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Greg Monroe inteview

Greg Monroe


MM:  What is your school list right now


GM:  LSU, Duke, Georgetown, Texas, Kentucky, USC, Louisville….it’s still a pretty long list right now (as if to say there are more he didn’t mention by name)


MM:  How long before you start trimming the list?


GM:  Probably by the end of this summer I’ll start trimming the list.


MM:   There are some people saying that Duke may be a slight lean right now, is there any truth to that?


GM:  No, there is no leader right now, I am still wide open

MM:  I didn’t say “lead”, I said  “lean”….


GM:  “lead”, “lean”….anything that puts somebodyh in front of anther is not true at all.


MM:  What part of your game are you working on in practice (paraphrased long awkward way I actually asked him…)


GM:  Shooting is the main thing I’m working on.   Midrange, three point…I’m working on every part of my game, but shooting….that’s the main thing

Jeff Drummod:  Have any new schools come into the picture lately, Greg?


GM:  Really Georgetown is probably the newest….and Florida…they have really started to come on lately.


MM:  When you look at a college to choose, what is the most important thing to you?


GM:   Just a place where I fit in….A good coaching staff and playing style.  Just a good atmosphere.


MM:  If you were to pick the perfect style of play for you, what would it be.


GM:  I think I could adapt to any stule really…


MM: But what do you prefer?


GM:  Probably a 4 out/1 in style.  Where the 4 man can play outside a little bit…outside in and inside out…


Jeff Drummond:  Who is putting on the biggest push to recruit you?


GM:  (smiles) They are all recruiting me pretty hard

Jeff Drummond:  (paraphrased)  You said you will be pairing down your list by the end of the summer…do you hope that you will then have a bit more clarity on your recruiting?


GM:  Yeah, by the end of the summer I’ll definitely have better answers to all these questions about my recruiting.


I really got the impression from Greg that he really is wide open and doesn’t have a strong leader at all.  He is a smart guy and seems to want to take his time to see what is the best fit for him.  With his skills, I doubt that any of his schools would run out of rides for him, so he’s kinda in the driver’s seat.


Marc Maggard

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Article written by MarcMaggard