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Happy New Year!

“Mine’s gonna be an L-raiser.” (Courier-Journal photo)

Oh my gawd, everybody! It’s a totally different year today!

I have a confession, a resolution of sorts, and I feel most comfortable sharing it with all of you, because you’re my bestest friends in the (e-)world!: I go to UL message boards after they lose. Like, for a really long time. It’s sad on my part, but the act of reading the embittered pleas of “foul!” and “nice one, T-Brick” and “oh that Edgar, LOLZ!” is fabulous. It’s schadenfreude to the highest degree, and it’s often the most pleasurable experience one can have whilst surfing the interwebs. Well, second most pleasurable.

Anyway, if a single phrase stands out more than any other each year on these boards/sites, it’s this: “How much longer do we stick with Pitino? It’s year [enter year of Pitino’s tenure], and look where he’s gotten us?”

Every year, though, these same savants will find their team playing pretty solid ball by season’s end, and they always back-link these posts for all those who doubted Pitino. Usually, the post will be titled, “Haters: Please Read.”

Listen, I want for nothing else than Louisville to suck as bad as they looked yesterday. Fact is, Pitino is well-seasoned. He knows what he’s doing, and he gets his guys ready for the biggun’s. At this point, there is no bigger ‘un’ than the game Sunday, and it will be interesting to see what UL team shows up. They’re either truly mediocre, or vastly underachieving. Sunday is a day of reckoning for them, and we’ll get their best shot.

Therefore, if we beat them, they break. Their season is lost. Will anything be better than watching their most anticipated season crash at our hands, on their floor?

Oh, and is this a metaphor indicating that UL hasn’t yet collectively, ahem, become a man? Oh those wacky editors!

Article written by Evan Hilbert