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Group Hug: Four Years of KSR


Normally any space occupied on this site would feature some sort of loose sports correlation to robots, animals or irrationally-conceived absurdity, closely followed by several comments either assigning a letter grade, asking where the “real news” is, and generally letting me know precisely what you guys thought of it.

But today’s different. As this site enters its fourth year in existence, it’s fascinating to me to see how it’s grown from a bare-bones “let’s make each other laugh” from one writer on this site to another into a fully functioning news and opinion-based site centered around the team that’s so near and dear to all of our hearts.

In the past four years (which have seemed to fly), we’ve seen two coaching changes, one for the worse and one for the better, insane excitement over gladiatorial new recruits, and the indirect sharing of our own lives with you, the readers. It’s really no exaggeration to say that we’re all family here, and you guys are a major part of that and have helped to shape the way this site has grown. You’re family too.

On a personal level, I’d like for all of us today to acknowledge the work of fearless leader Matt Jones. Running a blog, no matter what you may think of how easy it should be to keep information flowing constantly and smoothly, is an extremely difficult task to begin with. To tend to a blog so lovingly that you are able to grow it from single digit readership to thousands a day takes an absurd amount of time, discipline and diligence. Surely you all have noticed the many posts that have gone out from Matt in the wee hours of the morning; this isn’t because Matt’s just dicking around at 2:00 AM, but because Matt always wants to make sure that there’s something here for you to read and enjoy when you visit the next morning. This site would be nonexistant without him, and it has always been a pleasure to work alongside a longtime friend to create something that’s just so damn fun to be a part of. He has a sincere dedication to you guys that you may never fully realize, one that’s not easy to constantly cultivate, yet he has remained at the forefront here since the day we hung the shingle.

Likewise, the contributorship here at KSR, I can tell you, is a collection of many of the greatest people you’ll likely ever meet. It means a great deal to all of us that you guys hit refresh and visit again and again, and we often have conversations about how our minds are blown by your attention. Thanks for that.

Looking back at KSR’s best moments, it’s tough to corral them into one pen. How can you gauge the awesomeness of the vitriol towards our beloved Intern when he dared swipe at Roderick Rhodes? How do you measure the hilarity at the frequency of questions concerning Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson, the latter being one we’ll never forget and the former being one whose name we somehow seem to continue to remember. From the internet to the radio to the television airwaves, the intent of this site has always been to not only share news with you but to have some fun while we do it. Hopefully, we’ve succeeded.

To be a part of KSR is really a very special thing, and I’ve been honored to visit your eyeballs each Wednesday and occasional other weekdays over the last years. While I do realize that, apparently, at times I have “wasted moments of your lives that you’ll never have back” (your own words, adoring public), it’s all in an effort to simply give you something to enjoy and divert. And overall, that’s been the mission of each and every one of us on this staff.

If you enjoy this site, we’re very glad you do so. I can assure you, though, that you can’t possibly enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed creating and growing it. So raise a glass to Senor Jones today and a four year celebration of Kentucky Sports Radio. I myself will be pounding champagne into my brain starting…just about…now. Join me, won’t you?

Article written by C.M. Tomlin