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Gov. Matt Bevin says cell phones are a ‘very dangerous tool’ for kids

In Lexington on Tuesday Gov. Matt Bevin said that cell phones are a “very, very, very dangerous tool in the hands of young people,” while meeting with representatives of the Federal Commission on School Safety.

And folks, while some quotes below will show that Bevin’s takes are a bit too broad, I’m not sure I necessarily disagree with the overall premise. He’s being ripped on Twitter, but this time I’m not sure it’s warranted. As a country we have an average over 60 school shootings per year since 2014 and we’re just 13 shootings off that number already in 2018. As social media and cell phone use among kids continues to grow, I doubt it’s a coincidence.

He would later say children are being armed with a device that leads to self-doubt, depression and the great ideas of self-harm.

“And then we are shocked for reasons that are beyond me that children act out in this way,” Bevin said. “And yes, it’s only a few but my gracious, it only takes a few.”

I hate that we’re no longer shocked about school shootings, and Bevin’s right, it only takes a few individuals to conflict such pain on communities and cities. Bevin goes on to say he doesn’t want to take phones away from kids, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask more questions.

Cell phones have also likely saved a plethora of lives in these tragedies. Obviously cell phones aren’t the lone cause for mass shootings. We could list dozens and dozens of reasons, but  we need to figure out why  shooting numbers continue to increase and if there’s anything we can do to stop such tragedies.

People will rip him online, but I don’t think his overall premise is far off. Bullying on social media via phones is a huge problem.

The Lexington Herald Leader has you covered on Bevin’s entire comments.






Article written by TJ Walker

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  1. dbookno1
    8:09 pm June 26, 2018 Permalink

    Wait a sec, a post on KSR that about Matt Bevin, that isn’t ripping him apart? I like it, it brings some much needed positivity on the political aspect of the site