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Hakeem Nicks Wednesday News and Views

I don’t know much about Hakeem Nicks, other than he plays in the NFL.  A quick google tells me he plays for one of my least favorite teams (the Giants,) and he came from one of my least favorite schools (North Carolina.)  But damn, if he isn’t awesome at what he does. (What he does, in this instance, is pick a specific card out of the air.  And hit on a hot girl.  Both admirable things in my book.)  I haven’t decided if the video is fake or not, yet, but I can tell you one thing that isn’t fake… today’s News and Views.

Yesterday was a fairly slow day in the Big Blue Nation, but there were a few things of note.

-As our favorite bloggers continue their eventual takeover of CBS, we’ve seen a few storylines develop.  Our fearless leader, Matt Jones, has managed to reach public enemy number one of the Louisville Cardinals simply for noting that the 18-10 Rick Pitino (that just lost to a mid level Big East team) isn’t the same caliber as the one that won Kentucky national championships.  He’s even reached the status where they will complain about his pro-UK agenda on articles where he talks solely about Kansas.  Either way, he’s ruffled some pretty self-important feathers.  And gosh darnit if we aren’t proud.

-On the other hand, our own Thomas Beisner is busy pretending to be a real journalist (unlike us fake ones,) and describes what Calipari has meant to Kentucky this year.  Summing it up better than any talking head I’ve read outside of this site, Beis discusses the impact Calipari has had on everything, not just the wins column.  Check it out here if you haven’t had a chance to yet.  It’s a great read.

-One of the more bizarre stories of the day broke yesterday, when Roland Lazenby’s newest book detailing the life of Jerry West was released.  Having not read the book, I can already assume it’s probably not all that exciting, as most biography’s about aging ex-basketball players turned businessmen leave a little to be desired (I’m looking at you Going Rogue.)  However, there is a particular section of interest to UK fans.  It appears as though Jerry West talked a young John Calipari out of drafting Kobe Bryant. In the games of What if we like to play, this is a massive one.  Chances are if Calipari drafts Bryant, he doesn’t end up in Memphis, and he probably doesn’t end up here.  But ‘what ifs’ are ‘what ifs’ for a reason, and while it’s certainly interesting that he had a chance to coach one of the NBA’s best… now he has the chance to coach them at Kentucky instead.

-Over at the WWL, Pat Forde continued to deal with a successful Kentucky program with backhanded remarks. After crediting the coaching job John Calipari has done only to turn around and emphasize the ‘Since Vacated’s, he went on to discuss how Kentucky was only the third best program behind UCLA and UNC.  On top of that, he wasn’t sure whether winning the title this year would move them ahead of UNC or not.  For the record, Kentucky would have three more titles, more total wins, and a better winning percentage. The man clearly has some axe to grind with Kentucky/Calipari, to the point of where you wonder what he and Bobby Knight text each other late at night.

-In upcoming opponent news, Florida gave the business to a reeling Volunteer team last night.  While Tennessee is technically ranked higher than Florida, at this point I think the Gators warrant more of our concern.  Sure we play Tennessee on the road, and yes Florida comes to Rupp, but the Volunteers have been on a track downhill for the past few weeks.  The only reason the game was so close in Lexington was due to the teams unfamiliarity with the 3-2 zone.  I expect to steamroll them in Knoxville.  Of course, I expect to steamroll the Gators in Lexington too, so maybe the conclusion is that neither team is much of a threat anymore?  And can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Billy Donovan isn’t our head coach?

-Finally from what I can tell, the campus is getting more excited for Thursdays game than anyone has even been for a game played against South Carolina… ever.  The fans are thirsting for some revenge, and I can only imagine that the players are as well. Not to mention that USC hasn’t looked nearly as good since they toppled the giant a few weeks ago.  Thursday night could be a fun one, and with the entire team focused, could be a sign of things to come.

I’m Will Lentz, and you’re reading Kentucky Sports Radio.  For these stories and more, stay tuned.

Article written by Will Lentz