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Greg Turner on Mister Cobble

Today begins Pool 3 of the first round of the “Who Wants to be a Blogger” contest. Like yesterday, we will have four contestants, each profiling a different UK footballer. One will be eliminated tonight at 8:30 pm. Today’s judge is Hunter Campbell

pictured right

Player: Mister Cobble
Position: Defensive Tackle
High School: Louisville Central
Scout Ranking: #63 DT, 3*
Rivals Ranking: NR, 2*

When I received the email from Matt telling me I needed to do a player preview on Mister Cobble for my first KSR assignment, I had the same though I am sure many of you are having right now; Mister? Seriously, is that is his real name?  Well it is in fact his real name, and through my mastery of the online search engine known as the Google, I will drop some knowledge I was able to obtain.

Mister’s mother gave him the birth name of Mister Percy Charles Cobble, now his friends actually all call him PC(not Mac), while only adults usually call him Mister.  He asked his mother about his name and she told him she called him Mister so that when he grew up he would be respected as a man and as a gentleman.  Pretty Sweet huh? (I am honestly a little disappointed in my mother because she obviously didn’t put that kind of thought into the name Greg)

Mister Cobble is a Kentucky bred, incoming freshman DT from Central High in Louisville.  He was so impressive he earned All-State honors in both his Junior and Senior seasons but is a little undersized at 6-0 280 lbs. He compensates for his lack of size by playing with a great motor and above average quickness. He was an integral part of two state championship teams during his high school career. He tends to play a little too tall sometimes but is still successful in getting penetration due to the fact that he was also a wrestler for Central, and understands what it takes to move people around.  As you can see from the video below he doesn’t easily get pushed back off the line and seems to make it a habit of being in the backfield.  From this limited tape I would like to see him make a few more of the tackles himself but I am sure his linebackers love him.  He will be the type of player that will eat up the offensive line and allow his backers to roam free without worry of the lineman ever making it to the second level.  It can’t be ignored both that this kid wanted to be a cat and made his verbal commitment to Kentucky very early.  He received a lot of interest from Louisville but stated that Kentucky was the place he wanted to be.

Mister will likely have the opportunity to earn some playing time as a true freshman this upcoming season, as there have been some departures to the NFL from last year’s defensive line.  Man Mountain being gone opens up one defensive tackle spot and Mister will be in the group of players competing to get into the rotation lining up next to his former teammate at Central, Mister Mr. Underrated Corey Peters.  There is also the possibility that the coaches may decide he would be better served to redshirt and have a year to develop as well.  I personally think this would be better long term to allow him a year to develop the type of off the field work habits he will need to possess in order to be a contributor for the Cats.

Mister will have every chance to be a great player at the collegiate level and it will ultimately come down to how hard he is willing to work at his game.  With the disadvantage of being a little shorter, he will need to make that up by putting in the extra work in the film and weight rooms.  If he takes the time to make himself the best player he can be there is no doubt in my mind we will be talking about him for the next four years.

Finally, I know that many people feel as though we like to reach as Kentucky fans to feel better about players that are ranked as only two or three star recruits. In response to this I want to leave you with a list of a few of Kentucky’s recent players, and how many stars they were given by Rivals to show the absurdity behind their rankings.

Glenn Holt: 2*
Keenan Burton: 3*
Jacob Tamme: 3*
Johnny Williams: 2*
Myron Pryor: 2*
Wesley Woodyard: 3*
Dickey Lyons Jr.: 2*
Jeremy Jarmon: 2*
Braxton Kelley: 2*
Sam Maxwell: 2*
Steve Johnson: 2*
Trevard Lindley: 2*
Rafael Little: 2*
Tony Dixon: 2*

Hunter’s take: Greg, well done. This was well-written, full of useful information and mildly humorous. The name joke is both played out and still funny, if that’s possible, but following it up with the explanation of how it came to be brought it full circle. There was plenty of information and you did a good job of acquainting us with a player that’s new to the team and to quite a few fans. You even interjected some opinion which, right or wrong, will always make people think, and that’s generally a good thing. You kind of lost me with the recruit breakdown at the end, as that’s something that could be a post by itself and didn’t necessarily fit the assignment. However, it’s probably better in the beginning to do too much rather than too little, so the minor divergence isn’t too bad. Like most of the others, it wasn’t overly creative and lacked a lot of the requisite ridiculousness (and bolding, which is your friend), but you did very well on the information and intelligence. Good job overall.

Article written by Hunter Campbell

I used to write here.