then, just keep on persuading the family to take a vacation to Uncasville, Connecticut. They’ll eventually give in.

– Coach Cal spent his Thursday at the Peach Jam in South Carolina. While watching Ricardo Ledo and DaJuan Coleman in the early games, Calipari sat beside and chatted it up with Jim Boehim, the very man he is competing against for Coleman’s services. No one knows what the two coaches discussed but I suspect it went something like this: “Jim, go home. DaJuan’s coming to Kentucky and there is nothing you can do about it.”

— In the evening, Coach Cal sat beside Coach K while watching 2013 recruits Julius Randle and Matt Jones. Randle is’s second best player in the class and Matt Jones is not that one guy you “may know from a popular UK website.” No one knows what the two coaches discussed but I suspect it went something like this: “Duke sucks.”

— Today is the final day of the first July evaluation period and Jody Demling says Perry Ellis has received more attention from Coach Cal than any other prospect. Orlando Antigua watched every one of Ellis’ games in Indianapolis while Coach Cal flew back and forth to join in on the action. Ellis’ mother estimates that Calipari was at seven of her son’s games. It sounds like the 6’8 power forward is a priority for UK in the 2012 class.

— Speaking of the 2012 class, Coach Cal isn’t worried about the lack of commitments at this point in the summer. Cal told The Sporting News’ Mike DeCourcey that “we’ll be fine” and no one gets every kid they want. Remember, this time last year, Kentucky had already picked up commitments from Marquis Teague and Michael Gilchrist with Anthony Davis expressing heavy interest in the Cats. Right now, UK has no one and there aren’t many names out there that could be considered UK leans. Still, when Coach Cal says don’t worry, we don’t worry. Breathe easy.

— In football news, Larry Warford and Danny Trevathan were named first team All-SEC by the coaches. Warford and Trevathan were also named to the preseason watch list for the Rotarty Lombardi Award, given to the player who best exemplifies the discipline of Vince Lombardi. But they weren’t the only two Cats getting love, punter Ryan Tydlacka made third team All-SEC as a specialist. Kentucky’s three All-SEC players were the second lowest by a school in the conference, right above… Tennessee? That’s right, Tennessee only had two All-SEC players while Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State claimed four. This is the year.

— Did anyone watch the ESPYs? No? Okay.

— I went out to BD’s Mongolian Grill Thursday night to see special guest grill masters Jeremy Jarmon, Micah Johnson, Alphonso Smith, and Randall Cobb. Cobb showed that his tireless work ethic isn’t just on the football field as he stood over five dishes at once while Micah and Alphonso were trying to crack an egg across the grill. Jeremy was on break somewhere. I asked Alphonso to #plank on the grill for a Twitter picture but he wouldn’t honor my request. The locked out guys looked like they were having a lot of fun until the Chiefs almost lost Micah Johnson for the season when he tried to flip the grill tool and caught the hot end rather than the handle. It was a fun event for a good cause and it would’ve been even better had my food been edible. Thanks a lot, guys.


Hey Randall, can I get that steak med-rare? And separate the egg whites please.

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Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

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  1. emmerts gay
    12:56 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    I hope Ellis is worth it… but I hate Kansas so much I want him just to stick it to that dirty coach Self. He is everything people assume that Cal is

  2. bung
    1:01 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    “as the kids say”, you learn well grasshopper.

  3. rutterb0
    1:07 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    Weird that our “throwback” uniforms are gray when we’ve never worn gray, to my knowledge, with any regularity.

  4. goboxoutorgogetinbox
    1:11 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    #3 we wore grey in 2003 for the 100 year anniversary. I bet we wear the grey throwback during the Kansas game in the champions classic

  5. bung
    1:15 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    i hope we get 2 bigs, McGary and somebody…

  6. bung
    1:17 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    and transelewskibamonovitz

  7. Blasphemy
    1:33 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t know about you all….. but I’m going to go to the Harry Potter Movie when it’s a bit less crowded……… at 2:45am Tonight! Yes, you may begin making fun of me…… now!

  8. UK_Spunk
    1:34 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    So is the Marist game a pre-season game, or did you just forget to copy it Mr. Franklin?

  9. andrew
    1:56 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    uhhhh….UK should go undefeated during this stretch. i count on coach cal to coach these guys up waaaay b/f the season. Question for all though…is Darius Miller this season’ DeAndre Liggins? Miller NEEDS to step up & freshmen play beyond their years. UKCATS2012 Champs!

  10. cristoforouk
    1:57 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    Harry Potter sucks.

  11. uk blue
    2:27 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    My wish list- for 12 class. Perry Ellis PF, Kaleb Tarczewski C, Archie Goodwin SG, Shabazz Muhammed SF, and DaJuan Coleman C

  12. shields eyes
    2:49 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    Did you really say “Japs?”

  13. dontgoanywhere
    3:24 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    waiting to see if the pC world bombs drew for saying Japs

  14. Duck Fuke
    3:25 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    Japs is pretty insulting and a dehumanizing expression used at a time of war. Remember these people suffered greatly as well and during the war were sent to concentration camps on the West coast (yes we had those here). I would say your better than that, but like every other white boy you’ll just shrug it off and say aww shucks and then launch into the typical white boy cracker lecture about how everybody is being overly sensitive and GD that political correctness nonsense.

  15. Mister Miagi
    5:51 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    14, I stopped reading after “insulting”

  16. Big Blue Barber
    6:07 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    14) concentration camp? I think thats a bit…..wrong. they were detention camps. We had just been attacked at Pearl Harbor and the fear was that moles were planted in our own camp. Why don’t you just yell racism? I think the “white boy cracker” statement explains you well. Idiot

  17. poison
    6:13 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    and heeeeeere we go !

  18. Anthonyeppsdrivingschool
    6:37 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    I dont forget pearl harbor. Japs is appropriate you hippies!

  19. Anthonyeppsdrivingschool
    6:42 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    @16 right on! Some people like to throw out the politicaly correct jargon and act like intellectuals. Duck fuke, get your facts straight next time.

    “you never go full retard.” tropic thunder

  20. MyLeftFoot
    7:18 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    14: True, that is considered insensitive. Also, as a trivia fun-fact the Japanese during WWII also had ‘camps’ that were really slave camps. Plus, their brutality was unparalleled when it came to killing Koreans, Chinese, and Americans. Their emperor had a ‘kill them all’ policy when it came to POWs–you don’t hear about that in your civics class, though. GO CATS!

  21. blueink
    7:47 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    this is going well

  22. Marcus L. Owens
    8:01 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    11. I like the way you think I’ll take that exact same 5.

  23. Bound to Get Arrested
    8:24 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    CAL is a low down dirty trickster but I love him like family.

  24. student
    8:29 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    I thought Cal said he would bring good teams to Freedom Hall. Arkansas Little Rock certainly does fit the description………………

  25. Sexington
    8:32 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    How is Japs offensive? It’s the first three letters of Japanese with an S. It’s the same thing as saying “Brits”. Turd

  26. owesco
    9:40 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    I just hope they don’t “throwback” too far in time and make them wear shorty-shorts.

  27. Tuesday Night at the Louisville Gardens
    9:47 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    14- you do know the Japs bombed pearl harbor right? Glad we dropped an A bomb on the Japs and let them know their rightful place.

  28. Marcus L. Owens
    9:51 am July 15, 2011 Permalink


  29. GummyBear
    9:52 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    25.. Words are not offensive, per se. It’s the context that can be offensive. In this case, Japs was used as a derogatory term during WW2 and beyond, thus making it offensive. Any innocent word can become offensive if it becomes widely accepted as a negative slur.

  30. whiteboycracker
    10:01 am July 15, 2011 Permalink

    I be saying Japs if I want to. Political correctness sucks.

  31. The Real Hambone
    3:35 pm July 15, 2011 Permalink

    Come on now #14… on one hand you berate a poster about insensitivity then you throw out a moniker like “white cracker”?
    I’d dare to guess you would fall into the category of “hypocritical liberal”; that’s my moniker for you.