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Harrison twins “likely” to visit Maryland for Madness

Well this isn’t good.

Andy Katz is reporting that Andrew and Aaron Harrison will “likely” visit Maryland for ‘Maryland Madness’ on October 12th. Coach Cal was really trying to bring the twins to Lexington for Kentucky’s Big Blue Madness, so this is a sign that Maryland is a serious contender.

It’s all Under Armour’s fault.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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54 Comments for Harrison twins “likely” to visit Maryland for Madness

  1. John Wall
    9:42 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    They were at Midnight Madness last year, let them see how maryland fans cant even come close to the fan base of the BBN. Go Cats

  2. Random Guy
    9:51 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Who keeps farting in that picture?

  3. Earache
    9:54 am September 5, 2012 Permalink


  4. Lunch Box
    9:54 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Like 1 said, they were last year at UK, i dont really understand how this is an issue, atleast do no want to believe Maryland as a serious contender

  5. tltaworl
    9:59 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    They only reason they would go to Maryland is to be the stars. Let them see what else is out there and if Kentucky is for them then great. If not, have fun on the bubble every march.

  6. jake
    10:03 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Maybe they want to spend their only year in college playing in the NIT?

  7. MCaron
    10:03 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    The jersey chasers will mourn. Be smart kids, double your flavor, double your fun. Come to UK.

  8. VFS
    10:05 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    I’m telling you, 2013 class isn’t going to be what everyone has been saying it will.

  9. lonnieb
    10:28 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    I honestly am going to take the shabazz approach here. We love em, we want em, but if they are actually considering maryland than they are going for the wrong reasons. I could completely understand when they were really considering baylor, but maryland is/has been a joke for quite some time. If they want to play with elite players and try to win title the decision is already made…..if its for UA or the want to have all the spot light it might be a better fit at maryland

  10. lonnieb
    10:28 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    #8 We will sign 4/5 of the top 20. that will be good enough

  11. Mr. Obvious
    10:28 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    VFS, please share your almight wisdom as to how you know 2013 won’t be as good as everyone is saying…or are you just one of those gloom-and-doomers?

  12. tom
    10:32 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    The Terps are coming on strong. Getting nervous about this now. Let’s see. Madness is on October 14 or 15. They are set to declare on October 29? Fresh off a Maryland visit. You know Maryland’s arena will be rockin’ at Madness.

  13. Harrison Twins
    10:40 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Sorry guys, we’ve decided to go to Maryland where we can have a lot less exposure and fulfill our shared dream of a 1st round tourney exit

  14. UK Snuggie
    10:41 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    UK isn’t the only basketball program out there guys. As much as we’d like to think that Cal will keep getting awesome classes we have to keep in mind that it won’t last forever. As much as I’d like to see these kids end up at UK you can’t honestly blame them for weighing their options; if they choose another school it doesn’t automatically make them selfish or mean that they don’t get “it”, whatever “it” may be. We finally get another banner and then you all think that every kid wants to come to Kentucky and if they don’t then all of a sudden they’re bad people, geez.

  15. Harrison Twins
    10:41 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    On a serious note though, they’re going to Maryland from everything i’ve heard in the last few weeks, but we’ll be fine either way

  16. JodyRay25
    10:53 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Look, they came to our MIDNIGHT Madness, there isn’t a reason to come back again. They get to weigh their options just like anybody else. I think back to our midnight Madness from 3 years ago, where we had 5 amazing visitors lined up, NONE of them came, and we still had the number one recruiting class. When was that or am I remebering it wrong, seems like it was Brandon Knights class.

  17. JodyRay25
    10:56 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    It was 2010 where we had Kyrie Irving, C.J. Leslie and Tobias Harris all on campus, NONE came.

  18. Joe
    11:12 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    #14: You don’t know what “it” is? Jeez.

    On the visit to Maryland, it makes sense. They have to throw a bone to their contacts there, making them believe that the twins are really considering them. Some folks don’t like to say “no”. Thus they end up at their MM. No worries, we get them AND 3 other top 10 prospects. We’ll be fine.

  19. Hogie
    11:19 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    According to my sources they are going to UK

  20. doubting thomas
    11:23 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    I doubt we get these guys now.

  21. TheTruthHurts
    11:26 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    you kentucky fans are such delusional naive idiots. you are not the only school in the basketball universe and don’t think for a second that your nike ties hasn’t brought many a player to lexington….that as well as your shady coach who is a known cheater that you were quick to sell your shady, shallow souls for. I look forward to many more of your sweet melts and delicous tears in the future.


    The Truth

  22. tom
    11:30 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    They also have family in the Baltimore area which would certainly help ease being so far from their Texas home.

  23. Viper
    11:51 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Is it possible to be banned from this blog?

  24. Cope
    11:52 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    #21…… We are the truth, not you… our national championship speaks that loud and clear, what do you have to back that up?

  25. The truth will set you free
    11:54 am September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Truth hurts, could you define exactly what Cal has cheated at? You show your intelligence with such uninformed claims. You are truly a delusional hater… Move on please

  26. Brow Down
    11:59 am September 5, 2012 Permalink


    Please lay off watching the WWE…. or at least make up your own character and stop using theirs.

  27. Mark
    12:02 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Kyrie Irving came to ours a few years ago. Doron Lamb, and Brandon Knight went to KU’s MM a few years ago, I believe. MM visits don’t mean much anymore, except for lower tier recruits. Top tier recruits aren’t swayed by MMs anymore.

  28. fb>bb
    12:07 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    If Wiggins does not come to UK, then twins will. If Wiggins comes to UK, then twins go to Maryland.

  29. MemphisCat
    12:13 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Midnight Madness might not mean much to any of the recruits, but it sure does to us fans. We will continue to pack the seats and root on our team and the recruits that choose to attend. Cal will improve it and take it over the top, before the NCAA comes in and stops the hoopla and makes it a closed practice only. Recruits will want to attend to see the Wow-Cal-Factor.

  30. theSkinny81
    1:08 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    21 – i know one place all top recruits DON’T go – Louisville.

  31. theSkinny81
    1:12 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    25 – right? according to his logic, apparently Maryland pays pretty well too, huh? lol. too bad Turgeon isn’t “perceived” as a dirty coach…..

  32. STEVE!
    1:22 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    21 – If Cal is a known cheater, then I suggest you send your evidence to NCAA Headquarters. With their army of lawyers, investigaters, and compliance teams, they haven’t found anything to charge Cal with in 20 years of college coaching, but a numbskull like you sitting in the basement of his mother’s house has all the facts. They should hire you so they can shut Cal down once and for all.

  33. GoBears12
    1:29 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    So many uninformed opinions here. MD fans have no proof. KY fans have their head in the sand.

  34. Bleed Blue
    1:48 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    I wish everybody on here posting would just shut up. To the guy that said he is taking this like the shabazz case, you need to just leave because this is nothing like that. Shabazz’s dad took money from Adidas and then forced Shabazz to go to UCLA, the Twins’ dad are letting them do what they want. UA has no call in this even though their AAU team is sponsored by them, the only reason they are even considering Maryland is cause they have family that lives like 10 mins from the campus, but they are a lock for UK. Cal has not recruited any other SG or PG thus meaning he knows the Twins are coming to UK and Maryland is going hard after several other players at the same position and they did just add Dez Wells. Cal has told the twins to finish up their visiting and they are.

  35. Steve Back
    2:08 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    #19 your “source” must be the hole in your ass…you know, the hole you’re speaking out off??

  36. Catlogic15
    2:16 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    “Steve Back” is a snot-nosed UL brat that hides behind message boards. “Truth” is an IU troll. Man, jealousy sure is fun!

  37. Maryland
    2:26 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    I know you guys are better and we havent been relevant for years, but please allow us to enjoy this. To us, this visit is like you guys winning the national title! So please let us brag about someone taking a visit. Everyone knows the twins don’t need to go to UK’s madness because they already know it’s the best. They want to see what they will be missing elsewhere whenever they commit to UK. LEAVE US ALONE! Go Terps!

  38. Logic & Reason
    2:30 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Don’t mind me. I just came here to die.

    “Cal has not recruited any other SG or PG thus meaning he knows the Twins are coming to UK”

    ^After the blunt trauma of 30 plus posts. This is where I redlined.

  39. Cal's Pal
    2:31 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    See how much they are squinting in this picture? They are trying to see how far down Maryland is on their list.

  40. UKBlue
    3:02 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    I hope these kids come to UK, but if they are dumb enough to pick Maryland over UK, well they obviously aren’t very smart twins.

  41. DJ
    3:23 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    The twins said with a laugh: “We’re pretty sure we know where we are going.” [Obviously Maryland] That was before Kentucky started recruiting them. Nothing has changed. They were a bit flattered by KY recruiting them due to the Natty, but with Layman, Cleare, Wells, Len; they are probably the only missing piece from another MD Natty. After all, they are best friends with Cleare, sponsered by UA, and their family are all from Maryland.

  42. Bleed Blue
    3:25 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    @38 tell me another SG or PG that Cal has recruited for the 2013 season, don’t worry I’ll wait… and don’t say Young cause Cal was recruiting him to play SF and since Wiggins is reclassifying thus the reasoning for Young losing interest. I love this site, but when they say UK is recruiting a kid it’s normally not true. The kid says that UK is recruiting him in order to get other big schools to recruit him, that’s why when they narrow their list UK always gets cut because UK was never really recruiting them.

  43. lonnieb
    3:27 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink


    I didnt mean they were shady or doing anything shady. Regardless of all your other thoughts on Shabazz he is a ball hog and wants to be the man.. I mean he ball hoged in all the high school all star games. He shot like 30 times to everyone elses 8. I think you read into my comment more than what I said. I didnt mean they were the twins were selfish or shady or whatever. I just meant that the pressure that comes with UK is not for everyone and it takes a certain kind of player to not be a beast when the opportunities to go somewhere else and beast are present. IE davis and gilly. Everyone took more shots than them and they went 1/2 in draft b/c they sacrificed self for team. It does not make you selfish to want to go where you can be the man it makes you human, not to mention significantly less pressure at maryland to win a title/dominant night in and night out.

  44. Bleed Blue
    3:27 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    @41 please tell me you are high? UK has been recruiting the Twins since they were soph. and Maryland has never had a chance. Maryland took Wells cause they knew they had no shot at the Twins.

  45. ok so
    3:55 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    ok so what, even if we dont get them. Having harrow a 2nd year would prob be a good thing instead of cal just pushing him out since there would be a new pg coming in. And who knows maybe archie would stay too?

  46. Bbn
    4:12 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Alex Len Nick Faust Dez Wells and the twins would give maryland a starting lineup of NBA players, and 3 possible lottery guys(Len, Twins).. Turgeon is building a program and the twins would put them over the top and probably a top 5 ish team. I still think they’re UK bound, but MD is on there way back to the top and I wouldn’t blame the Twins for being the faces of it (plus they get sweet gear)

  47. Logic & Reason
    4:38 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    @42 there are reports of Kentucky having taken Demetrius Jackson’s temperature, but here is the better and more relevant answer… Kentucky/Calipari, by virtue of their immense brand, can go all in on just about any top 50ish kid at the 11th hour and pull him. Kentucky doesn’t have to outwork or compensate on the trail the way others do. Kentucky can go get kids late because of their pedigree.

    The argument isn’t so much naming names or who they’re recruiting as back-up plans. It’s that the logic that they are not transparently recruiting back up options, therefore they know they’re getting the Twins, isn’t sound logic.

  48. Tater
    4:52 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    People here in Maryland are sure the Harrisons are almost a lock for Maryland.

  49. Logic & Reason
    4:52 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    @44 “Maryland took Wells cause they knew they had no shot at the Twins.”

    Also faulty. I think Kentucky gets the Twins, somehow, someway. But the reasons I see here and across the internet are poorly thought out. Let me ask you this…

    Why was Kentucky going to take Wells a week ago? You will likely argue that they weren’t go to. Here’s what I know though. Wells goes on a visit to UK. Kentucky starts classes two weeks earlier than Maryland and faces an add/drop deadline. I’m sure some slight lenience could’ve been show for a big-time athlete. But here’s the question: How do you know for sure Kentucky didn’t offer/wasn’t willing to take Wells? How do you know they didn’t press Wells for a commit then and there (now or never deal) due to their semester start deadline?

    Maybe he impacts the Twins now that he’s at MD. But what you’re suggesting is that MD took Wells BECAUSE they knew the Twins aren’t coming to MD. I doubt you’ll accept the presmise of any of that last paragraph. But I’m pretty sure Cal offered, pressed (given the unusual circumstances of the recruiting/school deadlines), and a kid that had been through a lot just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger that fast. If so, you’d have a situation where Kentucky would’ve taken him. What would that say about what the two staff’s know?

    No doubt you have a different account of the Wells visit, which puts us as a crossroads…

  50. Bleed Blue
    5:21 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    @49 shows what you know. Cal was going to take Wells only if he was going to be eligible for this year. He wasn’t which is the reason why he isn’t going to be suiting up for UK. Unlike at Maryland if Wells plays at UK this year he probably goes pro. Maryland was desperately hoping he wouldn’t sign with UK and when he didn’t they jumped all over him. And about Jackson, UK is not recruiting him heavily at all, like I said kids say this so they can get other offers. Just like with Wayne Selden. He was a main priority for the 2014 class as soon as he re-classified UK never once thought about offering him, but he kept saying that UK was high on him, which wasn’t true at all. You can keep thinking that you are a big shot, but when it comes right down to it, my sources are a whole lot better than your made up little fantasy would you have going on.

    5:36 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink


    You have brought us some valid points. I value an opinion of anyone who is being honest and logical rather than spiteful and bias. Most people think that the twins are UK bound. Most people is Maryland believe that they’re a lock for Maryland. Either way, I don’t think the twins actually know yet. If theyve already told Cal that they’re going to UK, then why would they go to Madness at UM? That doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Why would they go on a visit there during the most intense and publicized practice of the season? They’re will be so much pressure on them to sign while they’re there! With all of their ties to Maryland and UA, it would be foolish for UK fans not to be nervous now. I know I am! I’m freaking out! This is not good to me at all! I had always thought that they were UK bound from what I had heard and read but I’m beginning to think that Maryland might steal these guys away. Turgeon is no sloutch! The guy can recruit and coach! And with UA being a sponsor of their AAU team and Maryland, Cal will definately be in a battle. If Cal can pull this off with these guys, I will be very impressed cause that is a lot to over come. Go Big Blue! BBN !!!!

  52. Bbn
    5:52 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    Even with Wells coming in, Maryland still has 2 open scholarships for 2013.. All this talk about Wells replacing the twins for MD is stupid, wherever the twins are playing, someone for the Maryland staff has been there.. I’ve seen interviews where players on there team(someone who was recently with the Twins at an event) have said they think they’ll get them. I live in Maryland so I know more about them than you.. Trust me, they haven’t given up on the Twins at all. This isn’t the same Maryland team Gary Williams was coaching post 2002, these guys are for real in the recruiting game now.. But still, you have to like Calipari’s chances

  53. Logic & Reason
    6:29 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    @50 lol, I don’t think I’m a big shot, that’s you interjecting things that aren’t there. Note the beginning of my post. I think Kentucky gets them, somehow, someway. My beef is the shoddy reasoning littered across UK fan boards everywhere.

    “shows what you know. Cal was going to take Wells only if he was going to be eligible for this year. He wasn’t which is the reason why he isn’t going to be suiting up for UK.”

    I’m more interested in getting good info that being right. So source this and I’ll get more interested. One question though. Why did Kentucky have Wells on the visit then? Your post is worded as though somehow, in the 12 hour window that Wells visited, Cal discovered that he wouldn’t be eligible this year. Here’s the thing about that, Wells is a transfer. The default position is that he sits a year. He has to apply for a waiver to play this season. A process the NCAA won’t complete for a few weeks (at minimum). So how did Cal come to the conclusion that he suddenly wouldn’t be eligible for ’13 and therefore, as you say, not offer?

    You sneak a few unrelated things in there like Maryland not making a pro outta Wells after a year. Eh, maybe. But your history under Cal is post ergo proper hoc. Cause and effect. Is Cal churning out pros or is he getting top 10 guys that are on the NBA fast track anyway? He’s a fantastic coach, but the notion that Maryland can’t take two top 10 kids and send them into the league lotto after a year is just bizarre.

    @51 Good post. No one knows what they’re doing. And a lot of Maryland and Kentucky fans will both use their ultimate decision to beat their chest and act as though it’s validation. No one knows what they’re doing right now. I still think Kentucky gets them.

  54. flyonthewall
    7:41 pm September 5, 2012 Permalink

    There are only three people in the world who might actually know where the twins are going, and they all have the same last name.