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Happy Birthday, Alan Cutler!

KSR has had its fair share of fights with media members over the years, but there’s one guy we’ll love forever; for better, for worse, for cowboy boots, for mustaches, in sickness and in whitey-tighties, until Rob Roy do us part.  That man is Alan Cutler, one of the best and nicest guys in the business Lexington at the LEX 18 Sports Department.

So, with that said, please join us in wishing Alan Cutler a big ‘Happy Birthday’ today. I won’t reveal his age (because I’m a gentleman and have nothing but respect for his youth) but if you really want to know, just take 60, multiply it by 1 and then add 0.

Happy Birthday, Cutler!

You’re still a man on the move.



Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

17 Comments for Happy Birthday, Alan Cutler!

  1. TLimC
    3:50 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Whats the overall thinking on Coach O taking on at Kentucky after Cal retires?

  2. TN Cat
    3:58 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Thought for sure we would see the photoshopped Miss. St. girl with Cutler’s face today.

  3. Laker Cat 18
    4:02 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Borat reincarnated.

  4. ibleedblue4UK
    4:14 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    1) Chances are Orlando Antigua will be snagged by another college looking for a head coach WAY before Coach Calipari decides to retire or move on. If Coach O is succeeding as a HC at another program I don’t see why UK wouldn’t at least give a hard look at bringing him on. He is a great recruiter and ambassador for the UK program

  5. Billy G
    4:18 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I can still beat you in a foot race old man.

  6. shields eyes
    4:23 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    I like Cutler but all the pauses when he speaks are really irritating.

  7. Big SNoT
    4:26 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    lmfao…best gif ever. Young Cutler looked like a struggling working mans Howard Stern.

  8. btowncatfan
    4:30 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    The best crop duster in the business also. Just ask anyone in the press box.

  9. Timeline
    4:34 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    #3-nope-Borat copied Cutler…his mustache was in full bloom before Borat had hair between lips and nose.

  10. migraines
    4:57 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    please take down this alan cutler “on the move”….it’s freakin’ me out and my migraines are certain to return.

  11. Royce White
    4:59 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    This cutler on the move thing is causing a panic attack…flying is easy compared to watching this thing.

  12. tabb
    5:24 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    lol I remember hating Cutler during pregame coverage of Kansas/KY when I was 8 back in ’89. The Offense? He had the audacity to predict UK would be killed by ku! Final score KU 150 UK 95. I’ve liked him ever since! I guess if you didn’t graduate from Duke, you would have perspective and could still appreciate Pitino. The ‘revenge game’ in 91 when the cats won 88-71 over KU was the loudest (and angriest) Rupp crowd I’ve heard since. The rebuilding from the disaster of BCG cannot compare with the rebuilding from Sutton. You know, scholarships and all. What about that Matt Jones? (sarcasm, enjoy the site)

  13. Catfan55
    5:32 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Coach in waiting does not work. Ask our football fans about that! Ky is not a first coaching job type of program. Ask our football fans about that!!

    5:59 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Isn’t that a picture of BCG stalker

  15. Jd
    6:12 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    We had seats by the tunnel down in Atlanta and after the Baylor game he and coach O were heading back to the locker room. I hollered Hey Cutler! let me get a pic of that stache! They both stopped and posed for a picture together. It was hilarious and awesome.

  16. MacGruber
    6:27 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    When I saw the picture , I thought it was a preview for a new Borat movie. ” He like the vageen”.

  17. Fort Worth Cats Fan
    9:07 pm October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Back in ’89, the day I committed to stay home and play for Transy, Alan interviewed me live at WLEX as a local feature. Good stuff. Cutler always had viewers thinking he wore nice clothes until I started paying closer attention to him covering our games; blazer, button-down(likely short sleeved), tie, jeans, and boots? Alan’s as classy a guy that there is in the sports journalism business. Yet as real, humorous, and as genuine a man in person when the cameras are off. Happy Birthday!